How to Clean a Comforter in 5 Easy Steps


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There’s no way to avoid it. Sometimes it becomes necessary to clean a comforter. It doesn’t clean itself, right. Don’t panic, however! The majority of the time, you can accomplish cleaning your comforter at home. No trip to the laundromat or cleaners required. Here’s how.

How to Clean a Comforter

Step 1: Load into Washer

Load the comforter into the washer. The results won’t be as successful when it’s crowded into the machine. So, make sure you put it in on its own. If you have a smaller washing machine, take a trip to the laundromat and use one of the high-capacity, front loading washers there instead.

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Step 2: Use Mild Detergent

Add a mild detergent. Don’t use too much. Using too much detergent or one that’s too potent can strip away at the protective coating of the feathers inside, if it’s down-filled. This causes the comforter to become less insulated, allowing more heat to escape on cold winter nights.

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Step 3: Set to Delicate

Set the washer to the most delicate setting. Also, when possible set it to run through two complete rinse cycles to be sure all of the detergent is thoroughly removed.

Step 4: Dry on Low

Once the comforter is done washing, put it in the dryer on the lowest setting and let it run until it’s dry. Again, you don’t want your comforter to be cramped in the dryer, so choose one with a high-capacity if possible.

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Step 5: Stop & Fluff

While the comforter is drying, the filling typically tends to clump together in one place. To prevent this, stop the machine several times while it’s running so that you can fluff the comforter and try to keep the stuffing distributed throughout. You can also avoid clumping by adding several dryer balls before you start the process.

There you have it. How to clean your comforter in five easy steps. As you can see, it’s not rocket science by any means. When it comes right down to it, it’s actually easy-peasy! You never have to deal with a dingy comforter again.

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