Are you searching for some ideas to help you add some unique touch to your student room? If so, you’ll probably start your search by visiting Pinterest and Instagram, saving photos of rooms filled with wall hangings, fairy lights, pallet furniture with big windows, house plants, and some gorgeous white walls. 

Well, unfortunately, the reality, however, is that your college room will probably be a box room with a relatively small window that barely opens, inbuilt orange, shiny furniture, or any other additions that whoever designed these halls ‘assumed would be fun.’

Nonetheless, you can transform this uninspiring space with some needed personal and creative touches. To help you out, here are ten ideas that you can use to add some personality to your student room.

  1. Fairy Lights Are Invaluable

First off, we are well aware that a student room may not exactly look like a five-star hotel setting, no matter the transformation. Nonetheless, one way you can definitely transform and add your personal and creative touch to your student room is through the use of ‘fairy lights.’

In essence, fairy lights are a unique addition to a room and are definitely your savior in your quest to add personality into your room. Usually, the more you have the better! You can string them across the corners of the room for a touch of coziness to your space. Moreover, they also look great around a window frame.

  1. Add some adequate Side Lights

Predictably, your student room is going to be stuck with one single bulb burning and lighting your room as brightly as a cool-toned sun hovering its light from the ceiling. Therefore, together with the fairy lights, you can also include some sidelights.

Sidelights will ideally afford you a warmer lighting alternative, something that you can use for reading, working, or even binge-watching your favorite drama series by.

With these student room ideas, you will effectively kill that OHL (overhead lighting for uninitiated) and transform your bedroom into a more inviting and inspiring space.

  1. Invest in a Noticeboard 

Primarily, while some of the more common touches often used to add some personality include some motivational quotes, generic sunset photos, or even some sunglasses, another fantastic way you can add some character to your student room is by adding a beautiful notice board.  

While noticeboards are mostly used as a reminder for various important events such as reading lists and deadlines, they can also use them to add decor and color to your student room. 

  1. Add Some House Plants 

House plants are forever going to; spark some life even to the dullest and drabbest of living spaces or rooms. Similarly, adding house plants to your student room can bring some spark of life into the otherwise bland space. However, ensure you select some really dazzling, eccentric pots also and organize them in clusters across the entire room.  

  1. Wall hangings to Cover Ugly Walls 

Create like all those posts you’ve saved on Pinterest and Instagram and get yourself a wall hanging up in your room. So where can you get some cool wall hangings? Typically, according to many assignment assistance writing services, when you need assignment assistance, what you need is to ‘ask us write my assignment for me in Australia’ and you will get help. Similarly, if you want an idea of the coolest wall hangings, all you need is to visit the web and ask or type ‘what are the coolest wall hanging ideas for my student room?’ Typically, you can get some cool wall hangings on Amazon or even Urban Outfitters. 

Pro Tip: if you want to create a characteristic canopy effect to soften the entire room, simply pin your wall hangings from your ceiling to the adjoining wall. While it sounds bizarre, it certainly does work!

  1. Incorporate some Command Hooks 

While things may not be the same as back in the days when our parents were at the campus, the one thing that remains is the top rule ‘don’t hammer anything onto the walls!’ In the past, there was some good old-fashioned Blu-tacks that served the purpose of helping us stick up our awkward photos from the nights out back home along with posters of films we probably never seen.

Now, though, we are in the era of command hooks, which have further opened us up to unlimited possibilities. With these hooks, you can now even put up frames! Simply assess if the weight is appropriate for the hooks you pick. You may even hang a mirror, also! 

  1. Create Some Wall Decor with Photographs 

Well, if installing a gallery wall seems like too much of a stretch, then you can go for an alternative option of creating a wall decor with some favorite photographs. All you need to do is to string up several fairy lights (with some Command Hooks), of course, and use some pegs to hang your postcards, photos, or even some motivational quotes.

  1. Install a Nice Rug 

Typically, while people may think you are essentially high maintenance by rocking up a beautiful rug under your arm, however, when they witness its room transforming abilities, they will be sad they thought so. If you have not guessed it yet when it comes to adding a personal touch to and decorating your student room, you need to cover as much of the room as possible, and a stunning, trendy rug will effectively do that.

  1. A DIY door stop

Since standard doorstops aren’t expensive, you can, however, easily add another unique homemade touch to your student room. There are numerous ways you can do so, primarily involving sewing a fabric couch that you can then fill with rice. So, why do you need such? 

A doorstop ideally leaves your room open for visits from flatmates, particularly essential during the early weeks when you want to be viewed as approachable and keen to make some new friends. 

  1. Add Some Personality with Your unique Bedding Set Up.

Finally, bedding is among the easiest and cheapest ways of giving your student room some personality. Choose a bedding set up with a pattern that ideally complements your style and add some cushions to the setting, also. You would go amiss with a throw either. Check out for some good value options in the supermarkets or go online for some gorgeous bedding too.


When all the students’ rooms look like they have been tossed upon an industrial unit conveyor belt, among the best ways of showing off your personality is to understand how to spruce up your student room. Yes, while you might only be here for a year or so, but since you will be studying and spending quite some time within these four walls, it is only prudent that you make them feel as comfortable as possible and with these ten ideas, you can do just that!