5 Ways to Cut Costs When Moving to a New Home

cut moving costs

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Moving to a new home, whether it’s your first time or not, is stressful. One study says that moving is more stressful than a divorce, and that’s saying something.

As well as the physical stress, many movers are shocked by how expensive moving can be. If you’re preparing to move, here are some ways to cut costs.

1. Call in Family and Friends to Help

Moving can be so expensive because you’re employing an outsider to help with packing. They require a living wage, so there are considerable costs involved when using a service like this.

However, with 50% of millennials saying they’re moving back in with mom and dad after college, the next generation of movers should have plenty of people to help.

You may also want to ask family members and friends if they have any spare boxes for you to use.

2. Sell What You Don’t Really Need

The first reaction of someone moving is to pack everything they have into boxes. But the more stuff you have the more expensive it is to move it.

Consider whether you really need to take everything. Sell what you can and donate the rest of it. Be pickier about what you take if you’re moving across the country.

3. Shop Around for Professional Movers

Not every mover was created equal. Shop around for different professional movers and see what quotes you get. The moving market is worth $18 billion, so there’s no shortage of companies to choose from.

But don’t just opt for the cheapest movers possible. Use reputable companies like Premiere Van Lines that has a long history of serving their community

You don’t want to employ a mover who’s going to drop your prized possessions, do you?

4. Pack Everything Yourself

If you don’t have much to take, consider packing everything yourself. If you follow some basic rules of common sense when packing more fragile items, there’s no reason why you can’t gather some boxes and tape everything up.

Of course, for more complex items, it’s well worth getting a professional to help you with that.

5. Be Prepared on Moving Day

Most moving companies are working on the clock. If there are any unforeseen complications and it takes an extra hour to complete the packing, you’re paying for that extra hour.

Help your moving guys by being prepared on the day of the move. Have all your supplies ready and declutter your home before they arrive.

Last Word – Cutting Moving Costs Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

You don’t have to do anything special to cut moving costs. Pinpointing where the major costs of moving are, and planning can eliminate most of the major expenses.

However, don’t let cost cutting get in the way of quality. Moving can cause chaos and you need someone who can take control of the situation. A professional moving company will keep everything organized and ensure your belongings arrive at your destination safely.

How are you cutting the costs of moving?