5 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

5 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Bedroom lights should be more than just pretty to look at – it has to be functional any time of night while also ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. This means that a single overhead chandelier won’t do. 

The best setup is one with several types of bedroom light fixtures, each with their own purpose. Think of under bed strip lighting, a night stand lamp, an eye catching ceiling light and extra lights near your closets.

Learn more about different lighting options and how to apply them in LED Light Guides then draw inspiration for your new modern bedroom décor with these 5 bedroom light ideas. 


1. LED Strip Lighting for Sleek Minimalism


LED Strip Lighting for Sleek MinimalismIf you are the type of person that cannot stand clutter in the bedroom, incorporating a minimalist design aesthetic will do wonders. It gives you a sense of calm, making it much easier for you to relax before it is time to lay your head down at night.

LED strip lighting fits in perfectly with this design approach because the strips blend in seamlessly with the existing furniture. It creates a more streamlined appearance which instantly makes your furniture look more luxurious.

Showing this bedroom transformation instantly upgrades you to expert status. However, it is a lot easier to accomplish than the incredible final result suggests.

Shop for LED light strips that are self-adhesive so that you can simply stick them unto the surfaces where you want them. Smart placements are along the bottom of the bed, along the sides of the headboard, the inside edges of closet doors or even along baseboards for those late night trips to the bathroom.

Expert tip: look for a strip light that you can cut without damaging the electric circuit. This makes it much easier to install exactly where and how you want it.


2. DIY Headboard with Lights


DIY Headboard with Lights

If you have knack for home projects, building your very own headboard is a great new challenge. You can create any design that you want using your favorite colors and materials to perfectly match the rest of the room.

Alternatively, start with a smaller scale home decoration project by installing lights on a wooden headboard. Wooden headboards work best because it has the most sound structure for DIYing but you can also try something similar with an upholstered or wrought iron headboard.

For example, you can wrap LED fairy lights around a wrought iron headboard or installing LED battery powered puck lights above an upholstery or leather headboard for a modern look.

An even quicker hack is shopping for clip-on headlamps. These are essentially desk lamps with handy clip at the end so you can attach it to any surface and simply plug it into a regular wall outlet – minimal effort required.


3. Dramatic Contemporary Chandeliers


Dramatic Contemporary Chandeliers

Want more luxury in the bedroom? An element that never fails to make a room feel more lavish is well-designed chandelier.

The classic chandelier has lots of crystals with the main structure usually being a precious metal like silver or bronze but this aesthetic takes away from a modern bedroom. Instead, look for contemporary chandelier designs that are more minimalist with unusual shapes and stainless steel or wrought iron as the main material.

Even though these types of chandeliers are more modern, they still carry the same drama as its antique counterparts. The key is in matching the rest of the light fixtures in the room to the main ceiling light.

Once you have chosen your favorite chandelier, look for night stand lamps with similar elements as the star piece. For example, the same materials, same colors or even as little as the same general design aesthetic.

Furniture and decorative pieces don’t have to match perfectly within a modern aesthetic. In fact, the slight differences add fun quirkiness to the overall look.


4. A Different Kind of Art


A Different Kind of Art

A pendant light, also known as a suspender or drop, is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. It is a great way to add dimension to any room and is enough of a focal point to replace artwork, if done in a creative manner.

Choose a matching element, for example Edison bulbs, colored glass or a geometric shape, and pick out different pendant lights that have that same element. Hang these at different lengths from the ceiling and voilà – you have ceiling art.

With a little handiwork, you can also match the overhead lighting to your bedside light. Choose a pendant lamp with a longer flexible cord and fix the cord to the wall in an interesting shape – a bare bulb style lamp works best for this.

You can also create a faux headboard with them. Buy a set of the same pendant lights and install them to frame the top of your bed.


5. Enhance Natural Lighting with Mirrors


Enhance Natural Lighting with Mirrors

Every architect, interior designer and even make-up artist for that matter will tell you that nothing goes above natural lighting. So, how do you bring in more natural lighting without having to call the contractor to install a ceiling light?

Fortunately, there are several interior design hacks that you can apply to your bedroom to make it feel more airy and bright. A few clever placements of LED daylight temperature light bulbs and mirrors already goes a long way.

There are two spots to place mirrors to create the illusion of more light. The first spot is next to the windows at a slight angle so that you can see the breezy outdoors by looking at the mirror, too.

The next spot is facing your artificial lighting so that the light from the light fixture reflects back into the rest of the room. For example, place a smaller mirror behind your bedside lamps and larger mirrors on the wall to reflect the light the ceiling lamp.

Pro-tip: place starburst lights near the mirrors by the window to mimic a reflection of a starry night.