The 5 Best Flowers To Give for Valentine’s Day

Most Popular Valentine's Day Flowers

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Valentine’s Day is a popular day that is being celebrated by lovers all over the world. This is the day for you to take the opportunity to express your fondness for someone that you like. Naturally, flowers become the most popular gift on this day, as it is the traditional way for someone to give flowers to express his/her fondness. 

Here are our top 5 best flowers to give for Valentine’s Day!

1. Red Roses

Red roses, as you already know, will account for most of the purchased Valentine’s Day flowers. Immediately, when people see a red rose, they know it means romantic love. It is not like other flowers, which requires them to look online for the meaning. However, red is not the only color for a rose. There are over 150 varieties of roses. It is up to you to combine different colors of roses for Valentine’s Day. White rose symbolize innocence and purity so you can send it to convey the message to the recipient that you are the one for her.  Yellow rose with red tips looks like sunset and means that you are falling in love with the recipient.

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2. Red Tulips

Red tulips look just like red roses. Like red roses, red tulips represent true love and this is based on a Turkish legend of Prince Farhad falling in love with a woman called Shirin. It is said that he killed himself after Shirin was killed. Every single blood drop of Farhard grows into a tulip. And so tulips came to be associated with perfect love. The dark center of tulips represents the heart of a lover. Tulips have a simple appearance perfect for people with a casual personality. They are cheaper than roses but roses can be cheaper if purchased in high quantities.

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3. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily, is also a popular Valentine’s day flower. It has large tri or quad-color blooms with dashes patterns in some of the petals. The flower is commonly cultivated in South America for export to markets like the USA. Alstroemeria symbolizes devotion and is suitable for expressing deep affection for a lover. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a long vase live cut flower as cut alstroemeria can last up to two weeks. It can yield multiple blooms per stem so you only need to put a few stems to create a luxurious bouquet. 

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4. Peonies

Peony symbolizes prosperous marriage and good fortune. With these prosperous meanings the flower carries, it is no wonder why people like to give it for a wedding anniversary. Peonies flower is the traditional flower for the 12th wedding anniversary. Pink peony is frequently being sent as a wedding flower gift as it represents romance and beauty. Pink peonies have more pungent fragrance than red peonies. Red peonies, on the other hand, represents good fortune, and honor. They are popular in China, as a flower gift for people of noble rank. Peonies look best in a large bunch of flowers in a vase.

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5. Irises

Iris is a flower you can give to express that you care for someone. The word, iris, is derived from the rainbow. Iris is the traditional flower gift for birthday and it is also the traditional flower for the 25th wedding anniversary. The most common iris is blue and purple color but it is also available in yellow color. Yellow iris symbolizes passion and is suitable for use as a cheerful and romantic gift for someone special on Valentine’s Day. The three petals of iris flower also mean faith, hope, and wisdom, which makes it perfect as a gift for your wife or for anyone that you want to show appreciation for her wisdom.

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The 5 Most Popular Valentine's Day Flowers