How to Insulate Your House and Prepare for Winter

How to Insulate Your House and Prepare for Winter

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With winter around the corner, you’ll want to start prepping your house so you can stay comfortable in the cold. If you don’t check your home for problems before the temperatures drop, you’re asking for problems. You’ll be better off taking the time to make sure your insulation is ready to go.

Keep reading to learn how to insulate your house and prepare for the winter blast!

1. Designate a Room to Be the Warmest

With a little maneuvering, you can ensure that you have one room that stays the warmest in your home. If you know you’ll need a refuge when the temperatures plummet, designate a room — preferably an interior room — for that purpose.

Seal off all cracks and openings, close the vents, and keep plenty of blankets and a space heater inside for those extra cold nights.

2. Knowing How to Insulate Your House Means Checking Drafty Doors

That small gap between the bottom of your door and floor can make the difference between feeling comfortable or shivering all day. The solution? Look into weatherstripping tape or a draft stopper to keep out the cold air and seal off your rooms.

And don’t overlook your garage door. If your door is in need of repair or you want to explore garage insulation, call the experts. You don’t want to be stuck scraping ice off your car’s windshield in the mornings because you can’t park inside!

3. Keep Windows Closed to Keep Your Home Toasty

Not only should you keep the actual windows closed during the winter, but you should also keep the curtains drawn as much as possible. When it comes to home insulation tips, this is an easy one to add to your routine.

And to go a step further, invest in some heavier drapes, like blackout curtains. These tightly-woven and dense drapes will help to block the cold air from entering your house.

4. Turn to Spray Foam Insulation for Added Warmth

As another preventative measure, look into using spray foam insulation to amp up the warmth. Check your insulation and see where it is weakest in your home. You may be able to inject some spray foam insulation into the attic or between your walls before the winter season hits.

5. Don’t Forget Your Water Pipes

Even your water pipes could use some extra warmth during the winter. A frozen pipe can wreak havoc on your plumbing, and there’s nothing worse than waiting for the water to warm up when you want to hop in the shower.

Take matters into your own hands and place insulation sleeves around your hot water pipes. You’ll avoid burst pipes and spend less energy and time heating the water.

Prepare for Winter

Knowing how to insulate your house takes a little research and time, but it’s well worth it in the long run. You’ll save yourself from feeling cold and keep yourself from cranking up the heat constantly.

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