How To Safely Get Rid Of Rats When You Have Little Kids At Home

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rats

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As rats always keep moving and getting rid of them might be a big challenge. But you have plenty of pet and kid-friendly ways to eliminate rats.

In the article mentioned, let’s explore how to eliminate rats when you have little kids at home safely.

For example, calling for professional help is the safest way to get rid of rats. In addition, you could use peppermint spray to keep them away. Plant some peppermint plants in the boundary to avoid rat infestation. There are more safe options to explore. Let’s get in.

Tips On How To Safely Get Rid Of Rats:

Let’s briefly look at how to get rid of rats safely. These are one of the if not the best, options when it comes to getting the rats out of the home. Check them out and follow the ones which feel the most convenient.

1. Rat Repellent Pouches

These kinds of pouches will protect you from these pesky rodents. Rat repellent pouches can be bought at any local or online store. They are convenient, and you could keep rats away by only placing them in different areas of your house.

If rats currently infect your house, better place one pouch per square foot. But if your house has yet to be infected, One punch for every 125 square feet will do the job for you. As you can see, it’s a lot easier to use the pouches compared to other options.

2. Seal Out All The Gaps

Even new houses can have gaps and holes, which might encourage rats to get in. Always look for holes and gaps, whether your house is old or brand new. Rats can squeeze through even a tiny amount of gaps as well.

You could fill the gaps with the same material or rat-resistant products. If the gap is on the concrete wall, apply the cement and paint it immediately. Similarly, you could always fix wooden holes on walls with wood fillings.

3. Pepper Flakes

The strong smell of the Pepper Flakes is disturbing to the rats. They can’t handle the smell and tend to avoid it at any cost. This is why it’s a great option for you to get rid of rats using spicy flakes safely.

Make sure to sprinkle them around the house. Don’t forget to put some in their walking ways, rat holes, and other places. Make sure to check out the effects of the Pepper flakes on them. Once you understand it, apply them accordingly.

4. Owl Feather

Whether you believe it or not, rats fear owls a lot. Even if they see some owl’s feathers, they will run away from the place. Because owls can eat them up and destroy their colony. Hence, manage some fresh owl feathers and place them in your house.

as with any other things, you could put them in their resting place, the kitchen. Over time, they will not get into your house. Or in case they have stalled in your house, they will prefer leaving the house in fear of Owl.

5. Onions And Garlic

Even though onions can get rotten in a few days, they are great for getting rid of rat infestation. For example, cut a fresh slice of onion and place them on their pathways. Find out their holes and sprinkle some around the area.

Similarly, you could use garlic. Have some cloves and sprinkle them in their resting place. The scent of it will make them leave the place. It’s irritating and harmful for rats, and they prefer to avoid it at any cost.

6. Peppermint Oil

If you are looking for an effective material to keep rats away, Peppermint oil is the best option. Because it has a strange smell that makes rats dizzy. More so, they can get sick when they come into contact with peppermint oil.

Along with the peppermint oil, you could consider planting the peppermint plant in your house boundary. It will avoid outside rats from infesting your house. They won’t consider your house to be infested. This is why, you always have peppermint plants in your house.

7. Call Professionals

When everything seems to fail, it’s better to call up professionals. You could find them in advertisements or in the local directory. Try to hire pest control professional who has previous experience in avoiding rats from the house.

Calling for help from professionals will help you to get a permanent solution from the rat. They are better experiences to help you keep getting the rats back. As a result, you get long-term benefits when you call these professional pest control and management companies to your house.

8. Rat Traps

Regarding the top poison-free option, setting up rat traps is the way to go. Using traps, you could kill rats in a large numbers. Setting up the traps is quite easy; they usually give you better success rates.

As a main attraction, you could place peanut butter, apples, cheese, and other foods as a main attraction. When you are done making traps, place them in strategic places. Like, find out the area with the most rats, and place them on their path.

9. Cat Litter

If you don’t have any cats in the house, find some cat litter. Place them in different places in your house. Most importantly, find out the areas where they spend most of their time. Hence, it will make them think there’s a cat in the house and run away.

As an instinct, rats fear and avoid cats. When they smell cat litter, they will not infest your house. Even if they infest, a large number of rats will go to other places. Alternatively, you might consider petting a cat, but it’s not mandatory.

10. Cow Dung

Regarding creative ways, cow dung cakes have become popular everywhere. Here’s how they work, you get some cow dung cake and make the pieces—Spread and pieces on their pathway, holes, and the area with the most activity.

As the rats come across the cake, they are more likely to eat it out. It doesn’t affect them immediately. Instead, over a few hours, their stomach will inflate with toxic gas. Eventually, it will kill all the rats who have gotten a bite of the cake. Pretty brutal to be honest.

11. Keep Inspecting Your House

Regular inspection all over your house will help you get rid of the rats. With each session, you are going to find out the leads of rats-infested areas. Clean them up and spray out some rat repellent.

Along with that, you will spot countless holes and cracks. Repairing these cracks and holes will make it harder for rats to live in your house. As a result, after a while, rats will start leaving your house. Make sure to have a proper inspection every week or so.

12. Declutter Your House

When you make your house a bit tidy and clean the clutter, it will help to keep the rats away. Because rats love to stay in cluttered and dirty areas. Plus, they find cluttered areas perfect for infesting.

For example, if your bedroom has clutter of clothes, better tidy it up. Because rats might start chewing up your clothes and invite others to come in.

A tidy house will be less likely to get rats. Even if the rats have already infested your house, their number will decline after you include everything.


In conclusion, you should always take super fast action whenever you find out your house is infested with rats. Plus, learn how to eliminate rats when you have little kids at home safely. It’s a bit tricky to learn as well.

As little kids are always curious and easily pick things up, avoid using harmful ways. All the above methods are safe when you have little kids at home.

Meanwhile, they are effective at getting rats away from the house.


Let’s have a look at these questions.

What Are The Signs Of A Rat Infestation In Your Home?

Look for rat droppings around food and kitchen areas. More so, check if your food packaging has marks of rat teeth. You will also find different types of holes in walls and objects. Different kinds of paper material cuttings will also be seen around the house.

How To Avoid Rats At Home Naturally?

You could plant peppermint plants at the boundary of your house. They work as natural barriers to keep the rats from entering your house.

Similarly, you could spray peppermint oils around your house to keep the rats away.

How To Prevent Rats From Entering House?

Fixing the holes and cracks in the wall and exterior of your house will be the best option because that’s who blocks all the pathways of rats to get into your house. So, always check out the cracks and holes in the hole and fix them whenever you see them.