8 Interior Design Trends to Fall in Love With

Interior Design Trends

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Interior design trends are ever changing, and we are already shaping up to bring out the best in your home. Discover our predictions for the coming year.

Are you patiently waiting for the 2019 trends for interior design and home décor? Then look no further because you’re in for a year of sustainable fabrics, more than 50 shades of grey, and accent walls that’ll take your breath away.

In the new year, homeowners will move on from loud and bold patterns and ease into handmade materials, minimalistic patterns, and natural floors. If you want to update your furniture, you’ll find more recycled and upcycled pieces that go beyond home improvement.

We’ll be gravitating towards patterned backsplashes to make a statement, but not forget the sleek lines of minimalistic décor. If you’re ready for a year of changes for the better, read on to discover the most beautiful interior design trends for 2019 and give your home a fresh new touch.

1. All Shades of Grey

In the past year, interior color trends focused on neutral tones, dark reds, matte black, and bright pastels. In 2019, we’ll be slowly shifting to all shades of grey, both as an accent color and as the main choice. Grey will be taking over our walls, furniture, and décor, but still keep them light, bright, and beautiful.

Light grey will liven up your living room walls and soften your dark grey sofas and armchairs. It’ll blend in well with dove grey rugs, marble coffee tables, silver decorations, and upholstered gunmetal ottomans, all while looking stunning against clean white molding.

2. Patterned Backsplash

Floral walls and backsplash will be a huge trend in 2019. They’ll make a silent comeback without being overpowering to the space. Using floral and patterned wallpaper as an accent wall or a kitchen/bathroom backsplash will give out a chic classic vibe, but won’t make your room look tacky and old-fashioned.

Whether you’re into DIY designs with a patterned paint roller or prefer a ready-made wallpaper, patterned walls and backsplash will make any room come to life. For a more minimalistic approach, geometric patterns and clean lines on kitchen and bathroom tiles are still in trend.

In 2019, you can take the backsplash up to the ceiling to create a whole new dimension to the space. Some will use their countertops as an inspiration and extend the quartz, marble or granite up to the wall behind.

HomeyMosaic Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile for Kitchen,12"x12" Aluminum Surface 3D Wall Sticker Panel Metal Mosaic Patterned Retro(5 Sheets,Bronze&Grey)

3. Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture has once again made the list of best living room trends 2019.

Homeowners are becoming more conscious about sustainability when it comes to their home and opt for recycled, upcycled and handmade pieces of furniture.

Sofas, like those made by this company, are now a decorative piece and serve to tell a story of interior design that’s comfortable, modern, and good for the environment. Beds will be smaller, yet more comfortable and some will be antiques. They’ll bring you closer to Mother Nature with the help of organic bedding.

4. Sustainable Fabrics and Materials

Along the lines of eco-friendly furniture and décor, 2019 living room design trends call for sustainable fabrics for your sofas, chairs, bedding, and rugs. We’re talking organic hemp, cotton, flax, linen, soy, wool, and camel working their way through your home.

Going back to handmade materials for upholstery and décor will give your home – and heart – warmth, balance, and a sense of pride as you help minimize the pollution and keep environment cleaner.

Once you’re done using the items, you can easily donate or recycle them to be turned into something else. This is not only a noble act of care for the environment but also good karma for your home.

5. Natural Materials

In 2019, home design trends will call for kitchen countertops made of glass, natural stone, and metal. We’ll go for bamboo, cork, and reclaimed/recycled wood, and even concrete floors and ditch the plastic, plexiglass, and PVC around the house.

The new year will open its doors to metals like copper, brass, bronze, chrome, aluminum, and nickel, and shift away from the rose gold buzz of last year.

We’ll use wall paint that’s good for both the environment and our health, and make our homes safer, healthier, and more breathable.

6. Accent Walls

In 2019, living room trends will inevitably feature an accent wall as a focal point in the space. It may be a wall painted in a darker color than the main one, an eye-catching wallpaper pattern or a living garden wall.

You can display your favorite art pieces, vinyl records, awards, DIY creations, and even hand-painted plates from the flea market. Some homeowners will take the plunge and turn an entire wall into a library, an art gallery or a display of family memorabilia.

Accent walls are a great conversation starter, especially if they’re in perfect harmony with the rest of the décor.

7. Making Bathrooms Cozier

Up until now, we didn’t pay as much attention to bathroom décor, but that’s all about to change in 2019. We’ll make bathrooms cozier and more inviting with designer bathtubs, stunning backsplash, and large walk-in showers.

We’ll add floor heating, minimalistic décor, and plenty of storage to keep the space clean and tidy. In urban dwellings, sustainability will take the lead in bathrooms, and so will technology.

You’ll listen to your favorite music in the shower under a rainbow of colorful waterdrops while your toilet seat heats up for you. Some will go for millennial pink for the walls and tiles and others will enjoy darker walls and décor all over.

Give Your Home a Makeover With These Interior Design Trends

In 2019, interior design will be shifting towards more natural, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. We’ll see more simplicity and less boldness in terms of color and décor, but keep the elegance with accent walls.

Whether you’re an interior designer or someone who’s passionate about keeping up with the industry news, these interior design trends will give you the inspiration for making your home a modern, updated space.

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