How to Protect Wood Floors From Scratches and More

how to protect wood floors

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Wood floors are expensive, so when you see scratches on your wood floor, you rightfully twitch in annoyance. Was it the dog or the furniture or something else?

You may feel hopeless thinking about how to avoid scratching up your floor, but don’t worry. You can learn how to protect wood floors.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid scratching up your floor.

Don’t Wear Shoes on Wood Floors

Take your shoes off! Wearing shoes on wood floors is an easy way to expect scratches on it.

You can avoid this by taking your shoes off at the door and depositing them on a shoe mat before traversing forward. Your wood floors will thank you—especially if you or someone you have over is prone to wearing high heels.

It’s best to stick to socks and slippers.

Don’t Clean Often with Water

Water as water, and wood as wood, do not mix. If you use too much water, the wood will react to it. It will disfigure.

It may not happen on your top layer of wood, but it can happen in the layers below that first one. Avoid steam-cleaning too.

If you use something like a Swiffer mop, make sure you properly dry your wood after cleaning it so that there is not any liquid left. You do not want it to absorb into your wood.

Vacuuming is the method you should use, though.

Keep Your Pets’ Nails Trimmed

Speaking of pets again, you can keep your pets’ nails trimmed so that they scratch up your floors less.

Going to the groomer or filing their nails at home are both options. You can also, if you have a dog, take your pet on walks so that their nails file down naturally. This is how to protect wood floors from dogs.

You don’t have to worry about their claws scratching up your floors, and you know they will thank you too now that their nails aren’t too long.

Sweep and Mop Often

Are you wondering about another trick to protect your wood flooring? An easy way to do this is to sweep and mop often.

When you sweep often, you may sweep up some objects that can end up scratching your floor. The same goes for mopping.

Use Felt Mads Under Furniture

The best thing you can do for your wood flooring is to use felt pads under your furniture. When you do this, you can avoid big scratches from shifting furniture.

Want to learn more? You can read this article to see how to stop furniture from sliding.

How to Protect Wood Floors

Knowing how to protect wood floors is not as intuitive as it seems. If you follow these tips, you will find your wood flooring is less susceptible to scratches.

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