5 Tips For Decorating Your Guest Bedroom

Decorating Your Guest Bedroom

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Inviting your loved ones into your home is a time-honoured tradition, not only do you get to spend more time with them, but you also get to introduce them to your home, incorporate them into your daily life and show off your decorating skills at the same time.

If you’re someone who regularly hosts guests, it is important to ensure that your guest room is a relaxing oasis for your guests so they can feel comfortable in your home. To get all the best advice on decorating your guest room, we have spoken to the décor experts over at DotcomBlinds.com to get their top tips on creating a comfortable and relaxing space.

1. Focus On Comfort Above Everything

When decorating your guest bedroom, the first order of business should be ensuring that you guest room is as welcoming and comfortable for your guests as possible. Staying away from home can be an awkward experience for people, so by prioritising comfort, you can make your guest feel welcomed and comfortable in your space.

In terms of decorating, you can ensure that you provide a comfortable bed and bed linens for your guest, light a scented candle or leave out a diffuser to give the room a relaxing aroma’ provide blackout blinds so they can easily sleep and paint the walls in welcoming colours like warm greys, beiges and toned-down blue shades.

2. Ensure Guest Spaces Are Well Lit

When decorating any space, it’s very important to consider lighting as it changes how a room looks as well as how the room can be effectively used. This is even more important in a guest room, where your guest may be on a different schedule to you, so providing things like reading lamps will come in handy with a guest that likes to read before bed for example.

You’ll want to consider natural light from your windows, the room’s main ceiling lights and also some smaller additional lights. Having lighting options will make the room more comfortable for your guest and you can also use the lighting to draw attention to aspects of your décor you’d like to highlight.

3. Include A Sitting Area For Your Guests

As we mentioned, your guests won’t always be on the same schedule as you, if your guest is a night owl or an early riser, they may feel apprehensive about using common spaces when you’re not in them, so giving them a seating area in the guest room will give them a space they can comfortably inhabit and relax in during the occasions they are by themselves.

By just adding a side chair and a small table into the room, you can create a nice compact space for your guest, which is perfect for reading books, having a cup of tea or just daydreaming. Just make sure that you include a light or lamp in this space, a nice reading nook is rendered useless by a lack of light!

4. Keep Guest Space Clutter Free

To give your guest room a clean and sophisticated look, you should do your best to cut down on clutter in your guest room, after all it’s hard to find people that enjoy sleeping in a messy room. Also, your guest will likely have some personal effects with them when they visit, so you will want to leave them plenty of space to make themselves at home.

You can minimise clutter in your guest room, by making sure that you include some storage in the room for your guest, which will keep your guest room looking clean and tidy throughout their stay. Beyond that, you should always give them room a quick clean and de-clutter before your guests arrive for their stay.

5. Use Fresh Flowers As A Finishing Touch

There are not many things which are as welcoming as some fresh flowers in a guest room, it shows that not only are you good at decorating guest rooms, but you also have put a level of thought and care into your guests visit. By having a vase or two of fresh flowers you can help curate a nice welcoming, relaxing atmosphere in your guest space.

For most occasions, any simple flowers you can get your hands on will work just fine in creating a nice welcoming space, but for guests that will be staying for a while, you will want to try use flowers that will last the duration of the visit, so that they don’t begin to droop and die before your guest “checks out”.