5 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Kitchen Water Filter Replaced

kitchen water filter

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Did you now that in 2015 almost 21 million Americans were drinking water that violated health standards? Water is important to our healthy life, it is vital that we can ensure that it is clean and uncontaminated.

Many of us can benefit from kitchen water filter systems. However, problems can arise when this technology ages.

How do you know when filters need to be replaced? Check out our in-depth guide below.

1. Its Lifecycle is Complete

The best time to replace your filter is when the manufacturer states its lifecycle is complete. Often this is a maximum of 6 months, but it can be longer or shorter.

Since water usage varies per household, the passing of time is not always an accurate measurement. Generally, the life cycle of a filter is dependent on the amount of water that has passed through it. This is often measured in gallons.

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2. You Have Hard Water

A major factor regarding the lifespan of your filter is the hardness of your water supply. The effect of hard water on filters is well documented.

If you have hard water that has a high content of minerals, over time scale will build up in filters. Even though the filter itself may be in good condition it is rendered useless because it becomes filled with limescale.

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3. Odors that Hang Around

If you notice a consistent bad smell coming from your sink, it may be time to change the filter.

The smell may come from a variety of causes. However, the filter should aid in blocking the smells before they reach the kitchen. If a smell hangs around for longer than it should, it is probably time to change the filter.

4. When the Pressure Drops or Stops Altogether

Replacing the water filter is not only going to give you cleaner water, but it can also improve the efficiency of the water system entirely.

Over time the filter can become clogged up with limescale or other matter in the pipes. This prevents water from flowing freely. You may notice that the pressure will slowly fall or even stop altogether.

Before assuming that this is a bigger problem and calling the plumber, stop to see whether this could be a simple blocked filter.

5. The Water is Discolored

Many people panic when they see discolored water. however, there is generally no need to worry too much. There are many reasons for the discoloration of water. Many are not as serious as wastewater contamination.

One reason could be that the filter needs to be changed. the filter may have been clogged with lime and the water is not being filtered as efficiently as it should be.

Replacing a water filter regularly can be time-consuming. A faster and effective way to get around this is to hire professionals who will care for it. there are no doubt many local professionals such as https://www.filtap.com.au/central-coast-water-filters/ who can do this quickly and cheaply.

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