How to Get a Grant to Rebuild My Home

Get a Grant to Rebuild

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One of the worst scenarios that can occur is an unforeseen disaster that requires you to rebuild your home. The emotional and financial burden of this is a lot for anyone to bear, but there are options out there to help you. One of these options is to seek a home restoration grant.

Although home restoration grants are hard to find in the UK, home improvements grants aren’t, and they can help make a real difference to your rebuild project. Home improvements can be funded through a range of grants that you can obtain through different avenues including ZOA Eco Grants, an eco-home improvement installer with years of experience covering different grants for UK homes.

Am I Eligible for a Home Rebuilding Grant?

Before you make any plans to apply for a home rebuilding grant, you must first determine whether you are eligible. Each grant will have a different eligibility criteria, however there are various common factors that will be considered no matter the grant you apply for. These are:

  • How was the damage caused? If the damage to your property was caused by a natural disaster, fire, or another catastrophic event, then grants are more likely to be successful. However, the extent of the damage as well as the necessity for the rebuild will also be brought into consideration.
  • What is your financial situation? Typically, individuals or families that have limited financial resources will be prioritised when they apply for a grant. In order to be considered for this particular reason, you must be able to prove your inability to cover the rebuilding costs, showing that you require financial assistance.
  • Do you have insurance? Your insurance coverage can have a major impact on your eligibility for a rebuilding grant. Generally, grants work by supplementing insurance payouts or will cover/part-cover any costs that your insurance policy will not cover.
  • Are there any governmental regulations that may affect your ability to get a grant? You may have already sought the permission of your local planning authority to seek approval for any home rebuilding you wish to complete. If not, ensure that you do so as not having planning permission may be detrimental to your case.

Grant Programs That May Help You

Now that you have ensured that you are eligible for a home rebuilding grant, you may be wondering what help is out there for you. Although not strictly home rebuilding, the schemes below can add the finishing touches that ensure your home is as comfortable as can be:


Also known as the Energy Company Obligation, ECO4 is a government created initiative that aims to improve energy efficiency levels in homes across the UK. You can use the funds granted by ECO4 to upgrade your property’s energy efficiency levels during the rebuild process. Funding provided through this grant can be used to improve your home’s insulation, heating system, and more, which will improve the carbon footprint of your property.

LA Flex

The LA Flex scheme provides local councils and authorities with the ability to select who they give energy efficiency grants to. This is particularly helpful for cases that lie outside of the eligibility of the ECO4 remit. Typically, this grant helps individuals and families who require financial support and reside in energy inefficient homes.

Great British Insulation Scheme

Previously known as ECO+, the Great British Insulation Scheme started in the summer of 2023 and is set to run until March 2026. The scheme aims to improve the insulation of the UK’s most energy inefficient homes. While this isn’t specifically related to home rebuilding, the scheme covers a variety of insulation types that you could utilise during the rebuild process.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

If your property has suffered a significant amount of damage, then you may also want to consider replacing your boiler. A damaged or malfunctioning boiler can be very dangerous. The ECO4 free boiler scheme could help you receive a new boiler for free or provide you with partial funding for a new one. There is an eligibility criteria for the scheme, but if you have an old boiler or your boiler is energy inefficient, you may have a case.

What Is the Application Process for a Home Rebuilding Grant?

If you are moving forward with your home rebuilding grant, here is the four step process you will need to complete:

  • Research the available grant programs: While we are aiming to introduce you to the various grant schemes that may help you, you will need to do your own additional research. Taking into consideration your personal needs and circumstance, research each grant’s eligibility criteria, requirements and deadlines.
  • Make a record of your damages and expenses: Ensure that you have documentation that outlines the extent of damage your property has suffered, as well as any quotes or invoices you have received regarding any rebuilding costs. Also enclose documents outlining your financial need.
  • Get in contact with the local authority: Your local council or authority is there to help you, so reach out to them and ask about any available grant programs or receive further guidance.
  • Complete and send off your application forms: Before you send off your application form, ensure you have enclosed all the required documentation, evidence, and details that the scheme asks for.

Three Tips to Complete a Successful Grant Application:

  • Provide accurate and detailed supporting documentation: Ensure your documentation is accurate and detailed. Don’t forget to ensure that your documents are in-date and correct. The more detailed your case is, the stronger it will seem, but do not include unnecessary details.
  • Ensure that you are eligible for the grant before applying: Double check your eligibility for a grant before you apply, if you are not fully eligible then your application will be rejected.
  • Do not forget to meet the submission deadline: Do not miss your application’s deadline. Completing your grant application in a timely manner will display how serious you are taking the process.

Three Tips to Manage Your Grant Funds:

  1. Budgeting is key: Creating a budget before you start your rebuilding project to ensure your grant funds will cover all the required costs is key.
  2. Keep a record of your spending: Not only will this ensure that you are following your budget correctly.
  3. Seek help if you require it: If you require help with budgeting seek help from a financial advisor. Never be afraid to ask for help, and always seek out multiple opinions.

How to Get a Grant to Rebuild My Home Conclusion

While there are no specific home rebuilding schemes in the UK, there are grants that will help you during your rebuilding process. The ECO4, LA Flex, Great British Insulation Scheme, and Boiler Upgrade Scheme are just some examples that can help you boost the energy efficiency levels in your home, and are here to help the most vulnerable members of the community. If you are looking to move forward with a grant application, don’t forget to follow our key tips.