Fixing up a House to Sell: 4 Things to Fix and Why to Leave Everything Else Alone


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When planning to sell a home, you may be trying to figure out what things to fix up in order to get the most out of your sale. You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to fix it all.

Make fixing up a house to sell as easily as possible. Keep reading to find out the things you should definitely consider repairing so that you can avoiding spending time and money on the areas you don’t need to worry about.

1. Floor Them With Repaired Flooring

While it can be expensive, repairing the floors of a home before selling is a must. New flooring can completely revamp a space. Flooring can have a huge impact on aspects such as lighting and can help a space look more open and new.

When repairing on a budget, consider using wood plank tiles or laminate flooring.

2. Keep Them Interested With An Updated Kitchen

Even if your potential buyers aren’t cooks, a great kitchen is a huge selling point. Many homebuyers care about the quality of the kitchen space, as it’s where they will host their guest. Sleek and updated appliances as well as cabinetry help to create an inviting space.

When considering whether your kitchen needs a makeover, take it a piece at a time. Sometimes all a kitchen needs for a new look is a sleek countertop or updated tile backsplash.

3. Update The Exterior For A Good First Impression

The outside of the home is just as, and sometimes even more, important than the interior. When working on selling your home, make sure the house has a fresh paint job. Also make sure some of the finer details are smoothed out, such as cracks in stucco or rotted wood structures.

This is a smart place to spend money, as it’s the first image that house hunters will see online. It’s also a great way to catch people’s eyes when they see the “For Sale” sign go up in your lawn.

Speaking of the lawn, make sure the landscaping is controlled, trimmed and clean looking. Take care of any overgrown plants or trees, and update your planting beds with new mulch or rocks. Freshening up your landscape can help give the exterior of your home a lively look.

4. Beautify The Bathrooms

Make sure your bathrooms are sparkling clean by paying attention to details, such as cleaning the grout. Make sure your bathroom has updated light fixtures for a modern look. An updated plumbing system is a great way to increase your home selling price.

After reviewing these areas of your home, are you thinking, “I can sell my house as is?” Good for you! You’re ready to get your home on the market.

Fixing Up A House To Sell: What To Focus On

Fixing up a house to sell can be stressful and expensive, but can have major payoffs when done correctly. Make sure your home is a hot one on the market by taking a look at these possible repairs.

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