Give Your Bedroom A Better Sleep Make-Over

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The feeling of being well rested in the morning seems more like a privilege that very few people have. Many of us complain about sleeping badly and waking up even more tired in the morning, but no one seems to be doing anything to stop such torture. Take a good look at your bedroom and see how it makes you feel. If you don’t like the looks of it, then it is the time for a make-over.

No Bright Lights

Bright daylight is good for lighting up the room during the day, but it can greatly disturb your sleep. In the morning, when the sun starts rising, our bodies get the cue that is time to wake up, even though the alarm is far from going off. That is why you need to make the room darker and more soothing. In order to minimize the natural light that comes inside invest in blackout liners or draperies in darker colors and keep the light out. You can also install dimmer switches for your lighting fixtures and control the lights whenever you need to go to bed.

Ban Electronics

Today, we all depend on technology too much. We watch TV, use laptops and smartphones right before going to bed, but we are not realizing how much that affects our sleep. So, if you want to sleep better, ban any electronics in the bedroom. Don’t use the smartphone in your bed, leave the laptop for your office or the living room, and avoid watching TV right before the bed. Electronics are a major distraction when we want to sleep, especially if the notifications keep on buzzing during the whole night. Consider your bedroom as a peaceful place to sleep rather than the extension of your office.

Focus on Your Bed

Your bed is your sanctuary of sleep and it should be soothing, clean and comfortable. In order to keep it that way, you need to consider a few things. The first thing is finding the mattress that suits your needs and preferences. One of the best options is investing in a quality mattress to provide good back support. Also, you might want to replace the mattress regularly, because old mattresses don’t provide such good back support and develop dust mites that get harder to get rid of. Although this might sound quite  expensive, it actually don’t need to be. There is seasonal mattress sale where you can find great mattresses for less money. Next, choose quality pillows and bedding. Opt for high-thread-count sheets, duvet cover, plush comforter and any other pieces you want to make the bed more personal and inviting.

The Smells

Smell of your bedroom can affect your sleep as well. It is far more satisfying and relaxing to sleep on a bed that smells nice and soothing so make sure to change and wash the sheets at least once a week. Also, decorate the bedroom with a few fake plants to filter the air and let their flowers fill the room with sweet aroma that will put you to sleep more easily. If you need a bit more sweet smells, you can add a few drops of rosewater when cleaning the linens and sleep like a baby each night. The cleaner your bedroom feels and smells the better sleep and rest you will have.

No Clutter Policy

Clutter in your bedroom is probably the most distracting and unnerving thing. If you think that once you fall asleep the clutter “goes away” you are wrong; a messy bedroom will still affect you. The things you keep in the bedroom should be minimized to necessities and nothing should be placed under or around the bed. This room needs to breathe, so make sure to eliminate any distractions, such as clothes hanging around, cables, chairs etc. Keep it simple, close the wardrobe and all of your exercising equipment, technology and other items should be stored in other rooms.

The bedroom should exude peaceful and calm atmosphere so you could get a good night’s sleep. Rearrange the furniture a bit if necessary, provide the means of darkening the room and keep it fresh and clean. With all this done, the quality of your sleep will increase.