6 Ways to Make Your Bed Efficiently

make your bed efficiently

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It doesn’t matter if you are a morning person or not, whether or not you are a cleanliness freak, there is one thing everybody has got to do and that’s to make your bed after a sound sleep. It can be a lethargic job to do but you sure don’t have an alternative unless your innovative mind has a robot to do the work for you. Now, that you are at it, why not just know a few extra deeds about your making your bed efficiently and make it not only look aesthetic but is also easy to do and in less time.

1. Getting the Orientation of The Bedsheet Right

Most of us are often confused about which side of the bedsheet should be spread over in what orientation and this can be solved with a very simple trick. Though it is bound to work with most brands it doesn’t guarantee the fact. The tag on the bedsheet should align with the bottom right corner of the mattress and you have the perfect fit for your mattress. You already have your first step figured so let’s move ahead.

2. Tuck In The Bedsheet Neatly

All the curves and turns that you took while you were asleep would have been very comfortable at night but would annoy you the most when you have to make up for your mess. Tucking in the bedsheet can be tiresome and you are not often satisfied with the work you did. There are common methods of tucking the bedsheet like using a mattress pad, making hospital corners and not leaving any wrinkles, well simply because they are ugly. Don’t forget to spread the sheet evenly before beginning to tuck it in.

3. Don’t Miss the Pillow Covers

Now, that you are done with the mattress, the next big item on the list is a pillow. If you are a person who uses a lot of pillows then you might be in for a toss but not to worry because we have you covered. The pillow covers should be a perfect fit to the pillow and shouldn’t look too baggy. Fold the extra fabric if left any after covering the pillow towards the inside to make it look neater.

4. The Top Rug or Blanket

The top rug or the blanket that you use to cover yourself at night has to be placed the way you like it. However, it will need partial or complete folding, after all, it is not just a sleeping bag. You can either tuck it in or partially fold it and leave it hanging from the sides. It is more of a personal preference than a technique. You can also give it a layered look and give more of a depth feel to your bed but folding it in like waves on a shore.

5. Decorate Your Bed

After you are done setting up the essentials on your bed in a neat manner it is time to make it look more aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. Set up the pillows in different ways to make it look prettier. You can also place fancy decorated cushions or soft toys in front of the pillows to give your bed a better look. Your hard work should be paid off and this last step is your credit for it.

6. Common Mistakes While Making Your Bed

There are many common mistakes that you do while making your bed which steals away its efficiency and purpose. The first of it is not even making your bed daily. You need to cover your pillows with the inside out technique which makes things easier and efficient. Also, all the sheets and fabrics should be ironed to not leave any wrinkles and make things neater.

Now, that you know what exactly is required to make your bed in the morning a success you should now have enough motivation to follow it. It will not only make things a tad bit neater but will also provide you with a touch of satisfaction and comfort.