How to Make a Copper Bed Frame

copper bed frame

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A bedstead or a bed frame is that part of a bed used to position the base and the mattress and may also include ways of supporting the canopy above. Bedframes are usually made of metal or wood. A bed frame entails foot, head, and side rails. In other cases, it may include slats that support the mattress, and therefore, a separate base is not required, like in the platform bed. In most cases, double-sized beds, together with the king and queen-sized beds, require center support rail with an extra length extending down to the floor.

1. Bed Frame Which Fits 160 by 200 CM Mattress

The bed manufactured carefully from quality steel, and the measurements are 14, 12 mm bars, and 24mm round profile. The head and footboard are combined with the 100/40/4 mm side angels. The analysis of the height of the footboard is around 46 cm; the height of the headboard is about 105 cm. The total length of the bed is 208 cm and a width of 168cm, and the bottom side rail is 25 cm.

2. Powder Coating

While painting beds, white or black color powder are usually used according to customer’s preference. The paint is always permanent and got a half glossy finish. Customers may request to decorate the black paint with copper or silver patina paint or even gold. Then the next step is to spray with colorless varnish to prevent the patina from fading away. Patina requires refurbishment after some years, while white or black is permanent. If you are looking to buy copper online then get to know more about them first by visiting any of the reliable websites on the internet.

3. Assembly

Assembling bed is a straightforward task. It requires no tools and takes 3 minutes to put together. It usually works based on tenon /wedge joints and mortise. The offer has a slat roll and a bed frame without decoration and mattresses, which are available at almost every furniture store.

4. Frame and Slat Roll

Slat roll for a standard is made from twelve 15 mm thick and 10 cm wide slats, which are bound together by an upholstery tape. According to customer request, a small sub charge is enough to pack the roll-up with some extra six slats. Therefore the distance between two slats is minimized to around 4 cm from the initial 7cm together with 12 slats. The side rails always have screws at the edges that hold the slat roll spread evenly, preventing it against sliding.

While using slatted frames, screws should ever be taken out. These frames should always be 1 to 3 cm narrower than the bed width and 195-200 cm in length. The metal frame is designed to be supported by the middle leg and still has adjustable height in case of a curved surface or floor. By the side rails, there is an embedded 7,5 cm mattress. The distance between the floor and the bottom of a side rail is about 25 cm. But it is possible to adjust this measure with a request from the customer. The footboard is always covered with a hammered sheet, which makes the slatted frame to be invisible from the front. In the box, there should be four rubber mats, which prevent the floor from scratching and also improving bed stability.


While one is choosing a bed frame, there some things to consider. Metal beds always give a classic shape and a structure that is slender with various styles that fit the room regardless of how it is decorated.