Eaten Alive: Notorious House Pests That Will Destroy Your Home

house pests

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There are more than 900,000 species of insects in the world. The good news is that most of them are harmless. That said, some bugs may be harmful. For example, mosquitos can spread diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, or dengue fever.

There are also those that cause damage to crops or livestock. Not only that, but some can cause property damage as well. Curious to know what some of the most common house pests are? If so, you’re in the right place. We’ll be going over a few of them below.

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5 Common Pests That Can Damage Your Home

Some insects can damage your house’s structural integrity. Let’s look at some of the most common ones that you might run into.

1. Termites

Termites cause over $5 billion in damage each year in the United States. Highly destructive, termites can easily chew through ceilings, walls, and floorings—sometimes without you even knowing.

How can you tell whether or not you have termites? See if you can find evidence of swarms. For example, you might find discarded wings on the ground.

You might also be able to hear quiet clicking sounds from the walls—that’s from them banging their heads against the wood.

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2. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are known for their ability to damage wood. While they don’t eat it per se, they do hollow it out for nesting.

Unfortunately, it may not always be obvious that you have an infestation. The only external sign, other than the presence of workers, is the appearance of small openings on the surface of the wood.

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3. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t just a nuisance, they can also reduce your home’s livability and value. For one thing, they can soil bedding and furniture.

Common signs of bed bugs include blood stains, rusty spots, and shed skins, all of which can be found on sheets, mattresses, or walls. You might also notice tiny bites on your skin.

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4. Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles are similar to termites in that they also feed on wood. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to infest flooring, doors, cabinets, and furniture.

If you have an infestation, there will probably be crumbling wood in the house. You might also notice tiny holes in wood surfaces.

5. Honeybees

Honeybees are important pollinators. However, you don’t want them to nest inside your house.

Because let’s face it—the last thing that you want is for your wall cavities to be filled with honeycombs. Over time, the weight can easily cause damage to your walls and beams.

Keeping House Pests at Bay

And there we have it—five house pests that can destroy your home. If anything, you never want to wait until the situation worsens before calling in a professional!

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