Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Looking at your luxury kitchen, you feel it requires some comprehensive kitchen remodeling. That’s fine. It’s no secret that your luxury kitchen is the main venue for family celebrations, dining, and socializing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the “heart of the home” is the center of style for most homeowners.

With time, what used to be the notable trend is soon overtaken by events. It’s time to give your kitchen a facelift by remodeling it to keep up with the latest trends. But you don’t have the info about the newest luxury kitchen remodeling trends. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Let’s highlight some of the leading kitchen remodeling trends to help you.

Smart Kitchens

If technology has not found its way into your luxury kitchen, you are way behind the current trend. Today’s modern luxury kitchen is home to fancy gadgets and appliances and has technology integrated into almost every function and device. From the fridge to the faucets, you’ll find elements of technology in place to the lighting.

Such a kitchen is what is called a smart kitchen. As you remodel your kitchen, think of adding aspects of modern technology. This means including smart gadgets such as automatic touchless soap dispensers, smart Wi-Fi instant pots, smart faucets, and so on.

You can also explore how to integrate kitchen sensors, refrigerators that alert you when your groceries items are getting low, or a smart coffee maker that gets your coffee ready when you wake up. These and other similar smart devices will make life in the kitchen a breeze.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

While white cabinets give your kitchen a classic look that can be used in almost any kitchen style, they are on their way out! Currently, the all-white kitchen is transforming; You’ll now see islands in a range of paint colors or wood stain colors. This mixing of finishes creates the needed accent piece and extra pop-of color for the courageous heart.

Streamlined Designs, Textures, and Materials

By streamlined designs, we don’t mean boring designs. You can consider materials with exciting textures. For instance, if you use open shelving, you can use rough cut wood to create a natural look in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can incorporate metal tubing for a more industrial look.

Contrasting Countertops

Kitchen countertops are essential pieces of kitchen furniture. Presently, the reigning trend is to contrast counter materials with cabinetry color. Doing this adds major drama and elegance to your luxury kitchen. Dark granite countertops contrasted with white-oak cabinets differentiates the kitchen area in an open floor plan. Besides, it adds a level of warmth and sophistication to space.

Steel Hoods

Lately, you’ll notice an increase in custom kitchen hoods that are steering away from that raw painted wood or stainless steel. Homeowners are implementing plasterwork and steel into their luxury kitchens and loving how they become a conversation piece for the kitchens.

Effective Storage Cabinetry

If your current kitchen cabinetry annoys you due to unnecessary wastage of space, the contemporary kitchen remodeling trend will help you sort out this challenge. Like many homeowners, you can now opt for better storage solutions in your cabinetry.

These solutions include drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, appliance garages for your small appliances, pull-out for spices, roll-out trays and caddies for pans and pots, wastebasket cabinets for recyclables and garbage. All these solutions will make it easier for you to store small appliances, foods, and drinks.

Getting high-quality kitchen remodeling ideas and services for your luxury kitchen is easy. There are leading online companies offering the best of these services at reasonable price tags. Get the best kitchen remodeling services and give your kitchen the trending look and functionality it deserves.