5 Best Home Remodeling Improvements to Make Before Selling

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Are you looking to improve the look of your home before you sell it?

A well-presented home with a modern, neutral feel goes a long way in attracting buyers. It can add thousands to your asking price too. But when you’re selling, you might not want to do too many improvements as it can be expensive.

Read on for our list of the best value home remodeling improvements to make before you sell your home.

1. Tidy the Grounds

Your garden is the first thing people see. A potential buyer will form their judgment of your home within 30 seconds.

Here’s how to boost your curb appeal and lure in those buyers:

  • Add pops of color with seasonal flowers, annuals or perennials
  • De-weed, water and fertilize your yard
  • Mow your lawn properly on a regular basis
  • Mulch and edge your lawn

It’ll only cost around a couple of hundred bucks to get a landscaper in. They can plant for you, and give the yard a tidy up.

2. Clean or Re-Paint Walls

Cleaning the walls with the right tools, or giving them a re-paint can change the look of your home in a big way. When picking your colors, choose wisely. A few good ideas are using:

  • Browns in the living room
  • Pale blue in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Slate grey/blues in dining rooms
  • Cadet or teal blue in bedrooms
  • Navy blue for your front door

If you’re on a budget, only do the kitchens and bathrooms as these are priorities for buyers. Then you can go over the rest of the walls and just give them a good cleaning to save money.

3. Change Lighting Fixtures

If your home is plagued by dull, recessed lighting you should consider replacing it. Brilliant chandeliers or centrally-fitted lighting is a good choice as it’ll brighten the room.

Swap out any old bulbs for ones with the correct voltage. You could update fixtures and bulbs to energy-efficient ones if you have the means as this will go a long way with today’s more eco-conscious buyers. Tread lighting and under-cabinet lighting are trending now and give a high-end finish.

4. Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Most buyers will put a lot of consideration into the kitchen. A few low-cost cosmetic improvements to your kitchen can go a long way in approving its appeal.


This goes well for any room in the house. Remove any personal items. This allows potential buyers a chance to picture themselves living there.

Clean Countertops

Check your countertops for damage such as cracks or nicks and old grouting. If you spot any damage, fix it up. Sand and oil them down if needed, and make sure they’re clean and free of clutter.

If you don’t have the means for renovating, consider a cash home buyer service. Google “we’ll buy any house” to find one in your area.

5. Replace and Renew Old Flooring

Flooring will often be spotted first by buyers and will go a long way in forming their opinions. But over time, flooring can become damaged and worn, which can turn buyers off your home.

For your non-carpeted floors, you can get solutions to renew them from flooring stores for a small cost. For worn and stained carpets, it will pay off if you replace them. Or if they can be salvaged, have them cleaned by a professional.

The Best Value Home Remodeling Improvements for Your Home

So there you have it! You now know the best value home remodeling improvements to make before you sell up.

Keep things simple, and clean up what you can. Fix any damage to tiling, countertops, and walls and give them a re-paint to freshen things up. Replace or resurface worn-out flooring too.

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