4 Winter Heating Tips to Keep You Cozy This Season

Winter Heating Tips

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Did you know that 75% of families regularly argue about the thermostat?

It’s tough enough keeping everyone happy during the summer months. But winter heating could be an even larger battle — especially if your home isn’t prepared for the frigid temperatures.

In this post, we’ll offer four actionable winter heating tips you can use to stay cozy at home. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and keep reading!

1. Upgrade Your Insulation

All of your valiant efforts to keep your house warm will be in vain if it isn’t properly insulated. Cold drafts will suck the heat right out of your home, or it will escape through the attic.

Before the next winter sets in, take time to add some spray foam, fiberglass, or other types of insulation to your home. This is also the time to replace weatherstripping, change the filters in your heater, and get the furnace serviced.

Not sure about the status of your home’s insulation or what kind of options are available? Contact insulation contractors in your area for an evaluation.

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans keep us cool in the summer, but did you know they can also be a valuable asset to your winter heating efforts?

Think back to your 7th-grade science class. Remember learning that heat always rises? Reversing your ceiling fan to a clockwise direction will push warm air down and spread the heat evenly throughout the room.

3. Switch to a Smart Thermostat

Experts estimate that or every degree below 70 you set your thermostat, you’ll save as much as 5% on your energy costs.

This sounds great, but how can you make it happen in reality? The best way to reduce your energy bill and keep your house comfortably warm is to make the change to a smart thermostat.

You can program it to heat up your home before everyone wakes up in the morning. Then, once everyone has left for school or work, it will “cool off” and cut down on your energy usage until everyone returns home again. You might even be able to program different areas of your home to maintain different temperatures.

4. Embrace the Hygge Lifestyle

Have you heard of hygge? If not, be prepared to fall in love with this Danish lifestyle (pronounced HOO-gah).

It’s no secret that Denmark has long, cold winters, so Danes have had to find ways to stay warm during those frigid months. Their solution? The hygge lifestyle embraces everything that is soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable.

We’re talking thick fuzzy socks, oversized sweaters, velvety soft throw blankets, and pillows everywhere. Candles and soft lighting are a must, as well as your favorite hot beverage. By enveloping yourself in warmth and comfort, you might even start looking forward to those chilly winter months.

Stay Warm With These Winter Heating Tips

Winter heating might seem like a yearly battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the suggestions listed above to keep a comfortable winter heat temperature in your home — no matter how cold it gets outside.

Now that you’ve got the best tips for running the heat and staying warm, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great home and lifestyle advice!