Smart Window Shades and Blinds

Smart Window Shades

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Smart window shades and blinds are an easy and cost-effective way to add convenience and security to your home while saving energy costs and adapting perfectly to fit your lifestyle.

Most smart blinds require their own hub and offer compatibility with only certain voice assistants and smart home systems; however, some offer wider compatibility as an add-on option. Our professionals provide a full replacement window installation service and take into account your specific room dimensions when measuring and installing your smart window treatments. The ease of using intelligent window shades and blinds has never been greater thanks to an intuitive remote control or virtual assistant. With just a few clicks, you can set timers, adjust lighting levels and enjoy the full range of benefits of windows in Calgary.

1. Soma Smart Shades 2

Soma’s Smart Shades 2 blind motor differs significantly from retrofit motors like Aqara and Xiaoyan because it does not rely on mains power for operation and installation, yet still manages most types of blinds with cords or chains – unlike these other retrofit solutions – by being small, easy to set up, powerful with plenty of torque, locally controlled without depending on internet reliability, local control or someone else’s servers being up, local battery charging via solar panel as well as local battery charging by solar panel!

The Soma app is user-friendly, while the device requires being close to a window for initial Bluetooth pairing. Once complete, you can add it to your HomeKit ecosystem and control it through Siri or the Home app; additionally, its advanced controls include triggers that can wake you up with natural light or close them at sunset.

2. Graywind Motorized Shades

If you already own blinds, this retrofit solution can convert them to motorized and smart blinds. Utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE), this device reduces complexity by eliminating the need for a hub; additionally it opens/closes shades four times faster than competing models and automatically adjusts for sunrise/sunset information.

Lutron Serena blinds can easily integrate into an existing smart-home system thanks to Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit support. You can control them from either your phone or remote control for maximum safety around children and pets.

These textured fabric blackout shades provide superior thermal insulation and privacy, while still allowing natural light. Use the included app to customize lighting scenes, schedule blinds to open or close at specific times of day, enable geofencing and geofencing capabilities. Plus you can connect smart thermostats like Nest or Ecobee for optimized energy savings!

3. Soma Connect

Soma’s Smart Shades 2 motor pack provides a simple and cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing blinds with smart functionality, making them more energy efficient while offering connectivity to multiple voice assistants through its optional Soma Connect hub. In addition, its smart capabilities are further extended by various automation triggers based on time of day, sunrise/sunset timings, lighting conditions, etc.

The Connect hub serves double duty by acting as a Wi-Fi repeater for the smart controller, making it possible to set your blinds to operate automatically according to your schedule even while away. For some users this alone may justify adding another hub into their home automation setup.

Lutron Serena Shades are an excellent way to customize the ambience in any room with their honeycomb or roller styles and extensive fabric, color and opacity selections. Hardwired or battery powered options are available and they can be controlled via smart remote, app or one of several voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for convenience.

4. Lutron Serena

Lutron Serena shades are highly sought-after among smart home enthusiasts for their high quality and extensive customization options. Available as hardwired or battery powered models, with many fabric, color, mount and control choices; Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and SmartThings integration available as well as separate hub (Lutron Smart Bridge sold separately) but pairing well with Lutron Caseta dimmers/light controllers as part of an integrated system.

Serena motorized wood blinds operate seamlessly to regulate natural lighting throughout your space with just the touch of an app, voice command or simple swipe on a smart remote control. Their low whirr operates quietly so as not to wake sleeping babies or annoy neighbors.

Smart window treatments can bring comfort and convenience to any home, but the ideal ones are those that seamlessly integrate into an existing smart home system. Professional installation and customization are key when selecting smart window treatment systems; for optimal performance choose those compatible with your hub while offering automation features through its own app.