5 Cost-Effective Design Ideas to Brighten Your Bedroom

Brighten Your Bedroom

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Is your bedroom making you yawn? If it is, it is time to breathe new life into it. There is nothing worse than finishing and starting your day in a dull and gloomy room as that is known to cause a lack of motivation and an overall feeling of sadness. Don’t allow yourself to have a bedroom like that! Don’t allow it because there are so many cost-effective design ideas to brighten your room. And, we have five of them. So, keep on reading to see how to turn your old and dark bedroom into a joyful and bright sanctuary.

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1. Open up Those Windows

When it comes to design ideas to brighten your bedroom, you simply cannot go wrong with opening up your windows. And, when we say open up, we mean making them bigger. The more light you are able to get into your room – the brighter your room will be.

However, if doing this is something your budget doesn’t allow, fear not, there is another way to open up your windows. For instance, one thing you can do is remove those heavy, dark, and dirty shutters. These tend to block a lot of natural light. Then, you can discard those darkening window curtains and replace them with something almost translucent. And, if you fear about your privacy, ask the seller to offer some semi-transparent ones.

Making this small change can make a huge impact, and most importantly, it will help you renovate your bedroom on budget. Thus, don’t be afraid to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to your old shutters and curtains. But, we doubt that you will.

2. Repaint Everything

Without a doubt, repainting your bedroom is the best thing you can do for yourself. Changing the color of everything in your bedroom will not only freshen up the space but also your mind. Trust us, by doing this you will feel like a new person when you wake up.

So, start with repainting those walls. To brighten your bedroom, you should opt for bright colors, of course! So, choose something white, beige, or even something pastel-like. If you want a pop of color, create an accent wall, for instance. And, speaking of pop of color, try repainting some of your furniture pieces as well. Whether you have wooden pieces of furniture in your room or those made of plywood, there is a coloring option.

However, when repainting your entire bedroom, it might be a good idea to get everything out of there for the sake of your and your item’s safety. So, consider relocating everything from your bedroom someplace else. You can use nearby storage, for example. Just make sure to prepare everything properly, that is, to pack and relocate everything so that it stays in one piece.

3. Buy New Bedding

Just like repainting your bedroom, changing the bedding is another thing that can help you brighten the entire space. Trust us on this one. Change everything – sheets, blankets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, etc., everything! And, again, choose bright colors. Or, choose colors that match the rest of the room. Doing this is easy as nowadays, there are stores that sell bedding of all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Moreover, when choosing the bedding, be sure to choose good-quality pieces. Yes, doing this may be a bit more expensive and it may not suit your cost-effective design ideas to brighten your bedroom, but this is an investment that will be worth your while. Just think about it – what is the point of having nice-looking bedding if it causes you headaches and backaches? To truly enjoy the benefits of your new room, that is, to feel brighter yourself, you need to have good quality bedding.

4. Invest in Good-Quality Lighting Fixtures

If you just moved to a new home, a home that has old and outdated lighting fixtures, that may be the reason why you have a dark and gloomy room (and all other rooms). So, postpone moving in just yet. You can keep your belongings in a moving company’s storage – you can ask State to State Move professional movers for a piece of advice on that.

While your home is still empty, call an electrician and replace the lighting fixtures. Think wisely about which types of fixtures you will buy – buy something that matches the vibe of your room. And, when it comes to the type of lighting bulbs, choose LED ones – the ones that imitate natural lighting. This is a trick that will lighten your bedroom in a second.

5. Add Mirrors

Some of the last but certainly not the least amazing and cost-effective design ideas to brighten your bedroom just have to be mirrors. A lot of mirrors! Mirrors are known to be very helpful when it comes to reflecting the light – if, of course, you put them in the right place.

Namely, if you add mirrors on the opposite side of your window, they will reflect the light and make it appear like you have another window. That will, in return, make your bedroom more spacious and brighter. So, find yourself a nice mirror. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this one – just go to your local flea market or a second-hand furniture shop and pick and choose.

As you have seen, there are many cost-effective design ideas to brighten your bedroom – you just have to choose one that suits your needs and budget. Or you can choose all of the above. Renovating your room in all the manners mentioned above will definitely upgrade and brighten its looks.