5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Mattress Clean

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Maintaining the cleanliness of a mattress is an essential aspect of bedroom etiquette.

Often neglected in routine cleaning, here are five easy steps to keep your mattress clean.

For a comprehensive cleaning job, you can always engage a mattress cleaning Singapore company for a hassle free cleaning. Otherwise here is a list of how you can DIY.

1. Take off and Wash All the Bedding

Strip the bed of all pillowcases, mattress covers and sheets, and put them in a washing machine. Proceed to wash all bedding in hot water, as the heat will eliminate all dust mites, dead skin and general germs. Once washed, leave the bedding out to dry completely, or place in the dryer for a quick spin cycle.

2. Thoroughly Vacuum the Mattress

Whilst all the bedding is drying, thoroughly vacuum the entire mattress. It is important to vacuum not only the surface itself, but the sides and headboard also, as these accumulate dust over time. Ensure all crevices and grooves are not missed, and adjust the vacuum attachment to reach difficult areas.

3. Air Out Mattress or Sprinkle Baking Soda Evenly on the Surface

If the mattress is unable to be placed in the sun or fresh air for a long period of time, baking soda should be used to ensure cleanliness. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the entire surface area, and let it sit for several hours or overnight. Baking soda acts as an absorbing agent, eliminating any remaining odour or moisture. Once applied, open all windows and doors to allow the air and sunshine in. By doing so, the UV rays from the sun will kill the remaining bacteria and mould on the mattress.

4. Flip the Mattress

Flipping the mattress is the next step in ensuring both the longevity and cleanliness of the mattress over time. After flipping, the previous steps should be followed in exactly the same manner to ensure both sides of the mattress are cleaned equally. Flipping the mattress should be done often, as the surface will compress over time and flipping ensures both sides will be evenly used as the years pass. As a general rule, the mattress should be flipped every three months.

5. Protect the Mattress Moving Forward

After all previous steps are completed, the protection of the mattress should be priority. Once fully dry, place a fitted mattress protector over the entire mattress to protect it from this point forward. This step will increase the life of the mattress and enable an easier cleaning experience in the future. The mattress protector will form a protective layer between dirt, spillages, bacteria and mould against the raw mattress moving forward. Dust mites are also unable to settle into the crevices of the mattress with a protective cover, which can be ideal for individuals suffering from asthma, allergies or general difficulties in breathing.

Keeping your mattress clean is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy living space. It is important to continually clean and maintain a healthy area to sleep on, and by doing so, will not only extend the life of the mattress, but ensure the overall wellbeing of the individual on a nightly basis.

How To Clean A Mattress