20 Interesting Facts About Doors

20 Interesting Facts About Doors

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To showcase the impact doors have on homes and life in general, it is important to know that they are not only the main entrance to the home or rooms but a symbol of the house security. Most people take the door for granted, and although it works as a constant factor for the home, it serves an important role.

One can imagine life without doors? Doors form an integral part of life, but they are overlooked on a daily basis. Doors can lead to places, to experience, and then bring in security and comfort too.

Doors are interesting and have several stories within them. They came in all the sizes and colors and made of different materials. But not everyone knows the history behind doors, revolving doors, and their origin. Knowing about doors implies knowing their history and their origins. In that perspective, a deadbolt was known to Egyptians about 4,000 years ago!

20 Interesting Facts about Doors, their Types, and their History:

  1. Archaeologists have discovered Europe’s oldest door in Zurich with the help of tree-ring dating methods and dated it as 5,100 years old.
  2. Inefficient glazed doors and windows amount to 25% of energy bills. This money leaks out of house’s openings owing to the faulty construction.
  3. Revolving doors do not move too fast since it could injure a person going through. New York has a law in place that revolving doors should rotate should only have 15 rotations per minute, anything more is deemed illegal.
  4. Doors in Ireland are usually colorful and attractive since they are painted in numerous colors, nuances, and patterns that are eye-catchy. This is owing to the fact that when Queen Victoria died, all homeowners from Ireland were instructed to paint their main doors in black. Instead, they used many colors for their main doors as an act of rebellion.
  5. Replace glazed doors and windows with highly efficient double-glazed, insulated glass, that boast of Energy Star ratings, and known to save 15% on bills.
  6. The largest doors in the world are entries to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building located at Kennedy Space Center. They stand tall at 456 ft and take 45 minutes to open or close.
  7. A Philadelphian inventor named Theophilus Van Kannel was the first ever patent recipient for revolving door in the year 1888.
  8. Dreaming of doors symbolizes hope and liberation. Sometimes it also implies a new opening in your life. A closed door implies a missed opportunity.
  9. It is said that more than 1/3 burglars enter right through the front door. Old doors are easy to be destroyed, while old-fashioned locks do not work well on security. Thin glazing on doors can be destroyed too. Modern entrance doors are usually more secure, include strong locks and toughened glass when used as a transparent barrier. It is preferable to use wood or metal with a strong lock at the door.
  10. Janus was known as the Roman God of beginnings, ending, doors and transitions. To honor him, Romans built their doors to swing into their homes, to welcome Janus and their guests in.
  11. It is said that January was named after God of doors, and hence it is the name of the first month of the calendar.
  12. The Egyptians were the first to create a prototype of a lock, 4000 years ago and were like the pin tumbler locks that are usually found on deadbolts today. Linus Yale popularized the locks in 1861 with a patent on the lock that could be opened with a small key.
  13. Romans decorated their front entrance doors with large phallus images that stood as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.
  14. The front entrance door is based on feng shui practices that balance natural energies for a boost in prosperity and wealth. Fengshui stipulates the entry should be obstacle-free so that there is free energy flowing naturally throughout the house.
  15. Doors offer a symbol of hope along with opportunity, while also indicative of communication and freedom.
  16. The most ancient doors were in Egypt made of a slab of wood with hinges. False doors were referred to sometimes as doors to the afterlife.
  17. In 2014, it was declared that the tallest tree in the UK was Douglas Fir in Reelig Glen.
  18. If a door is slammed right on your face, the symbolism indicates an angry ending.
  19. The oldest door is touted to be of oak situated in Westminster Abbey and known to be 900 years old and existed since the reign of Edward the Confessor in the 11th century. The tree is 6.5 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide.
  20. Overhead doors are recorded to be invented in 1921 by C. G Johnson who also developed the automatic garage door in the year 1926. Now garage doors can be easily opened or closed with a remote.

Luckily, today’s doors are not as rudimentary or weak compared to doors used thousands of years ago. The present doors are made of durable materials and also have decorative purposes as well. The wide collection of doors on offer inclusive of revolving, sliding and inner doors have improved possibilities and décor additions by a long way. Additionally, it is essential to pick and choose a door vendor, who can offer multiple options to appeal to the senses and aligned with the decor.