Cabinet Refacing: A Simple Update for Outdated Kitchens

Cabinet Refacing

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Kitchen renovations can be expensive, yet we all want our kitchens to look stylish and modern. One budget-friendly way to update tired or outdated kitchen cabinets is through cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing provides a facelift for your existing cabinet boxes through replacing the doors, drawers, and hardware. If your kitchen layout is solid but the cabinets seem dated, refacing can make them look fresh and new again. With some new cabinet doors, hardware, and a coat of paint or stain, you can give your kitchen a complete transformation.

Why Reface Outdated Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet refacing makes sense for many homeowners because it costs a fraction of fully replacing your cabinets. It also allows you to complete the project much quicker, often within a week. Since you keep the existing cabinet box and layout, it’s less disruptive to your daily life. And by keeping those box structures in place, it’s an eco-friendly update that avoids unnecessary landfill waste. A refacing project can often be completed in just a few days, rather than the weeks or months a full kitchen remodel may require. That short timeline means minimal disturbance to your household routines. For homeowners seeking an affordable, quick, and eco-friendly kitchen update, cabinet refacing provides the ideal solution.

The Refacing Process Step-By-Step

The refacing kitchen cabinets process itself is quite simple. First, you’ll remove all the old doors, drawers, and hardware. Take this opportunity to clean the cabinet boxes and repair any damages like peeling veneers or rotted wood. Next, apply your choice of new veneer, stain, or paint to totally transform the look. Once the boxes are fully updated with your selected new finish, you can install the replacement cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware you’ve chosen. Opt for a door style that matches your decor, like flat paneled doors for a shaker-style kitchen or arched doors for a more formal ornamental look. Durable hardware in matte black, brass, or chrome completes the facade. To finish, add any decorative trim pieces, molding, or crowns to beautifully frame and accent your refreshed cabinets. The entire process can transform even the most outdated kitchen into a stunning space with custom cabinetry style.

What Style to Choose

When selecting the door style, you can match your existing decor and cabinet style or take the opportunity to change it up entirely. Consider flat panel doors for a simple shaker style or inset doors for a more formal, ornate look. Just be sure to choose a durable material and finish that will stand up well to your family’s use. Solid wood doors offer charm but can dent and scratch over time. Plywood or MDF with veneers are more resistant for busy kitchens. A stain, glaze, or opaque paint will also hide wear better than a natural wood grain finish. Prioritize options like laminate coatings that make doors easy to wipe clean. The refacing process lets you customize your kitchen’s look with cabinet doors that match your decor goals while being practical for everyday cooking and cleaning.

Additional Improvements

While you have the kitchen in renovation mode, it’s a great time to make other upgrades too. Replace your dated laminate countertops with durable quartz or granite. Update old, inefficient lighting fixtures for new energy-saving LED lights or modern lighting styles for a fresh look. Switch out a worn or outdated backsplash for new tile or stone that better ties your whole new kitchen design together. Glass, marble or metal backsplash tiles can make a stunning statement. And don’t forget to incorporate clever organizational products inside your refreshed cabinets so everything has a dedicated place. Add pull-out shelves, lazy susans, and drawer organizers to maximize your storage space. With a bit of extra planning, you can expand your kitchen remodel beyond just the cabinets. New countertops, backsplash, lighting and storage accessories will give the space a complete transformation. Using the refacing as a jumping-off point for other updates will make your kitchen feel brand new.

Costs and Timing

The cost of refacing will depend on factors like your location and the quality of materials chosen. But expect an average of $800-1200 per cabinet for new wood doors and drawer fronts installed. For an entire kitchen, you can plan on a total budget of $7000-10000 to reface 10-15 cabinets. The entire refacing project can usually be completed in just 3-5 days by an experienced kitchen remodeling company. This quick timeline gets your kitchen back up and running with major visual impact in less than a week. Compare that to a full kitchen remodel which can take 4-8 weeks or more. For the affordable price of $7000-10000 and less than a week of work, you can expect a return on investment around 75% by increasing your home’s value significantly.

In the end, cabinet refacing is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to revive your kitchen’s style. By strategically refacing your outdated or damaged cabinets, you can breathe new life into your kitchen with a spectacular makeover. The results will please your eye, fit your budget, and speed up your enjoyment of a revitalized kitchen. When done properly, refacing the existing boxes proves to be one of the wisest and simplest ways to update your home.