Why You Should Use A Duvet Cover

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Handmade duvet covers (shown above) are affordably available on Etsy.

Duvet covers are a popular bedding choice for a lot of people. A duvet is actually a quilt that is filled with a soft substance, that is usually down or eider. Many people refer to duvets as a down comforters. Duvets can be very soft and very warm. Duvets can also be very expensive. Additionally, duvets are usually white or some other monochrome color, but duvets are not always very decorative. For these exact reasons, a duvet cover is a popular choice. So simply put, a duvet cover is a cover for a duvet. A duvet cover usually slips over a duvet and ties on the corners. Duvet covers can serve many purposes, and it’s usually a good idea to use one over a down comforter.

One of the main advantages to using a duvet cover is to keep the down comforter clean. Down comforters are very hard to clean, and regular washing can increase wear and tear dramatically. Duvet covers are typically made to be machine washable, and the fabrics can stand up to many washings. Duvet covers will also protect duvets from dust and dirt that comes with regular use. One example of dust and dirt is pet fur and dander. If you have a cat or dog that sleeps on the bed, it will inevitably leave behind some fur and dirt. It is better for the dirt, dust and fur to be left on the duvet cover, so that’s it’s easily washed and maintained. A duvet cover will also preserve the life of a down comforter and help it last longer.

Another advantage to using a duvet cover is to match the decor of your bedroom. Duvet covers come in a bigger variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. Covering a duvet with a duvet cover can change the look of your bed dramatically and add some style and color to your bedroom. Duvet covers are also inexpensive enough that they can be changed out when the style of the bedroom is updated. There are so many varieties of duvet covers that one can be found to match almost any style and color of your bedroom.

Temperature control is another reason to consider a light weight or heavy weight duvet cover. In the summer months, a lighter weight duvet cover will keep a down comforter from getting too warm. The opposite is true in the winter. A heavier fabric duvet cover will make a down comforter even warmer. Using a duvet cover that is appropriate for the season can be an economical choice since it’s make it easier to keep the thermostat higher or lower depending on the season.

That all being said, duvet covers are a good choice for people with a down comforter. Duvet covers can protect the comforter itself from dirt, dust and even pet fur, they can change the color and pattern of the duvet quickly and economically and they can even help keep someone cool in summer and warm in the winter. For all these reasons, duvet covers are extremely popular. Duvet covers can be found in many local linen stores or online retailers and come in a range of prices. Suffice it to say, there is a duvet cover for every size duvet.

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