How to Choose the Most Reliable Kitchen Appliances

Reliable Kitchen Appliances

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The kitchen is the lifeblood of your home.  Family and guests alike tend to end up in the kitchen, even with a perfectly good living room just in the next room.

And it’s your kitchen appliances that are the modern-day hearth of the home.  They’re the useful centerpieces that people gather around and notice.  So, it’s important they add to the look of your home, as well as work when you need them to.

How do you go about choosing the most reliable kitchen appliances that also work with your personal needs?  Keep reading for some practical tips.

Your Budget

This is probably the best place to start since every other decision about choosing kitchen appliances is affected by how much your budget allows.  Make a plan, and look for appliances that will fit within your means.

Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find quality appliances. Of course, very high-end appliances might be out of reach for many people. But, there are very good, reliable options in the mid-range.

You don’t need the same kitchen as a professional chef to have a great kitchen that looks and performs great.

Decide your budget first, and then tailor your decisions on the following considerations around that amount.

Anyone with experience buying higher-priced items knows that often you can get the exact same products for substantially less money if you wait for special sales or promotions.  These are often around major holidays.

Your Space

After your budget, you will want to take a careful look at your space in your home.  Your space can dictate the types of appliances that you buy. For example, commercial-style ovens or refrigerators will often take up more space than you think.

Higher-end commercial-style units look great and work great, but if your space doesn’t allow them without significant accommodation or even remodeling, it’s probably not worth it.

To keep it simple, if you like stove or refrigerator that’s within your budget that happens to fit into the existing space in your kitchen, go with it.

The layout of your kitchen and home can help guide your choices, as well.  Choose appliances that complement the natural flow of the space rather than work against it.

For example, if you have a large open space to work with, a kitchen island with a large sink, a built-in microwave, a garbage compactor, and other amenities might work well without getting in the way.

For a smaller space, you may need smaller (though still reliable) appliances and have to give up some luxuries. You might not want an island if it prevents having a decently sized table, for example.

Your Purpose

After you’ve planned a budget and considered the physical layout of your space, you’ll want to determine what your main purpose of the kitchen will be.

Is your goal to have a great kitchen to entertain guests? You might prioritize space for things like a good ice machine or a larger oven.

If your priority is to simply have the most efficient cooking space, you might make sure the appliances don’t crowd the countertop.

Finally, if your main goal is the design of your home, your choices may reflect style over function.

Your Style

This is where the decision to find the right appliances becomes ever more narrow.  There are countless styles that can all be good choices, though stainless steel seems to be the standard finish for modern appliances.

It is modern, long-lasting, clean, and easy to maintain.

Of course, one style for higher-end appliances is to try to hide them all together by blending in with the rest of the kitchen decor.  For example, by matching the refrigerator doors indistinguishable from the cupboards right next to the appliance.

Along with your own style, you might also consider choices that many people would like in the event that you’d sell your home.  Remodeling your kitchen can add to the resale value, and 80% of homebuyers list it as a top priority in a home purchase.

Kucht KNG301/LP-G Gas Range, Green

Most Reliable Kitchen Appliances

In the end, after all the considerations about style and environment and purpose, the most important thing is that the appliances work as they should.  Choosing reliable kitchen appliances isn’t as hard as you may think, but it does mean you need to put some effort in.


If you’ve noticed any signs that you need a new stove, such as smelling gas, a burner not working, inconsistent heat, or even that you’ve simply outgrown a particular stove, you know it’s time to search our new, reliable kitchen appliances.

The decision about ovens can be tough. Do you want gas or electric? Convection or conventional oven?  Single or double?  The decision will be based on the above criteria.

Gas ovens are often seen as slightly more fashionable, and some cooks swear by them. However, if you want the best convection oven, electric ones are typically more efficient.

Frigidaire FCRG3052AS 30" Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners 5 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Edge-to-Edge Continuous Grates Store-More Storage Drawer in Stainless Steel


Most modern refrigerators are reliable.  Aside from considerations about style and space, perhaps the most important issue of reliability and performance is how many compressors it has.

A unit with a single compressor will get the job done but will tax the appliance.  A dual-compressor fridge costs more but will run more effortlessly, and will help keep foods fresh even longer.

GE Profile PVD28BYNFS 36" 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with 27.6 cu. ft. Total Capacity in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel


It is hard to be stainless steel for your sink.  It is modern, looks good, and is easy to clean.  It’s also lighter than enameled-covered cast-iron or other materials.  The weight becomes especially important when considering the material and cost of the surrounding countertops.

Quartz composite sinks are a relatively newer option, also look great, and are scratch-resistant.  This is perhaps the best all-around sink for durability and reliability, as well as good style.

Kitchen Sink 304 Stainless Steel Nano Raindance Waterfall Sink Home Sink Vegetable Basin Single Sink Workstation Kitchen Sink With Pull-Out Faucet, Pressurized Cup Washer1

Plan, Then Purchase

In the quest for the most reliable kitchen appliances that serve your needs as well as personal style, don’t forget to also consider your budget, your space, your main purpose of the kitchen, and your style.

The kitchen has become more than a place to prepare meals.  It’s really the showpiece of the whole home, and your appliances are the key to making it functional and beautiful.

Please keep checking back here for more great tips on home and kitchen decor.