Luxury Bed: The Key Ingredient for Optimal Sleep

premium luxury bed

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No matter whether you’re an early riser who likes to wake up to the beauty of sunrises, or a night owl who likes to stay up late for the creative juices to flow when the world seems to have come to a still, the truth is you need sleep. The duration requirement of sleep can vary from person to person, as well as from age to age, and from health state to health state, but in general, most of us need at least seven hours of quality shuteye.

To count on all the benefits fulfilling this basic physiological need can provide, like boosting our energy levels and immune system, as well as supporting and maintaining mental and physical health, it’s our priority to ensure the quality of this shuteye. And while sleep schedule, eating and drinking habits before bedtime all have a say, the sleep environment is just as important.

This is true primarily for the bed, along with the frame and the mattress, as the main furniture piece in direct contact with our body, responsible for helping us sail off to dreamland. If there was that one purchase you would make that would make a difference in your life, it would have to be a premium luxury bed created for comfort.

If your budget doesn’t allow for most of the home improvements you’ve wanted to do for some time, setting some money aside for this new addition to the bedroom would certainly make up for it. And with all the benefits that it’s designed to provide, it’s the kind of purchase that would more than pay off the longer you use it.

What’s Considered a Luxury Bed?

It’s basically a bed that differs from a regular bed and it’s all to do with the top-notch materials it’s made from, the process and innovation involved in producing it, the time it takes to produce it, as well as the sizes it’s available in. While it’s a term you’ll most often see used for mattresses, it can also refer to the quality of the base and frame.

The main property is the choice of natural materials over synthetic ones, so you’re likely to find mattresses and headboards filled with organic wool and cotton, layer after layer. As such, they’re highly breathable and prevent your body from getting too hot in the warmer days. By assisting with thermoregulation, your quality of sleep is guaranteed with a luxury mattress designed for your comfort.

Available in a range of sizes, like standard single, small double, standard double, queen, king, and luxury super king beds you can find at the specialised luxury retailer, they also range in their firmness. Depending on whether you’re looking for something softer, or something firmer, you’ve got soft, medium, firm, and extra firm options to pick from.

The luxury frames have plenty to offer too as they come in various designs that differ in style and aesthetic as much as function, with some having more storage (think divan) than others that are more compact or better in terms of ease of cleanliness. Lastly, they’re built according to a higher level of standards than the regular counterpart, which would explain the longer and more detailed process they’re produced with.

What Are the Benefits of a Luxury Bed?

If you want to boost your sleep, and as a result your overall health and well-being, getting yourself one of these beds is a no-brainer. With characteristics like outstanding durability, quality, comfort, support, and softness, it’s not surprising that “luxury” is in their name. Some of the benefits you can be sure of when welcoming such a bed into your sleep oasis include:

The Improvement of Sleep

When you don’t have to spend the night tossing and turning because of getting too hot and sweaty, or because you can’t find the perfect spot that offers the right dose of support or softness, you’re able to catch the z’s and get the needed restorative sleep and energy for the next day ahead.

Once your sleep is improved, you’ll be able to note some positive impacts in the rest of your life too, like your mood, productivity, and even your relationships with others. Yes, what you invest now in luxury beds would more than pay off in the long run.

The Reduction of Stress

A high-standard bed may be the missing link to finally bidding stress farewell. This is especially important to consider if you’re battling chronic stress, and you’re feeling the outcome on the quality of life. Wake up well-rested, ready to take over the world with a bed made for your comfort.

The Effect on Snoring

When you’ve got a regular bed, the great news is it’s pretty cheap, but the bad news is it certainly will slump and lose its stability sooner rather than later. While you may be thinking you can make more economical purchases by always opting for the cheap variant, this isn’t the item you want to try out with. The incredible support the luxury beds offer makes for even weight distribution and support of the upper body thus reducing the risk of snoring or lowering it if already present.

The Effect on Pain

Back aches and pains are almost a guarantee when you’ve got a low-quality bed in terms of both mattress and base. The incredible stiffness, the improper support, and the lack of even weight distribution are all recipes for back issues which, let’s face it, can be pretty costly to handle with medical treatments that may or may not work. Not to mention the decrease in productivity and the increase in sick leaves this would lead to.

All of a sudden investing in a luxury bed doesn’t seem so expensive, does it? As it’s built according to high standards, your proper body alignment along with the different sleep positions have all been taken into account to provide you with the final result – the amazing design of luxury.

The Cleanliness

Bodily fluids in combination with mites make for nightmares, both figuratively and literally. Unless you want your bed to be a breeding ground for allergens, opt to get yourself a bed of luxury instead of a regular one. This is because these types of beds are made from exceptional materials, as mentioned earlier in the text, and the mattresses come with special covers that make them easy to clean and also make them hypoallergenic. You don’t have to have an allergy to see the benefit in them!