4 Types Of Mattresses For Small Spaces

mattress types for small spaces

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Not all houses are spacious, let alone spacious bedrooms. Gone are the days when people used to have gigantic houses. Today, you will find most families living in compact houses where there isn’t too much of free space. Many people are living in condominiums and it is needless to write, but those usually aren’t that spacious.

One can’t expect a big bedroom in condominiums, which is alright given it is mostly occupied by students and young professionals. A bedroom is only going to look good if it is less cluttered. If you add too many things in the bedroom, then the whole charm of the bedroom is destroyed. One of the most important parts of a bedroom is the bed itself. How your bedroom is going to look depends on a lot on the type of mattress you are using.

Even if you have a smaller bedroom with a small bed and mattress, you can make your bedroom lively and beautiful. You just need to get a stylish mattress, and it doesn’t have to be big. We are going to discuss some tips for choosing the best mattress toppers for small bedrooms.

1. Sleeper Sofa Mattress

You may know this mattress by another name, i.e., ‘hide-a-bed’, but this sleeper sofa mattress is what its original name is. It is a cool mattress that excites people living in small apartments and condominiums alone.

You can use this mattress as a bed and as a sofa depending on what the situation is. You can easily transform the sofa into a bed and accommodate your guests or family members during the night.

Prior to the popularity of sleeper sofa, people were reluctant to buy it because it was not very comfortable. But, things have changed with time and sleeper sofas mattresses have become a lot more comfortable than before. Now, people prefer having these sofas at home because they don’t rake up as much space and they are highly comfortable as well.

2. Loft Bed

This type of bed is also quite popular on the market. Children and young students, in particular, are fond of this bed. Older people will not find this bed as much amusing as kids do because they have to climb up a platform in order to lay down on the bed. The mattress is placed at some height above the ground.

Advantages of a loft bed are that it saves a lot of floor space and you can also use the space underneath the bed as well. You can add a mattress under the bed and accommodate a person there. You will find a few models where the bottom area of the bed is fitted with a built-in desk along with a computer station. Some models also have a facility to adjust a dresser beneath the bed. With loft beds, you get the option to choose the size of mattress you would like to have. Your bedroom will look nice and tidy, courtesy loft beds.

3. Bunk Bed

You must be knowing this type of bed, aren’t you? Of course yes because families with small kids like to sleep on bunk beds because these beds are fun and adventurous. The majority of the houses in the world have three bedrooms, which include one master bedroom and two small bedrooms for children. But, most families don’t have two children, so a double bed in either of the small bedrooms won’t work. They need to have bunk beds in order to accommodate all the children. Moreover, children need privacy, which these bunk beds are capable of providing to them.

Bunk beds could be considered as older cousins of loft beds. There are two mattresses that are placed in a bunk bed is placed, one at the bottom and another. A short ladder of around three steps separates those two mattresses. It’s around 40 years that bunk beds are present on the market and their popularity doesn’t seem to fade away.

4. Murphy Bed

This is the fourth type of bed and mattress that you will find on the market. It is the oldest type of bed that was extremely popular in the 1970s. The design of these beds is so unique that you can fold the mattress up against the wall or inside a cabinet. This unique design of the mattress makes it an ideal choice for the bedrooms with lesser space.

These were four types of mattresses that you will find on the market these days. You can choose one of these depending on your taste and requirement. All are equally good and save a lot of space in the bedroom.