5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

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It happens to the best of us. You come home from work one day and you just can’t get relaxed. You look around and realize it’s because your home is so cluttered that it’s beginning to affect your mental health.

When this happens, it’s past time to declutter your home. Now, this can be an overwhelming prospect, but with the following tips to get rid of junk, you can make the task much easier on yourself.

1. Make a Checklist

The first step in your decluttering journey is to make a checklist. Write down every room in your home that could use a cleanup, as well as the categories of items that you know could be pared down.

Your list will be specific to you and your home, but a few common categories include kitchen glassware, magazines, makeup, and user manuals.

2. Don’t Rush the Process

The best way to tackle any task as large as decluttering your home is to break it into pieces. Break it into smaller and smaller tasks until you no longer feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing them.

If your goal is to clear your house of all clutter, you need to take it slow. Take 5 minutes out of every day to declutter a small section of a single room.

Or sort 1 item a day. Yes, decluttering will take longer, but it will be much easier to manage.

3. Sort All of Your Belongings

Continuing with the idea of sorting your belongings, let’s talk about the best way to do so. Place 4 large boxes in each room and label them as such: keep, donate, relocate, and trash.

When you’re going through each room, leave no stone unturned. In other words, sort every single item you own, and don’t leave anything out. As you pick up each item, give yourself a moment or two to decide which box it belongs to, and then put it in and move on.

Keep all of the like boxes together once you get through a room. It will make junk removal smoother. Take a look at Home On Call’s website for more info.

4. Ask for Help

Sorting through your own belongings can be extremely difficult. This is particularly true with items that hold sentimental value or those that you’ve had for so long it feels as though they’re part of your home (even if they have no real purpose). And that’s okay!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling to get through the decluttering process. An objective eye from a friend or family member can help you see more clearly.

5. Document Your Progress

When you’re in the middle of decluttering, whether you’re preparing to downsize or just want to live more simply, it can feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. However, this most likely isn’t the case.

To remind yourself of how far you’ve come, document your progress as you go! Take before and after pictures of each section of each room as you move through them. That way, you’ll have something to reference when you’re feeling discouraged.

It’s Time to Declutter Your Home

If you’re reading this list, the time to declutter your home is now. And if you take it slow and work through your home room by room, item by item, you’ll find that decluttering isn’t as bad as you previously thought. You might even find it a relaxing, stress-relieving experience!

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