Farmhouse Kitchen Style Overview

Farmhouse Kitchen Style

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Some people like modern kitchens. The more modern and “straight from the future” it looks, the better it will be for them. After all, we find it interesting to see a kitchen that looks like it was taken straight out of The Jetsons.

However, while some people like modern homes, others want to keep it rustic and traditional. This style speaks countryside tranquility – something all city dwellers nowadays crave. That being said, since we can’t always live in our own farmhouse, we can at least design our kitchen to look like it is part of one.

The Farmhouse Kitchen Style at a Glance

So, what exactly does a farmhouse kitchen look like? Most people think of rundown kitchens that are uneven and, well, rustic – but in truth, it’s pretty far from that. In essence, a farmhouse kitchen honors the rural, regional heritage – but without sacrificing from the modern comfort. Here is what you might find in a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchens put an emphasis on the homespun charm that looks simple and cozy. You won’t find any upper-sleek finishes, embellished millwork, pushing trends, or busy patterns.

What You Might Find in Farmhouse Kitchens

All farmhouse kitchens are different in their own way, as they do not follow a trend. You just decide what feels “homier” to you. However, there are some things that tend to be very common in farmhouse kitchens.

1. Wood Cabinetry

Alright, this one was a no-brainer. When we think about farmhouse kitchens – or country kitchens in general – we all think of wood. And yes, this kitchen design almost exclusively features wood cabinets.

Since these kinds of cabinets have just the right amount of traditional detail, they are just perfect for these projects. However, bear in mind that these kitchen cabinets are stained, not painted (or painted to look like they are stained). You will rarely see farmhouse kitchen cabinetry painted in modern, bold and even colors. White cabinets might be the only exception here.

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2. Natural Color Schemes

Every kitchen will have its own color scheme, going from bold, crazy colors to the soft and natural shades. However, when it comes to farmhouse kitchens, the latter is the one that tends to apply the most.

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Farmhouse kitchen styles generally have neutral and natural color schemes, combining black and white with wood or earth colors. However, while wood is generally the most popular choice, navy and gray might also work with this kind of design.

3. Limited Upper Cabinets or Open Shelving

Farmhouse kitchens are generally packed with lower cabinets – and you will rarely see upper cabinets except for one or two stacked around. However, it will be more common for you to see open shelving in place of the bulky cabinets.

Farmhouse kitchen styles tend to be pared down, without much cabinetry, mainly because it makes the place seem brighter. Plus, these shelves are a great way to put kitsch décor pieces on display, such as heirloom dishware, cookie jars, and so on.

4. Quartz or Concrete Countertop

If it is a country-style farmhouse kitchen, this does not mean that you will not see countertops. You will not see marble, ornate and granite ones – but quartz and concrete countertops are actually quite a common occurrence. This is mostly because farmhouse kitchens focus on simplicity – which is why countertops with bold patterns are generally not the first choice.

5. Brick, Tile or Wood Backsplash

Generally speaking, white subway tiles combined with black grout are fairly common when it comes to every kind of kitchen backsplash – however, they are very popular in farmhouse kitchens. They offer a relatively clean, fresh look that will mingle well with the other elements. Exposed brick or wood will also mingle nicely and make the place look homier.

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Final Thoughts

Farmhouse kitchens have the kind of tranquility that is fairly difficult to obtain with typical modern kitchens. This is why more and more people nowadays tend to get one of these kitchens – or at least add some of the specific elements. Therefore, even if you wish to go for wood applications or simple shelves, farmhouse kitchens can certainly bring the “farm” into everyday life.