Wooden Interior Design: A Classy Look to Your House

Wooden Interior Design

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Deciding on what type of interior design you want to go with isn’t always a smooth process. With the advent of new technology, there are now more interior-design options than ever. Admittedly, it is still refreshing to hear guests’ compliments on your home décor. A vibrant home calls for a visually appealing interior design.

Different houses require different designs. Some require less labor, and some can be quite laborious and time-consuming. Before we delve into the world of wooden-designs, you ought to familiarize yourself with the skeletal structure of your house.

Working with wood can be tricky. Mistakes are often quite costly. A house with stucco is more laborious, and you could cut back on the overall cost if you do your homework concerning methods such as tongue and groove or how to cut into stucco. In doing so, you’re mitigating any risk that goes into the installation phase. Scroll through to learn more about the ins and outs of wooden interior design and what to add to help illuminate your décor.

Wood and Versatility

For centuries now, wood has been quintessential in its role in construction and décor. A nicely executed wooden-design could very well be the final touch of your home décor. If done successfully, a wooden-design can add warmth to your home and could soften the overall color contrast. The list below is the ways you can incorporate wood into your design to give it the classy look it so deserves!

Wooden Stairs

You wouldn’t be the first person to gaze in awe at an intricately designed wooden stair. We’ve seen it in many libraries that are two stories or more. Aside from being sturdy, they’re inarguably transcending the function of the stair. It is a piece of art, to say the least.

From the various arched types to the many spiral types, you can choose from plenty of options. If you want to go with the traditional choice, you ought to opt for a single or double winder stairs, or perhaps you would like to go all-in and install a grand staircase with bullnoses.

If, however, you decided to go with the contemporary choice, the good old mono stringer along with spiral and arched stairs are great options! As for the type of wood, research shows that African Mahogany and White Oak are better suited for staircases than the conventional ones. Therefore, choose wisely.

Hardwood Flooring

Ordinary floorings pale in comparison with hardwood flooring. Time and time again, experts have concluded that wood flooring is superior to its counterparts: tile, ceramic, concrete, etc. Visual wise, it is fair to put it right at the top of the list.

Benefits are manifold. They help with absorbing sound, which may not seem impressive at face value but is invaluable in the long run. Its insulating capabilities has always been one of the more attractive features of this type of flooring.

Studies show that climate plays a huge role in the durability of wood flooring. In places with high levels of humidity, the floor is susceptible to transformation. Therefore, it is prudent to do your due diligence in case your flooring needed extra coatings.

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Kitchen Countertop

A cozy kitchen gives life to your home. What better way to achieve this than by investing in a nicely designed kitchen countertop? The smell of the wood alone is enough to bring anyone a step closer to nature.

More impressive than this is the fact that they’re more affordable than premium quality granite, yet equally fashionable. Different shades and tones are available in the market, and out of the many choices, users particularly favor a dark shade oak.

And for a more robust option, you might want to look at the different types of bamboo floorings that are now gaining popularity.

Perks of Using Wood

Coming in strong on the list of naturally renewable energy sources, wood is considered to be the hallmark of environmentally friendly designs. Depending on location, type of wood, and the applied treatment, you’re looking at a rich list of ways to incorporate this gem of a material in your home design.

With its long half-life, wood is said to be all the more precious since we can easily recycle them into new products. In doing so, we’re potentially keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible while simultaneously preserving our natural timber resources.

Emotionally, the more we’re in the proximity of natural materials like wood, the more we become content inside the same four walls we spend most of our time in. Even if you’ve decided to go with another material, adding a few small wooden accessories here and there could go a long way in making your home more livable.