The Ups and Downs Of Garage Door Springs

The Ups and Downs Of Garage Door Springs

The garage door is without a doubt one of life’s great inventions. Not only does it provide the convenience that you need to quickly and easily enter the home, but it provides safety and protection. That being said, a garage door is made up of a lot of components and some of those components are the springs. If you have ever heard a spring snap it can be quite a scary experience. It sounds similar to a gunshot and in many cases it might cause the door to come crashing down. This is just one of the many ups and downs of garage door springs.

A Look At Extension Springs


An entire garage door system is actually composed of several different springs that serve extremely important functions. Just look at the extension spring. This is a type of spring that actually has the important job of lifting the garage door. These springs are attached to pulley and cable systems that move along the track of the garage door. They are located at the back of the door towards the ceiling and they are usually attached to an eyebolt. When the door is completely open there isn’t any tension on the springs, when the door is closed they are under full tension. So, you can see that these springs are constantly under pressure. When well maintained these springs should be cable of producing 10,000 lift cycles.

Different Types Of Extension Springs


DoorBoy’s garage doors are the best, but you should know that each door requires very specific extension springs. If you are looking to replace your springs on your own, you need to know that there is no universal spring. Each door will require a specific type of spring for safe and optimal operation. Choosing the wrong springs could mean that your door won’t open properly or safely. This could even result in an injury if the door puts more tension on the spring than they can handle. Extension springs are usually color coded to indicate the amount of tension that they can handle.

A Look At Torsion Garage Door Springs


Torsion springs are somewhat of a new concept, but they are critical when it comes to the proper operation of your garage door. They are typically mounted right above the door to a header and also utilize a cable and pulley system the help lift the door. However, this cable and pulley system is comprised of two drums and two cables. A single car garage door will contain one of these springs, while a double car garage door will be comprised of two. These springs are wrapped around a tight-fitting winding bar and this is how the springs are put under tension. When the door starts to lift the winding bar will twist the springs.

Under Tremendous Amounts Of Tension


One downside to the torsion springs is that they are constantly under tremendous amounts of tension. It takes special tools and knowledge to wind these springs during the installation process. However, one good thing about these springs is that when they snap they actually stay on the winding bar, which reduces the chances of injuries.

How Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for your Home Promotes Well-Being

How Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for your Home Promotes Well-Being

Certain moments in our extremely busy modern lifestyle do come up when we don’t even find time to clean our house. As an upshot of which we end up sleeping in a house that looks and feels much similar to a trash can rather than a residence. Also, it could be the case that spending innumerable hours each week cleaning the house and constantly switching between family, personal and professional life land us in a state of extreme tiredness that we are not able to give our best towards the task of cleaning our home. It is understandable fact which doesn’t really need any evidence to prove its genuineness that cleaning our home on a regular basis is necessary and extremely important in order to maintain the health and well-being of our family.

There are numerous blogs and websites on the World Wide Web that give useful insights and vital tips to clean our home properly and in much less time than what we might be devoting to the same currently. The primo of all such websites and blogs is ‘cleanuphome’ and you must visit cleanuphome blog to acquire and access pretty utilitarian and handy tips in order to organize and clean your home and free it from any kind of clutter that might be hanging around. However, if the present situation at your residence is exactly like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this post; you must consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do the task for you.

How Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service Can Give Your House a New Look & Feel?

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your house can, indeed, work out wonders for your residence.

  • Clears Up The Disease-Causing Dirt that Might not be Visible to the Naked Eye

Anything that looks clean is not necessarily clean. We might free our room from visible dirt all the time but what about the microscopic dust particles that hide disease-causing pathogens in them. They, indeed, need a professional touch to get cleared from your home.

  • Enjoy the Psychological Benefit of Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance

When you hire a professional cleaning service to do the task of cleaning your sweet home; you come back from work to a home that is cleaned and organized in all respects. This, definitely, helps you maintain that essential work-life balance which you are always failing to maintain and in the process laying out a significant amount of stress on your body and mind.

  • Make Your Home Safe & Disease Free for your Baby

If you have a baby then it becomes extremely important for you to maintain perfect cleanliness in your home as the immune system of babies takes time to develop and disease-causing pathogens are lurking everywhere in a house that is not cleaned on a regular basis. Hiring professional cleaning service will do the trick for you as already mentioned above, they clear even microscopic levels of dirt from your home.

  • Get a Shinier Bathroom that Stays Glittery

Cleaning up your bathroom is a tough task and requires utmost dedication. This is because most of the disease-causing pathogens are lurking in your dirty washroom. Professional cleaners make it sure that they clean your washroom inside out to deliver it a shine that speaks.


These are few of the major points that explain the significance of hiring professional house cleaning services. So, if you are thinking to hire one; don’t think about the cost as the work done is well-beyond the actual cost that you are paying for them.

How Can You Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger Than It Actually Is

How Can You Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger Than It Actually Is

We are often scared to decorate our bedrooms that are smaller in size, fearing that we might make our bedrooms overcrowded as well as cramped. The right kind of decorations can not only make a smaller bedroom look prettier, but also make it feel more spacious. However, this is true that the wrong decorations can make a small bedroom look congested and make it appear even smaller. Today, we will help you prevent making that dreadful mistake, and instead provide you some useful and inspirational ideas through images that we’ve displayed in order to decorate a small bedroom so that it looks bigger than actual. So let’s have a look. 

Motifs on wall

Using pure white paint on small bedrooms wall. However, the modern outlook maximizes the potential of using color as far as it goes. An example is, a white wall with a pink motif bringing life to the otherwise plain bedroom, and the delicate yet expanding design of the motif provides space to the bedroom.

Emphasizing coziness

Small bedrooms are cozy so try and emphasize on the coziness of the room by adding wooden blinds or wooden lamps and keeping the color scheme earthy as you can see pictured here.

Mirror Trick

The mirror trick is one of the oldest method in modifying a smaller room to a bigger one yet most effective. For example, if large mirrors are framed with black outline, this way the room will stand out more and add more spacious effect.

Spotlights on the ceiling

Spotlights provides two great purposes of which one is for lighting up any area and secondly making it feel more spacious, especially smaller bedrooms and areas, and the best place to install them is on the ceiling.

Match the cupboard with the wall

Cupboards usually occupy a lot of space in small bedrooms, but you can apply optical illusion with a simple trick to compensate for space taken up by the cupboard, and that illusion is to simply match the cupboard with the wall to which the cupboard needs to be attached. Also, if your floor is darker, then cover it up with a white or light hued rug, or you can even install secluded lighting on your bed just in case to give the illusion of more space to the floor. 

Pastel colors

If you can’t bare the white walls, pastel colors are a great substitute for white walls for small bedrooms. Include a colorful curtain and a bright bedspread to bring more life into the room, use color techniques wisely so a little color won’t make your bedroom smaller.

Sheer white curtains

Using sheer white curtains instead of heavy drapes maximize your windows, as heavy drapes block natural light from entering the room, and this way your room looks smaller. You can also use sheer curtains in lighter shades and tints like pink or yellow color to give your room a glowing look. 

Emphasize just a piece of decoration

Small bedrooms are not that much spacious and doesn’t have extra space for decorations so it’s best to make use of the walls instead of putting decorative pieces on floor, but with caution. For example, you can cover one wall with a big, colorful painting and put a lightening fixture up in order to emphasize it in the bedroom, diverting attention from the space. 

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen Should be on Your To-Do-List

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen Should be on Your To-Do-List

The more you live in your house, the more flaws you are able to find in it. Mostly, after living in their houses people get to know what they need to change in the house in order to live a comfortable life. Well, fortunately, change is the essence of life – literally and figuratively. When it comes to the house, the same theory applies to it as well. When room according to you is the connecting thread in the house? No, not the living room; In fact, it is the kitchen.

Remodeling of the kitchen is not just good for the look of the house but is also a great option for creating a socializing corner in your house. Following are the reasons for redesigning your kitchen for a fresh and great look.

A Healthier Space:

A designer kitchen not only enhances the look of your house but also makes your lifestyle better. A kitchen with a clean design provides the luxury of a restaurant at your home. In fact, nowadays, appliances are also according to the space that blends in beautifully. Countertops with under- cabinet lights give the kitchen a look which is all set for the evening mood.

Let Your Kitchen Lit Up with Natural Light:

Never underestimate the power of natural light. The kitchen dances in different energy when natural light is what it gets. Have huge windows that let the sun rays enter the kitchen bringing positivity and warmth along with it. A kitchen that is well lit will ensure that your guest feels great just like the homes shown in magazines. Also, you can install glass cabinets in your kitchen to showcase your style statement via dish sets.   

Revitalizing Space Along With Life:

You cannot deny the fact that the kitchen is the most used space in the house. From cooking to personal work, it is used for everything and anything. When renovating your kitchen, ensure you have space for everything – cooking, cleaning, and workspace too. Making the most of the space is what will help you to make your kitchen add a modern tinge to your life.

Cabinets Need to Be Sorted According to The Requirements:

Have you seen kitchens in which usually the countertops are filled with stuff and appliances? Well, this is a sign of poor management of space or not having enough space at all. Have durable cabinets which provide enough space for everything is must and why look anywhere when Countertops & Cabinets by Max Granite can assist you in the best possible manner. Remember, a neat and clean kitchen can either make or break the look of your entire house.

Customized Kitchen Area is in Trend!

Do not forget – when you can use space for various other purposes then it makes the space look grand and comfortable. Same is the case with your kitchen. Have you ever thought of having a U-shaped island with bar stools tagged to the other side of it? Well, if not then think it now as it can be used for chopping, placing stuff, comfortable dining table, and work area. The utmost utility is the essence of designing in any realm.

Energy Efficient Kitchens are The New Talk of The Town:

You as a consumer would not even know that your kitchen has appliances that consume a lot of electricity. Why use these when you can make a planet a better place to live. Adding insulation conductors to your house will help in suppressing the noise pollution along with keeping the temperature under control throughout the year. Water faucets that have a low-flow can help you save water up to 50% then why still have old ones in your kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Instagram Ready:

Are your kitchen walls still covered with bright colors? If yes, then you need to opt for neutral color scheme today. Remember when you renovate your kitchen, it should actually mirror your taste, preferences, and mood. Also, you need to invest in high-quality modern cabinetry. Your taste will make it to your social media profiles. Therefore, if your kitchen has a tacky look then remodeling your kitchen for you is just a total waste of time, money, and energy.

All in all, this is not just it! These are a few ideas to renovate your kitchen to give it a unique style of your own. Yes, renovating the place is such a hassle but when you have professional assistance with a designing edge mastery then you do not have to worry at all.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

A stained carpet not only looks bad but harbors germs causing diseases too. The regular cleaning will make it tidy. That is especially true in high traffic areas. Common stains like wine, tea, or blood are difficult to extract from the floor without the best carpet cleaner.

The best cleaning tool transforms the tedious work into a light one. When you work on the stain as soon as it occurs, it will come out without leaving a trace behind on your expensive carpet.

Here are three best such cleaners to consider.

Top Three Best Portable Carpet Reviews

1. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded

Bissell, a reputed company in designing carpet cleaners lives up to its name in the portable carpet cleaner. It gives you the compact and 5.7 amperes rated powerful spot cleaner. With its 22feet power cord and the hose length of four feet, you can reach further than most cleaners support.  In addition, it works efficiently on most stains and spills owing to the strong suction action. The company even provides a two-year warranty on the product!

When cleaning a room, you don’t have to move it from one socket to another. It can stretch to a distance of 26 feet away. That makes it easier to reach all the corners of most rooms without dragging your cleaner all the time.

Remember those tight places hard to reach? Not anymore with Bissell 3624; the 3-inch cleaning brush takes care of that. Otherwise, when cleaning the spacious area the 6-inch brush becomes appropriate

At one fill of the ¾ gallon water tank, you get extended cleaning time before the next refill. That limits the time wastage of making several trips to refill the water tank.

Considering its 13lbs lightweight, moving the portable carpet cleaner from one room to the other becomes a simple task. Moreover, it’s fitted with a supportive handle. Both the dirty and clean water tanks have flat bottoms and supportive handles too. That gives them much balance on the floor during refill.

The portable cleaner works efficiently on both loose and stubborn stains. That’s due to the effective cleaning solution, powerful suction action combined with the scrubbing brushes. Even the most stubborn stains won’t withstand the Bissell 3624.

When you are through with cleaning, its compact size allows the equipment to occupy a small space. Even the hose and the power cord folds excellently in place. In addition, you can also use it to clean different places like the carpet, stairs, and automotive interior


  • Cleans a wide variety of stains like blood, wine, and tea
  • Has the high capacity 3/4 gallon water tank
  • Flat bottom for improved balance
  • Far-reaching power cable, 22 feet in length


  • To an extent, it’s noisy during operation
  • It could have been more efficient if the brush employed rotary cleaning principle

2. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

Hoover carpet washer FH50150 provides hard to ignore features. Think of how far you can reach with its 20 feet power cable and eight feet hose. What of its Dual nozzle, forced heated air technology and automatic detergent mixing? The Hoover carpet cleaner promises to revolutionize your cleaning into an enjoyable task. The two-year manufacturer’s warranty further confirms its quality design.

The equipment employs the forced heated air technology. The forced hot air aids in loosening, uplifting and removing the most stubborn stains. Moreover, it also enhances the quick drying of the carpet surface. The automatic detergent mixing not only guarantees the correct mix but saves time too.

The smart tank system limits the chances of creating a mess during filling or emptying time. The quick pour spout recovery tank is thus designed with that in mind. The Dual s nozzle, on the other hand, helps for faster and efficient cleaning.
When you plug in the Hoover Fh50150 into a power outlet, you can reach the furthest places of a room. Thanks to the 20 feet power cable and the eight feet hose. With the dual tank technology, the dirty and clean water are kept separately.


  • Fast drying action due to the forced heated air technology
  • Automated detergent mixing
  • Weighs just 19lbs thus portable


  • At times the brushes get stuck
  • Short hose length

3. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Do cleaning high traffic areas on your carpet give you hard time? Let the Rug doctor spot cleaner help you. The compactly constructed carpet cleaner uses the motorized brush.  The result is fast and efficient work.  Its cleaning action doesn’t depend on steam or heat thus it doesn’t damage your carpet

Even the stubborn pet stain will easily give way to the rug doctor’s carpet cleaner. The motorized brush, that spins at 1200 times per minute aids to remove tough stains. Although the equipment weighs about 20lbs, the retractable handle and the carpet-friendly wheels make it easy to move from one place to the other.

The 64oz water tanks are easy to remove for example during the cleaning exercise. The portable carpet cleaner promises two times the suction power than the ordinary tools.

In addition to cleaning carpets, the rug doctor has many alternative uses. That includes car seats, couches and pet beds. In all those places it will extract different types of stains like coffee stains, pet stains or wine spills.


  • Uses the motorized brush
  • Has the retractable handle for easier pulling of the portable cleaner
  • Can clean many types of surfaces
  • Employs dual easy to remove water tanks
  • Powerful suction


  • Has a general weight of about 20lbs which is heavier.
  • It lacks water heating action


The secret to removing stains on the carpet is having the best tool. In addition, you should clean out any mess on the floor as soon as it occurs. So if you choose an excellent cleaning tool like Bissell 3624 no stain will be too difficult to remove. Its high suction capability and the long power cable will benefit you most. For some more suggestion check out this extensive guide on

Image Source: New Africa / Shutterstock