How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

how to clean outside windows

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Is your house all set to face the turn of the year? Dirty windows look depressing and can limit the sunlight that should light up a room, especially during winter. We understand if you can’t wait until spring to wipe them clean.

However, there is the problem of the hard-to-reach exterior windows. Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a house, we’ve got you covered. Below are some tips on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

1. Bring the Windows to You

The easiest way to clean windows you can’t reach is to bring them close to you. It’s a good thing to know what kind of windows you have. Certain window types allow disassembling for easier cleaning.

If you have sliding windows, it’s possible to lift some of them out of the frame. This way, you can give it a thorough washing if it has too much dirt buildup outside. This also allows you to clean dirt and dust off the track or the window frame.

Be careful when you pull out sliding windows. They won’t look like it but the glass is heavy in reality. If you can’t lift heavy weights with care, ask someone who can.

Before you take the sliding windows out, make sure there’s a clear and nearby floor space to place them on. If you have a carpeted floor, place towels over the work area to keep the carpet dust-free. Windows are very dirty, especially those coming from rarely-cleaned parts of the house.

One more example of windows you can disassemble is storm windows. Most designs have tabs on the side to disengage the locking mechanism. When you disengage it, you can take the panel out.

Note how you took apart a storm window. It’s important to insert the panels in the same order when you’re done cleaning.

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2. Access Windows by Ladder

A lot of people avoid ladders and window-cleaning. Having to work for a long time at a certain height with no safety harnesses is intimidating. We understand that.

However, if you’re comfortable enough to use a ladder, make sure it’s in good working condition. Be very careful in using it when environmental hazards are around. This includes lightning, snow, sleet, and rain.

Avoid climbing onto a ladder when the ground is uneven. If you can reach and clean a window while you’re perched on a table, it’s a lot safer and better for you.

The World Health Organization found that over 646,000 people die from falls around the world. Yearly, around 27.3 million falls occur and are severe enough to need medical attention. Avoid becoming part of the statistic by practicing safety.

This care and attention must extend to the following tips as well.

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3. Get a Window-Cleaning Kit

If you don’t want to risk going up a ladder, get a window-cleaning kit for high and unreachable windows instead. This includes a U-shaped telescopic pole and attachments like a squeegee, circular sponge, and cleaning cloths. Other window-cleaning kits may have various other attachments.

The telescopic pole has a handle that extends several meters up. This is only enough to reach upper windows from the ground level. If you have a home that has very high windows, this window-cleaning method is not for you.

Most window-cleaning kits work best on sliding windows. If you have double-hung windows, this kit can remove dirt buildup on the glass. It’s not enough to give your windows a thorough scrub, however.

Dry-brush the windows first with a dry rag around the circular sponge. This takes out some of the dirt that will become a muddy mess when you spray-clean it later. After, spray two or three coats Biokleen Window Cleaner on the glass.

Wipe the cleaner with clean rags over the circular sponge. When you clean with a kit, make sure you take a plastic drop cloth. Place it near the window sill and the floor under the window.

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4. How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach: Use a Mop

What are the alternatives if you’re not willing to commit to a window-cleaning kit? Well, a standard mop can do the job. Cleaning your outside windows won’t be as easy or thorough with a mop but it works.

There’s also one thing you can do to ensure you get sparkling clean glass exterior windows. You only need to mix one part water to one part vinegar. Gauge that you have enough of the solution to clean your windows with; a small bucket should be enough.

Dip the mop head into the solution and then attach it to the mop handle. If you have microfiber cloth, attach that to the mop handle instead. Without being too harsh on your windows, scrub their exteriors with the mop.

When you’re done with the initial cleaning, use a window cleaner. Wipe it with a clean piece of microfiber cloth. When it’s dry, wipe the glass with newspaper to give it streak-free shine.

If you can’t reach the window without the mop, use a ladder. If a ladder can’t help you, don’t push it. Always remember to think of your safety first.

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5. Hiring Professional Cleaners

Haven’t got the time or physical fitness to do any of the things we listed above? Your next best choice is to hire a professional to do the job. The key is to find a window cleaning service that fits your budget. Not only do they have the necessary equipment and expertise to reach even the highest and most hard-to-reach windows, but they can also provide a more thorough and efficient cleaning.

One option that many professional window cleaning services offer is a portable reach & wash system. This system uses purified water and a long-reach pole to clean windows up to four stories high from the safety of the ground. Not only is it a safer option, but it’s also eco-friendly, as it doesn’t require the use of chemicals or detergents. Plus, it can save you time and effort compared to traditional window cleaning methods.

When hiring a professional window cleaning service, make sure to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced company. Look for reviews and recommendations from other customers, and ask about their pricing and services before making a decision.

6. Invest in Tech That Can Do the Job

For our last tip on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach, we have a high-tech solution. If you’re willing to invest in a Roomba for vertical glass surfaces, Ecovacs Robotics has one for you. In 2013, the company launched the Winbot with mixed reviews.

Five years later, they’ve released several other Winbot models. Each has a significant improvement from the first appliance. Note that these appliances work best on high-rise apartment buildings.

The Winbot X is the latest window-cleaning bot that Ecovacs released. It’s the first Winbot model that doesn’t need a power outlet to function. It cleans your windows well and it’s easy to set up and operate.

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Let the Sunlight In

Our bodies have the ‘hibernation’ response to the lack of natural light in our homes. One reason for darker interiors is the layers of dust caking your windows. When you clean them up, it’s easier to feel more relaxed and fresh at home.

That’s it for our guide on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach. We hope you learned a lot from this post. If you want to read more guides like this, check out our other posts now.

How To Clean Outside Windows That You Can't Reach