10 Must Have Tools Every Homeowner Should Have in Their Garage

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You take a step in your guest bedroom and have a few ideas for how you want to fix it up. So you head into the garage to gather your tools and realize you have none. You don’t even own a nail.

Every homeowner should have a toolbox with a set of tools they need for home improvement projects or do-it-yourself projects to fuel their inner-Bob Villa on the weekends.

From wanting to redo your kitchen to completing smaller woodworking projects, here are the ten must-have tools you need to have in your garage.

1. Screwdriver

Let’s start off simple and discuss the screwdriver. Whether Phillips head or slot head – commonly known as a flathead – everyone has a screwdriver in their pantry, let alone garage.

Whether you need to fix a loose screw on a chair or fasten together a table, a screwdriver is a perfect tool for anyone working on DIY projects or needing to tidy up around the house.

2. Hammer

What toolset is complete without a hammer? Any tool kit you buy in-store or online comes with a hammer. Depending on the type of DIY project you’re completing, there are various types of hammers you can choose to get the job done.

From framing to ball-peen, hammers aren’t just for nails.

3. Adjustable Wrench

There are five distinct wrenches for all you tool heads out there but the one that you may find the most useful is an adjustable wrench. Also known as a ‘crescent’ wrench, the adjustable wrench can be used for a number of jobs.

Being adjustable, you can use it on a variety of nuts and bolts for jobs around the house – indoor and out – or on your vehicle.

No one wrench is better than the other. It comes down to universal use.

You’re going to find yourself needing a socket wrench or a pipe wrench for different projects, but an adjustable wrench might be enough for your everyday projects.

4. Pliers

Pliers are a great universal tool to have at your disposal. If you’re constantly tightening, bending, or twisting things in your home, you might have a couple pliers laying everywhere around the house.

Everyone has a pair of needle-nose pliers they use for projects with tight areas. This is a tool that you never knew you needed it until you had a job that called for one.

5. Tape Measure

“Measure twice, cut once.” It’s an old adage, but it’s one that holds true for every DIY project no matter the size. Before you take on any project, you always reach for the tape measure first.

A tape measure is a must have tool for any homeowner. A measuring tape is the most essential tool for any job or project you have lined up around the house.

If you’re cutting wood pieces for that bench, you always want to make sure your photo frames are at the right height. A measuring tape is a tool to use. Measuring tapes are simple to use but have a lot of hidden features you may not have known about.

6. Utility Knife

A utility knife comes in handy for a number of tasks. From slicing open a plastic container to cutting out the ugly rug from the living room, a utility knife can do it all.

Utility knives are a relatively cheap tool, so having multiple around the house, garage, and toolbox is a no-brainer.

7. Miter Saw

If you’re into woodworking or your DIY projects are becoming more complex, a miter saw is a must-have.

A table miter saw is just small enough to not take up any space in your garage but will pack a powerful punch to crosscut multiple wood pieces. Despite its smaller size, you can use a miter saw for large projects, or keep it simple and work on small crafts.

This might not be the tool for those wanting to maintain their home, though. This is the tool for those who are looking to install crown molding in their home on the weekends.

If the blades that came with your miter saw can’t get the job done, learn more about diamond blades from Ox Tools.

8. Jigsaw

Just like the miter saw, the jigsaw is for those weekend warriors looking to complete fun projects around the home. Though it’s used for woodworking, the jigsaw can cut through metal and veneer depending on the type of tool and blade you’re using.

What sets the jigsaw apart from the miter saw is that it allows you to make curved cuts, whereas the miter saw can only cut straight or at an angle.

Jigsaws are mainly used for thinner pieces of wood, though with the right blade you can cut through thicker slabs.

9. Power Drill

We mentioned how essential a screwdriver is to any homeowner’s toolkit, so why do you need a power drill?

For any home improvement or DIY project that calls for driving in screws through thick slabs of wood, save your energy and time with a power drill.

Use the power drill for those tough screw jobs. Maybe you need to repair that kitchen table or punch a hole in a slab of wood for a project.

Most power drill kits also come with an impact driver, which makes screwing and unscrewing screws that much easier.

10. Nail Gun

For those jobs that need a little extra power, look no further than a nail gun. You might not be putting shingles on your roof, but you might be using a nail gun to build a beautiful deck.

While a nail gun isn’t going to be a go-to for those looking to fix a couple things around the house, for home improvement junkies, this is a must-have tool.

Get Yourself These Must-Have Tools

If you don’t own a single tool listed here, go out to your local hardware store and change that. For those who own a few tools of your own, were there any must-have tools we missed?

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