How to Create the Perfect Multipurpose Guest Room


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Are you ready to transform your spare room into a great looking guest room?

There are 9.42% more rooms in the United States than there are people. If that’s the case, what are all of these rooms used for? Many people are turning them into space for guests.

You have probably wondered what you could do to make your guest room not only great for your guest but functional when you don’t have anyone to use it. This post will give you some ideas to make this happen.

Keep reading below to learn our tips for designing a multipurpose guest room.

Turn It Into an Extra Office

If you are missing an office area of your own then creating a space that doubles as a sleeping area and office is an excellent choice.

Desks don’t have to be huge, and there are many shapes you can pick from. It is simple to find one to fit into a smaller area. Add in simple lighting, and you have a cozy little work area that is a pleasure to work out of.

This space won’t work well for only you. If your guest is around for an extended time, then they can appreciate the area for work if they have anything that they need to accomplish.

Set Up Your Own Home Gym

You might be thinking that a home gym needs a lot of space for the whole thing.

A gym doesn’t need much space. A gym is squeezed easily in a small room where you still have enough room for sleeping arrangements.

This space will be a big hit with any fitness enthusiast.

Build in Extra Storage

The good thing about storage is you can build shelving and storage space to fit in most areas. You can use this to find creative ways to add storage to your extra guest room to make the most of it for you and your guest.

Make use of the space under any beds, on desks, between furniture and other creative places to make the room unique.

You Don’t Need a Traditional Bed

Do you think a big bed is the best use of space for your guest area?

There are plenty of options that will not only save space but provide a function to your room.

If you are going for a comfy feel, then think of putting in a sofa bed. This bed will double as a comfortable sitting spot when you aren’t sleeping.

If you have space on the wall, another option is to purchase a wall bed. A wall bed can be the size of a full bed and only take up space when you need it.

Just don’t go for a cheaper option that you wouldn’t want to sleep on yourself.

It’s Time to Get Started on Your Multipurpose Guest Room

Now that you have some ideas on building out your multipurpose guest room you can get started on getting the room done.

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