Getting The Best Night’s Sleep For Children

child sleeping

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Raising a special needs child is a challenge but this is something that parents learn to take in a stride eventually. Sleep is a major concern because such children tend to suffer from sleep issues, which can sometimes take a toll on their health. If your child fails to get enough of it, you may end up disturbed and lethargic too. Therefore, you should take some steps to ensure a good night’s rest for the child so that this gradually becomes a habit. Here are a few tips that can help.

Make space in your room

Disabled children may need help in the middle of the night, whether it is about going to the toilet or even picking up a glass of water. You can make things safer and easier for them by making space in your room. They will also be less anxious and probably sleep better. Having a comfortable futon for them is a good idea.

Use herbal sleeping aids

You cannot use sleeping pills for a young child but home remedies and herbal sleeping aids can promote better rest for them. Hops are a good herbal sleeping aid that can be safely used for children. Also, it is advisable not to give them liquids near bedtime to prevent toilet trips during the night.

Make them comfortable

Restful sleep is greatly dependent on the right mattress. Buy a quality mattress that offers ample support and comfort. You can shop online to get superior quality mattresses in Newcastle and elsewhere. You also need to understand that physical disability can be the cause of bed wetting in children. Using diapers for grown-up children may not be feasible. Alternatively, you can waterproof their bed by using waterproofing sheets.

Have a night lamp in their room

Another useful tip to promote sound sleep in disabled children is to install a night lamp in their room. Your child may feel scared in the dark and dim light from the night lamp will keep him or her comfortable. Moreover, it makes the place safer for navigation as well, in case the child needs to use the restroom during the night.

Ensure that the temperature is right

The right temperature is another factor that influences sleeping patterns to a significant extent. Ensure that you tuck the child tight during the winters with an extra blanket for additional warmth. Set the air conditioning at an optimal temperature during the hot and humid nights.

Read to them at bedtime

Reading at bedtime is the best thing that parents can do for their children. It is all the more helpful if your child suffers from sleep-related disorders. Invest in some good bedtime story books and make it a routine to read out to the child every night.

Besides making them cozy and comfortable, tell the child that you are there for him or her. For children with mobility issues, install a bell at their bedside so that they can ring it when they need your help during the night. Reassure them that you are just a ring away and they will sleep better for sure!