Why Getting Custom Window Treatments Is Beneficial To You

Custom Window Treatments

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You might be thinking that a simple addition of window installments wouldn’t do much to make your home a much better place to relax in, but you’re mistaken. Getting a few custom window installments would improve your experience at home by blocking out unwanted lights and may even improve retaining the cold air inside your home if you have air conditioning.

Why Does It Have To Be Custom?

You might think that getting ready-made window treatments from the store would be the more efficient way to get your windows tricked out, but it isn’t quite as you think. Unless the ready-made stuff from the stores has precisely the exact dimensions as you have in your home, then those are going to be a little bit of a nuisance when setting it up.

So to avoid having to go through all of this hassle, it’s better just to get custom blinds and shutters made specifically for your home, right? Having it custom-made also allows you to choose precisely what style you want so that your window installments fit right in with the whole aesthetic of your rooms. Not to mention how you don’t have to go through the trouble of adjusting the sizes since it will fit perfectly anyways.

Different Window Treatments You Can Get

There are two different window treatments that you can get, and even between those two types, there are subtypes – so the choice will differ depending on what you need at home. So, for example, you’re going to need to think about the different window treatments you can get, of which there are four or five different types that you’re going to choose from.

You might be part of the population who have no idea the differences in the various window treatments. You probably think that blinds and shutters or curtains and drapes are the same thing, right? However, there are a few key differences between them!


This is probably the first window treatment that’s going to come to mind for your home. These are panels of fabric often on a curtain rod that come in pairs that allow you to add some brightness or elegance depending on the look of the curtain you bought. Unfortunately, this is often paired with a different window treatment. It may be seen as inefficient at blocking off natural light since its fabric is often very light and unlined.


Drapes also have the same description as curtains; they are fabric panels often sold in pairs. However, the critical difference between the two is that drapes are much more efficient at blocking off all outside light since drapes are lined with a heavier fabric. Therefore, if you’re the type to want to sleep in during the day, then drapes seem to be the better choice of window treatments.


Shades are also fabric panels but only sold as individual pieces, so if your home has lots of separate windows, then you’re going to want to think about getting shades. However, unlike curtains, shades are only long enough to cover up to the window sill. In contrast, curtains go down below and can even hang to the floor. This seems to be the better choice if you want a simpler custom-made window treatment. After that, you’re just going to need more.


Curtains and drapes, you need to push them apart to see some light. The mechanism of shades is different; you’re going to need to pull it up with a cord, right? Blinds’ mechanism also differs since they’re only made to cover the window up to the sill like a shade. They’re not made of fabric but rather of wood, plastic, or even metal. You’re going to need to twist a rod to adjust how much light you want to block out, but you could still pull on a cord to lift it!


Shutters are pretty similar to blinds since they both have the exact mechanism where you tilt the separate wooden or plastic panels to block out the natural light, right? However, with shutters, they’re more in the fixed-fashion where you can’t lift them, and they’re more stuck on the windows. You often see these in white, off-white, or a natural wooden appearance.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Without the installments of window treatments in your home, then your home’s energy efficiency is pretty rough – approximately a 30% loss of heating or cooling through the windows. Installing some window treatments improves your home’s insulation both inside and outside to ensure your environment stays at a comfortable temperature. However, you’re going to need to consider if you want to keep heat in or out in your home.


Getting some window treatments not only improves the look and vibe of each room in your home but also gives extra useful things like insulation or, more importantly, privacy. You might be the type of person to enjoy some friendliness with your neighbors. Still, there are times when you want some time to yourself, so close those blinds, curtains, drapes, shades, and shutters for some private time.