4 Creative Ways to Use Your Garage Space

Ways to Use Your Garage Space

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Every homeowner appreciates having a garage. In fact, properties with a garage are much more valuable than those without any indoor parking spaces. However, it’s easy to accept a common scheme. If you have a garage, you probably see it as a parking and storage space while it can be so much more than that!

In this article, we invite you to think outside the box and make your garage even more functional. Here, you’ll find four interesting ideas on how to reorganize your space to make the most of your garage. It’s an extremely versatile place with tons of potential. If you want, you can transform it into almost anything you need, especially if you have limited space at your home. Keep on reading to find out how to use and upgrade your garage space for optimal functionality and comfort.

1. Functional Storage Space

People like to own things, and it’s natural that we tend to accumulate various objects over time. Many of them use their garages to store tools, furniture, large pieces of equipment, and other things that don’t have to be kept at home at all times. However, they often do it wrong. If you keep shoving stuff you don’t use on a daily basis into your garage without any order or purpose in mind, you’ll end up with piles of unused items. Think about it: Christmas decorations, garage door springs you wanted to install ages ago but never had the time, garden tools, spare chairs, all tossed inside and laying around, making it hard to walk in and get to your car. Your garage will be dusty, messy, and chaotic, and you’ll never be able to find the thing you need at the moment. If you think it has already happened to you, it’s not too late to change that!

Give your garage a makeover to make it more functional and organized. Invest in garage cabinets and shelves, use the walls’ space, and don’t forget about the ceiling. If it’s high enough, you can install a ceiling storage system. Don’t just toss things into your garage and forget about them. Make sure every item has its place.

2. Hobby Room and Workshop

Are you an artsy or a crafty person? If yes, then you probably know that using certain tools at home is not a good idea. Nobody will appreciate you sawing through wood or hammering in the middle of the room, painting carelessly, or playing loud instruments. Fortunately, you don’t have to abandon your passions and hobbies to keep the peace with people who live with you.

If your garage is big enough to fit in your car and still has extra space, fill it with items that will let you engage in your hobbies. Get a workshop table and install cabinets or shelves to keep your tools or art supplies organized. In your garage, you can get as messy as you want – just remember to clean everything afterwards.

3. Additional Room

This one may be more challenging. However, if you feel like your home is too small, you may be tempted to convert your garage into a living space. Sure, you’ll lose your indoor parking spot, but if you have other alternatives and you could really use another room, then it will be worth it.

Your garage has huge potential and can be transformed into any room you need. You can make another bedroom, a guest room, a playroom, a study room, a home office, or a living room from it and even add a bathroom. Keep in mind that the changes you’ll have to make will be significant, and the costs will increase accordingly. Nevertheless, you can try going the DIY route if you want to save some money.

4. Garage Gym or Fitness Studio

Everyone should exercise regularly, and yet not everyone likes going to the gym, paying for the membership, and getting back home when it’s cold, dark, or because of every other imaginable excuse. Having a gym at home definitely seems like a more convenient and cost-effective solution. If you don’t have a spare room and don’t want to put gym equipment in the middle of your living room, your garage might be perfect to set up your own fitness oasis.

We bet your garage is spacious enough to fit in some exercise machines. You’ll have even more free space if you keep it organized and implement some smart storage ideas. You may want to install rubber gym flooring for better comfort or invest in shock mats if you’re into weight lifting. Pick any type of gym equipment you feel like using and begin the fitness journey from the comfort of your own garage. It’s close, convenient, and you can use it any time you want without a membership and dealing with other gym rats.

Before You Begin Your Remodel

If you want to go through with your garage remodel, make sure everything you do is legal. It depends on your project’s scale and whether you’ll be changing the way you use your parking and storage space. In case the changes you want to introduce are small, for example, you only want to reorganize your garage to have more storage space or buy some furniture and tools to set up a workshop, you won’t have to notify the authorities. If, on the other hand, you’d like to transform your garage into a living space, you’ll need building and conversion permits.

Zoning and legal regulations differ depending on the state. That’s why, before you proceed with your project, you should contact an appropriate department and ask for more information. If you end up needing a building permit, you’ll also have to pay a fee, which may increase the overall costs. Nevertheless, it’s always better to do things in a fully legal way.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, your garage is an extremely convenient and versatile space. If you feel like you’re not using it to its full potential, consider implementing some of the ideas mentioned above to make it more functional. You may even want to completely remodel your garage, especially if your home could use an additional room.

Regardless of the scale of any potential remodeling projects regarding your garage, remember to check if you need any building permits. Then, set up a budget and start planning your garage upgrades. If you feel confident with your handyman skills, you may even do the most challenging projects by yourself. Put real effort into planning and preparation, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result.