Net Lease Properties for Sale: Just Before You Make that Real Estate Investment

Net Lease Properties for Sale: Just Before You Make that Real Estate Investment

When you hear of triple net properties, it’s normal to cast your thoughts and focus on the positive returns associated. Well, this notion is valid for the most part.

Why? If you purchase one of the many triple net lease properties for sale as an investor, you’re guaranteed constant income as tenants pay rent since there are lease agreements in place.

Although this is a reason, NNN properties are favored by numerous investors because maintenance and other expenses accrued by the property are taken care of by the tenant. As a result, this investment firm can be said to be in an echelon of its own when it comes to convenience and rewarding perks.

While building your real estate portfolio by acquiring net lease properties for sale might seem like an exciting prospect, investment opportunities on each differ.

To ensure that you make the returns you’ve always dreamt of, it’s essential to make some crucial considerations. This form of real estate can be positive or negative, and we trust that you wouldn’t want to bear the repercussions of the latter.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the nuances of triple net properties and what factors must be accounted for before taking that bold leap. Are you looking for answers? Ride along as we aim to kickstart your real estate adventure to a flyer.

Net Lease Properties: Vital Considerations Before You Go on With That Purchase

No real estate investment is smooth sailing in all ramifications. However, there’s no reason not to make concerted efforts geared at making that investment goal of yours come true.

If you’re thinking of splashing out cash on one of the many triple net lease properties for sale in your state, you must make these considerations. They include:


As long as you’re into real estate, you should know that location can make or mar your investment. Well, the same applies to that NNN property up for sale.

To avoid mincing of words, we’ll be dividing the location caveat into two segments:

  • Physical location
  • Geographical location

Physical Location

You don’t wake up in the morning and buy a NNN property. Unless you’re playing the “game of chance,” it’s essential to have an insight into the physical standing of an NNN property.

With this focal point in view, you should be looking for a building in a part of town known for good traffic flow at any given time. Asides from that, ensure that the property is accessible from all vintage areas.

Suppose you have doubts concerning your decision, zone out and look at the area around the NNN property. Do you see other businesses thriving? That’s a sign that you’ve made the right decision. Consequently, you should have a befitting tenant without hassles.

Geographical Location

Geographical location shouldn’t be relegated to the back burner as this segment gives rise to the success or failure of an NNN building. Here, it’s important to consider demographics.

For context, areas that have experienced an upward shift in population growth are ideally suited for NNN enterprises. So, as long as the population keeps rising, the odds of your triple net property staying afloat increases.

Another indicator for a good geographical location is the employment rate.

When people are gainfully employed in one part of the economy, it’s normal for stores to make more sales as customers have the financial power to make purchases without hassles. The reverse applies when unemployment is prevalent.

The Type of Tenant You Want

Even if you haven’t made a pick from the numerous net lease properties for sale, it’s important to think long-term. Therefore, it’s vital to establish the kind of tenant you’d like on your property.

Since NNN tenants are usually established franchises, it’s crucial to understand how secure they are financially. Here, you might want to do your research and find out their business operating model.

Once all of this is done, and you’re confident that the intending lessee is buoyant to make rent for the set lease agreement, you can now seal the deal.

If you don’t put too much thought into this and your tenant can’t meet up rent, in the long run, you might have to shoulder the burden of a strenuous activity – seeking replacements.

Length of Lease Agreement

The lease term determines how long an investor should receive rent from a tenant. When the length of an agreement is longer, the landlord is in the clear as they’re sure that the daunting task of re-tenanting is reduced to the barest minimum.

Typically, lease agreements should last for up to 25 years. However, it has been seen repeatedly that some NNN investors are scared of signing lease contracts as long as these.

That said, you can’t blame these individuals as lease agreements give little thought to inflation. With this in mind, you might be better off signing up for a contract that’s to run for 10 or 15 years, tops.

Engage the Services of a Net Lease Advisor

Not everyone has the patience to take all these considerations into account. In a scenario whereby you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, put things into perspective by hiring a net lease advisor.

So, who’s a net lease advisor? They’re professionals that have a vast understanding of the NNN property market. These experts can help you find the best net lease properties for sale and how you can harness them to yield a positive ROI.

With so many net lease advisors out there, you’ll want to be serviced by the very best. Before you make that hiring decision, ensure that you lookout for the following:

  • Someone that has a track record that other people approve. Endeavor to go over deals they’ve negotiated and how they made them feasible.
  • An individual focused on your long-term goals and reiterates their commitment to follow them to the latter.

With all these checked and balanced, you can now make that hire sure to improve your fortunes in this budding industry.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking to secure a triple net investment from the NNN properties group, factoring in the above considerations should work the trick.

While going through these factors might seem daunting, you can always seek help from seasoned investors or a net lease advisor. Regardless of what path you decide to take, ensure that you apply the pointers you receive to a fault.

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A Guide That Makes It Simple to Create a Real Estate Marketing Funnel

A Guide That Makes It Simple to Create a Real Estate Marketing Funnel

Real estate marketing can be challenging in an increasingly overcrowded market. Companies can no longer rely on footfall and must compete online to get the attention of internet-savvy buyers. However, you need to protect your marketing budget to prevent your competitors from getting ahead of you in search engine rankings.

Creating a real estate funnel can help you connect with customers in a meaningful way, encouraging them to make contact and engage your services. Done correctly, over time, the funnel can provide a steady stream of passive potential leads.

Read on to learn how to plan and put in place your real estate sales funnel.

Check Your Online Presence

It simply isn’t enough to have a website and expect potential buyers to find it online and then get in touch with your office. It’s essential to have an online presence on many different sites, such as community forums and social media platforms. Your real estate social network can be one of the most effective sales strategies because people can easily view and share your listings.

The real estate industry is not as static as it once was, and you need to be proactive on key platforms. For example, you can post helpful hints and tips alongside your listings to promote trust and communication. When clients feel you value their needs, they are much more likely to make contact.

Landing Pages and a Call To Action

If you have an advertisement with a link to your listings, you need to ensure customers know what to do when they get there. It’s a good idea to have a landing page where they can click on similar listings, and you should have a clear call to action (CTA).

This message could show how to get in touch with your real estate business via phone or email. It could also encourage a customer to arrange an online viewing.

Real Estate Marketing Opt-Ins

Although it has been around for many years, email marketing is still a highly effective marketing strategy. Your home sales funnel has several steps, including placing the initial listing, arranging a viewing, and making the sale. But, many potential buyers won’t be ready to make an offer during the early stages of the process.

You can provide an email opt-in so you can continue to keep in touch and provide them with valuable information. Although it’s important not to spam customers, keeping in contact can help you open up a dialogue. This could aid customers when they have queries about listed properties.

As you can automate your emails to send in advance, this is a great way to get real estate leads while you focus on other tasks.

Create Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Today

Creating a real estate marketing funnel can be challenging, but the rewards can be enormous when you connect with the right target market. By establishing a professional presence and providing helpful information you can become a trusted agent in your area.

If you’ve found this article helpful, and are looking for some inspiration for furnishing a show home, be sure to check out some excellent ideas on our Pinterest page.

Best Places to Buy Vacation Rental Property 2021

Best Places to Buy Vacation Rental Property 2021

Since the stock market has been so unpredictable this year, some people now prefer investing in real estate. Many property financing options exist in this area, one of them being vacation rental investments.

Purchasing a vacation rental property to put it on lease as a holiday home is becoming a more enticing choice for a growing number of investors.

There are a few things to consider before buying a vacation rental property. However, acquiring these structures involves specific strategies, and due to the size of such investment, it’s difficult to select where to buy one. Some of these techniques include:

1. Deciding on a Location

When searching for the best places to buy vacation rental property 2021, choosing an attractive location for renters is essential because a good site will significantly affect the property’s performance.

The last thing you’d want is to be trapped with a rental property in a deteriorating area as opposed to one that is stabilizing or thriving.

Good destination places are typically near lakefronts, beaches, mountains, national parks, or any popular travel destination.

The most convenient way to find holiday homes is to conduct an online search. You may already have a destination in mind for your vacation property, and amazing ones can sometimes be in your backyard or state.

Having your vacation property near you can make it easier to manage it yourself than when you live far away.

Do you want your potential renters to stay in your holiday home for many months? It is usually ideal to look for areas with low property taxes, good schools (in case the lodger has kids), and lots of amenities such as restaurants, parks, movie theaters, etc.

Furthermore, a low-crime location with public transit and an expanding job sector may attract a wider pool of possible renters.

2. Understand Vacation Rental Patterns

Vacation properties are distinct from conventional rentals in that the income earned is primarily seasonal.

In choosing the best places to buy vacation rental property in 2021, you need to study the demand patterns for these holiday homes.

In the summer, a home near water would be more appealing. Over the winter, a house near a ski resort will prosper. You should be aware of what to expect during peak seasons as well as off-seasons.

When you want to purchase a vacation rental property, It won’t make sense to buy one in an area where there isn’t much demand.

So research the real estate market in general and look for areas where holiday homes are in high demand.

If your vacation rental property demand isn’t high enough, your occupancy rate might end up being low, which will affect your rental income and overall ROI.

3. Estimate Your Future Income and Expenses

After identifying the holiday home that you want to purchase and determining whether it’s in demand, you need to go a step further and calculate its expected income and expenses.

You can do this by making use of a vacation property investment calculator. This kind of tool allows you to enter basic figures for property purchase, holding costs, and maintenance, while also providing a wealth of helpful information about the potential of any property.

The vacation home you choose to purchase has to produce enough income to cover maintaining it.

Expenses associated with these rentals typically include decorating, heating and cooling, repairs, as well as insurance and taxes.

Finding out an estimate of the occupancy rates for holiday homes in the location you choose will help you to determine how much you can expect as income.

If you need help learning the occupancy rates of holiday structures, you can consider hiring the services of a real estate manager or agent.

In addition to providing you with valuable information, they could also teach you how to make money with a short term rental.

4. Determine the Growth Potential

Growth is a sign of a desirable location for both traditional and vacation rentals. It refers to an increase in the number of renters of holiday properties in any given year.

When looking for places to buy these holiday properties, it’s usually ideal to go for locations with a constantly increasing number of tourists, as this would mean a high level of income for you.

If you acquire a structure in a place where tourists hardly visit, you can end up counting losses and regretting the purchase.

To become aware of the number of people visiting vacation rental destinations, you can consider running an online search for past statistics for major cities in the country.

5. Find Out the Short-term Rental Regulations

When it comes to holiday rental properties, each city and municipality has its own set of rules.

When deciding on the best places to buy vacation rental property in 2021, you need to find out the regulations that owners of the homes in those locations are expected to follow.

Before you’re allowed to list your property or accept renters in many cities, you need to register, obtain a permit, or get a license.

If you’ve been paying attention to real estate news, you’ve undoubtedly seen that various cities, both in the United States and around the world, have changed their Airbnb laws and regulations.

This fallout is the consequence of several city lawsuits filed against the home-sharing service. As a result, there are specific locations where investors aren’t allowed to run vacation homes.

As a potential holiday rental property owner, you need a location where the laws and regulations accommodate your business instead of creating hassles for you.

In Summary

Choosing the best vacation property to buy is not so difficult when you follow the strategies above.

You simply need to search for nearby locations with beautiful scenery and ensure various amenities in the area.

Then, you study the demand patterns, which entails knowing when specific rental properties are in demand and when they’re not.

Then you calculate your expected income and expenses using a real estate calculator.

You take the process a step further by studying the growth potential of your chosen rental property.

Then finally, you research the regulations associated with holiday rentals in your chosen destination.

Following these steps, you’ll be closer to acquiring the holiday rental property of your dreams.

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing Your First Flat

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing Your First Flat

We can see many people becoming rich overnight just by buying and selling real estate property. You have to spend thousands of dollars on buying a flat. You cannot take a risk of making a bad decision and therefore, you wait for a sound investment opportunity. If you want to convert your investment into a ‘’sound investment’’, below are some best ideas for you:

1. Plan Your Finances Ahead of Time

Whether you are thinking to invest in a big mansion or a small flat, managing the finances is something you can never ignore. Planning your finances will make sure that you don’t put yourself in hot water just to shift to a new flat. Many people have to pay off a car loan and many other loans and they don’t consider any other loan and apply for a loan for a flat. So, plan your financial life wisely and save some money before thinking to buy a new flat. If you have already saved on money for buying a flat, buy a granny flat from Todd Devine Homes.

2. Consider Who You Are Going to Deal With

A person buying a house or flat usually has to deal with the landlord. However, in some cases, the management also involves in this process. When you are about to buy a flat, you should know who you will deal with. It is obvious that if the management is also involved in the deal, you will have to face the additional cost of buying the flat. Determine if you can afford to deal with both and then make the final decision.

3. Determine if the Builder Is Credible

Some builders don’t use quality material while constructing the flat. Due to this, the wear and tear of the flat start earlier than expected. If you don’t want to spend money on the repair of the flat that you purchased by investing all your savings, you should know who is the builder and what is his credibility in the market.

To know about the credibility, see all the past projects of the builder and also try to get a review of their clients.

4. Know the Entire Buying Process

Buying a flat seems to be very easy. However, it is a cumbersome process especially if you are not so easy to invest your money into anything. Sometimes, the buying process is longer than you would ever expect. You come to know about it when you already in the middle of the process and paid money to agents, solicitors, etc. So, instead of regretting later, it is important to get sufficient information about the entire procedure.

5. Conduct a Thorough Investigation of the Flat

Your flat must be your dream home where you want to spend the best and memorable moments of your life. So, ask the landlord to let you see the house and investigate if it is worth living for you or not.

11 Ideas For Beach House Décor

11 Ideas For Beach House Décor

Looking for ideas for decorating your beach house décor perfectly? Then check out our 11 ideas for beach house décor below.

There are a lot of ideas you can follow when it comes to decorating a beach house. When you own a beach house, you want to make it look gorgeous so that you have a wonderful time there. Even if you do not have any beach house, but you are willing to get one in the future, then having pre-decoration ideas is not a bad thing at all.

You can make your beach house more attractive from both inside and outside just by following some of our ideas. Here are those 11 ideas for beach house decorating that you can use to completely change the look of your house.

1. Add Rattan, Wicker, or Sisal Beach Theme Décor

Seagrass, sisal, and rattan are the types of materials that can give your beach house’s room a unique look. These materials are similar to ropes and can add texture to the space of your beach house. To give your house a more coastal feel, you can use wicker bar stools and bamboo.

Additionally, include lightweight woven wicker chairs, which are durable and inexpensive. Wicker hanging basket chairs can make your beach house cool.

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2. Add Naval Stripe Beach House Décor

Blue and white color combinations of stripes can give your beach house a wonderful look. Here are some ways you can add nautical or naval stripes in your beach house décor.

  • Include a beach-themed stripe throw in your furniture and bed.
  • A bold and big woven striped rug can provide a coastal chic living room look.
  • Your living room’s window treatment should feature a stripe pattern that will match with everything else.
  • After that, all your future days in your bedding will give you a beach theme vibe.

Also, footstools in white and blue stripes can add more beach style to your property.

3. Include Indigo for Modern Coastal Space

Blue is a must color for a beach theme indoor decorating style. Light blue, seafoam, turquoise, and navy are some of the shades that you can use to give your house more of a modern coastal look. Indigo might seem pretty much a similar shade as navy blue, but it is more saturated in tune, and it’s richer.

This color will show some wonderful-tune if it’s utilized with wood tones. This color is repeated in different patterns on the bedding of your beach house. The digital coastal dining room will feature indigo contemporary beach themed décor on your home’s wall. Textured indigo tones are best on floor rugs and pillows.

4. Use Beach Style if You Do Not Like Blue Color

Usually, blue is the most preferred color when it comes to selecting the main color for a beach house décor. If you are not into blue color at all, then you can just avoid it. There are certain ways to achieve a beach theme even without blue colors, and those are:

  • A peaceful beach style living room can be achieved even with ivory, cream, beige, and soft pink colors.
  • Close to natural wood tone, tropical prints with lime green tone and whites can give your dining room a coastal living vibe.
  • Woven textures can be utilized in natural tones and white colors to add elegance.
  • Beadboard panels with whitewashed brick can enhance the coastal look of your cozy dining room more.

5. Beach House Library

A library in your beach house could be an exceptionally wonderful décor to your house. Decorate the library with antiques, indigo fabrics, and other items. You can turn your whole living room into a library with the theme of a beach house just by using colors that resemble coastal elements. Book lovers will love to spend their time in the beach house library and be cozy while they enjoy their book reading.

6. Add Slipcover Furniture

To get the relaxing and easy beach vibes, add slipcovers to the chairs and sofas. Also, linen slipcovers or cotton, khaki, or beige are the best choices for beach-themed décor. You can complete the beach-theme with beach-themed pillows to complete the modern coastal look.

Additionally, indigo throw pillows can give a modern coastal chic look with the white slipcovers. Sofas should be slipcovered in ivory covers to give a more relaxing appeal to your house. All of those slipcovers on the sofa can be cleaned or washed just by removing them. You can change those slipcovers into more heavy types of fabric in the winter if you are willing to. Just make sure your dining has color indigo, a whitewashed wood table, wicker chairs, and slipcovered armchairs with wheels.

7. Decorate the Dining Table With Beach Theme

If your house is far from the beach, you can still recreate a beach-themed dining experience with a coastal tablescape. You can add tabletop elements to coat with your silverware and plates. Some of the items which resemble beach house décor are:

  • Nautical, linen, or striped napkins
  • Beach-themed napkin rings
  • Hurricanes
  • Nautical-styled chargers
  • Seaglass, which looks like hand-blown glasses
  • A tablecloth or runner with a coastal look
  • A wine glass is identical to a sea glass. The sand and water color design on the tablespace is identical to that of the ocean.
  • Unique beach-themed tables can be created by arranging out beach-themed décor, such as net fabric based starfish, table flags, and seaside-style crockeries.

8. Use Whitewashed Accents in Your Room

The term ‘whitewashing’ means the inclusion of a clear stain of white to an item. It is more complicated than painting that piece because a whitewash looks natural. Select pale and whitewashed accents to get an advanced coastal vibe. The look of the room should have the tone of driftwood, and it also has to add a good effect as a beach house.

Include wooded tones in the home with a surfer-chic vibe. The whitewashed oak coffee table can be an extraordinary inclusion in the room. Dry white tone on white bedroom with the sisal expands and pale woods can brighten up the atmosphere of the room.

9. Sunny-Themed Porch

Sunny-themed porches can provide the best possible atmospheric satisfaction to you. It will provide you the best summertime naps or any other activities in your leisure time. The decorative wicker furniture on the covered porch of such a lovely summer home with either a Perennials fabric pillow from MainlyBaskets. The cocktail table was created at an East Hampton garage sale. The cement floor tiles are from Wholesale Tile by Aguayo, and the ceiling fans are by Hunter Fan.

10. Relaxing Entryway to Your Beach House

The beach-themed summer home must have a relaxing enough entryway through the main gates. The walls on both of the sides should be covered with hand-printed stripes, the floor should be filled with ceramic tiles, and over the tiles, there needs to be an antique rug. As for the antique rug, you can use the rug known as Anatolian.

A peaceful and relaxing entry to your favorite beach house will always welcome you and give you the best possible comfort in your stay. Just make the entryway aesthetic enough to meet those requirements.

11. Beadboard Panels to Give off a Coastal Effect

Wainscoting or beadboard are the instruments of vertical wood that were used for many years to wrap and serve as the walls of a room. These are mostly found in the home improvement stores, and yes, they can be painted. Also, you can use those painted headboards easily and get the job done. White beadboard walls are always the better option for beach theme décor. The bed of coastal theme can be made easier with the beadboard slats.

It Is Not Possible to Have Many Beach-Themed Décor Items

Well, you indeed need the perfect accessories to make your house look like a beach-themed house. But in order to do beach house décor, you have to limit the choices for the items in the overall décor procedure. You should not overuse the accessories because, in most cases, simple-looking beach house décor looks cleaner. A beach house décor with a ton of accessories can be distracting and uninviting. So select beautiful yet perfect items to complete the charm of your beach house décor.


Throughout the year, it is normal for us to miss the summertime excitement. But the beach house décor of your home can provide you the summer vibes. Also, they can complete your urge to enjoy the times in beachside houses. But when you are decorating the house as a beach-themed house, you have to keep in mind that you cannot use anything which is way too clichéd. Just use a good selection of items to properly complete your beach house décor, and you will enjoy its charm every year.