Renovation Solutions: Solving Tiny House Problems

Renovation Solutions: Solving Tiny House Problems

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More and more people are deciding to live a minimalist life and move to tiny houses. They seem to be a perfect option for those who want to change their lifestyle to a cheaper and more conscious one. You reduce the number of material objects to the minimum and restrict your living place to nothing beyond functional. They are meant to be eco-friendly as you reduce your carbon footprint and make prospective relocation easy.

Sounds perfect? Not exactly. Tiny houses often mean big problems. Although they seem to be an ideal solution to housing problems, you can face various unexpected challenges while living in one of them. Fortunately, you can remodel your tiny house and make it more accessible for daily living.

Toilet Issues

Tiny houses are problematic when it comes to answering nature’s call. Often, they don’t have a fixed septic system, and living in this little place means long wonders on how to get rid of the disposal. Some are equipped with dry toilets, which, if not cleaned properly, can cause an unpleasant smell in the whole house.

However, it doesn’t mean that tiny houses cannot have plumbing systems. In fact, they are not much different than the regular ones. You can run the pipes into the ground to a section of the yard that irrigates a garden and easily solve your problems regarding plumbing in Chicago or wherever else you end up when traveling with your tiny house.


Tiny houses hold temperatures differently than normal-sized houses, and the temperature changes might be unpredictable and rapid. It’s not so easy to maintain the cool in the summer or warmth during winter. Cooling might be easier as you’ll need to find space in the shadowed area and open the windows to make a drought, but keeping the house warm is more challenging.

One of the options you have is installing a central heating system in your tiny house. However, as the surface you need to heat up is significantly smaller, you can think about the alternatives. Installing a wireless thermostat is a greener option, and it’s easier to control the temperature inside the house. Or, you can consider investing in a wood or pellet stove.

Garbage Storage

Tiny houses do not necessarily mean tiny trash, even if you are as zero-waste as possible. Garbage storage and disposal are another complicated matter for tiny house residents as they are not an exception when it comes to getting rid of garbage regularly.

You can compost as much waste as possible. And if you try to produce nothing beyond the biodegradable waste, composting is a great option due to being eco-friendly and giving the waste a second life. You can also keep the garbage in the glass space in your cabinets. After all, living in a tiny house means looking for unusual solutions. Finally, you can think about changing your house design to find a place to store your garbage. On the market, you can find trash cans with wheels that can be held in a ‘dead’ corner of your tiny house.

Organizing Your Space

Downsizing your living space also means downsizing your possessions. You need to get rid of all the unnecessary objects and adjust your house’s space to store them. There is no place for hoarding.

You can remodel your tiny house to make it as functional as possible. Think about furniture that has multiple functions. Some desks can function as dining tables. You can have drawers below your bed. If you live in a tiny house, you need to be as creative as possible when it comes to space. Another option, if you’ve already checked all the stores in searching for multi-functional furniture, is to pay to store your items.


As you see, living in a tiny house is not as perfect as it might seem on the surface. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with those challenges! Renovation of a tiny house is possible, and if you have a plan and stick to it, your creative solutions might make living in your little space more pleasant and trouble-free.

Think about all of the advantages that tiny houses provide you with, and don’t get discouraged by those problems. Living in them is not for everyone, as you will have to change plenty of your habits and adjust your lifestyle to the space you live in. However, if you still want to leave the consumerist way of living behind – implement those changes and enjoy your new life in a tiny house.