Tips To Make A Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Tips To Make A Sleep Friendly Bedroom

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The bedroom is one such household space that will help you to stay calm and comfortable. Your bedroom is important because it significantly affects your mood and overall well-being. Since you’ll be using your bedroom for relaxation and sleep, how the space looks and feels can affect your health. A cluttered bedroom will make it hard for you to sleep, causing countless health problems, such as anxiety, loss of libido, and increased blood pressure.

If you wish to keep away all the worries and bring in a peaceful feeling then here are a few tips that will aid you to make a sleep friendly bedroom.

Make a Luxurious Bed

If you wish to make a sleep friendly bedroom, then get hold of a luxurious and comfortable bed. The bed is the most important furniture in your bedroom, which is why you should pay attention when buying one. Never compromise the quality just for the sake of buying a cheap bed as this can eventually cause severe back pain and loss of sleep.

Add on a fine quality mattress that will be giving proper support. It will play a huge role in creating a difference between a night of good sleep and some unrestful hours that you will spend tossing as well as turning. So, select the best one that you will be able to afford and maintain the mattress properly for preventing sagging as well as wear. If you do not have the budget to buy a new mattress then you can add some support as well as comfort to your existing mattress with the help of a mattress topper.

Next put on some soft sheets, opt for a warm blanket as well as a thick comforter. Include various accent pillows along with a throw blanket and create a bed that will always be welcoming you for a great sleep.

Lastly, it’s important to invest in the best pillows for your bed. Ideally, you should choose ones that suit your sleeping position. For example, if you often sleep on your stomach, it’s best if you start looking for the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Pillows can provide additional comfort and make your bedroom look and feel cozier. This is especially important if you choose to use pillows that come in different shapes and designs.

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Choose Cool Colours and Soothing Sounds

If you wish to make your bedrooms look relaxing, then always choose cool colours that will reflect a peaceful ambience. If you choose soft blue colour for your bedroom it will look very relaxing. You can add on white furniture, some patterned sheets and so on that will not make your bedroom look boring. You can also choose any shades of blue or green as well as grey. Do not opt for bright shades and always select mild tones or even pastel shades that will be adding various colours and will not let your eyes work too hard.

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Dark shades of navy blue, green and grey can also be selected but if you wish to maintain the peaceful feel in your bedroom then choose mostly soft shades or white. You can add bright colours if you want within artwork and accents on the pillows. You can also add some wallpapers in your bedroom, just make sure that it has similar colors to your bedroom.

Apart from cool colours, some soothing sounds will also be promoting your sleep like soft wind chimes. Add few wind chimes near your window for creating some soothing sounds in your bedroom while you sleep. A bedroom that has soothing sounds will make it easy for you to sleep and remain asleep.

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Keep the Lighting Soft

An overly intense light will not be relaxing in a bedroom. You will require appropriate lighting to read in bed, any night time routine, or dressing. But you can leave the brightest lighting as well as the strongest ceiling fixtures for other rooms of your home. Basic bulbs and lamps that come with dimmers are perfect for bedrooms in order to help you in adjusting the intensity according to your requirement. When you wish to relax, you can turn down the lights low enough for taking off the edge, but sufficient enough not to make your eyes strain.

Go Green

Grow one or two plants in your bedroom. They will be bringing a sense of life, health as well as tranquility that will stay unmatched by any other accents in your bedroom. You can place a large plant in one corner of your bedroom or many small plants together on the dresser. Remember to water them every week and allow daytime light to come in. Thus, a flourishing bedroom greenery will be soothing your mood.

Remove Electronics

You might be tempted in bringing your laptop to your bed or watch Netflix on your smartphone before you turn off the light. You may also sleep of while keeping your TV on. But such electronic devices include too much light that will be tricking your brain to believe that it is time for waking up and not relaxing. Moreover, electronic entertainment often is too much stimulating for warding off sleep.

When electronics are inside your bedroom, you’ll be tempted to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Instead of getting some shuteye, you’ll be too busy checking your social media profiles through your cellphone or replying to emails in your laptop. These electronics can distract you from sleeping, which can eventually take a toll on your health.

So, make it a rule to keep away electronic devices from your bedroom at least 1 hour before you go to sleep or turn them off. Ideally, you should put all of our electronics outside of your bedroom–this should be followed regardless of how dedicated you are to work.


So, the bedroom might work as one multifunctional room like a library, office, etc. but it will always be the ultimate space for sleep. Thus, you should always give attention in making this most splendid as well as personal space in your room relaxing and comfortable.