9 Dreamy Coastal Bedroom Ideas for Master or Guest Rooms


One of the biggest reasons that people enjoy being by the water so much is that it gives our brains a rest

The restful state that water can put us in helps calm both our mind and body. Even if you don't live near the ocean, you can still live a calm life with a water-inspired bedroom. 

Continue reading to discover unique ideas when designing a coastal bedroom for yourself and guests! 

1. Ocean Sunset 

One of the most relaxing coastal bedroom ideas is to create a room inspired by a sunset over the ocean.

An ocean sunset includes various shades of blue and green in the water. Other colors to include are pinks, oranges, and reds. A combination of these colors will help the room look calming. 

Many houses for sale already utilize some of these colors in bedrooms. If you have an orange or blue room, you can easily transform it into a spectacular sunset. Don't be afraid to get creative. 

You can include seashells and sand to help pull the room together and transport people to the ocean. 

2. Go Green 

Not all coastal bedrooms are inspired by boats. Some are inspired by the jungles and trees located in coastal areas.

Palm trees and rubber-like plants that are exotic can turn a dull room into everyone's favorite place. You can include all sorts of live and fake plants in the room. Don't forget to include some blues that will help calm you from the ocean. 

If you want to add pops of color into the room you can include colorful flowers and pineapples. 

3. Simple Nautical Theme

Those that want a simple room that doesn't involve too much detail should consider doing a simple nautical theme.

You can include nautical and beach-inspired colors such as white, blue, and reds. White window curtains and paint in the background can brighten up the room and make it feel like an island getaway. 

4. Use Your Views

If you live on the coast and want your home to match the environment, you can easily use your views to decorate a bedroom.

Any home with an ocean or water view should include many windows that can be opened. Having the view of the water in the background with white-colored walls can help make a small space look larger and also be calming. 

To get the most of your views, try incorporating other colors that you see outside into the bedroom. Doing this will make it feel like you are out there! 

5. Seashells by the Seashore 

If you are looking for a simple and beautiful idea for your master or guest bedroom, seashells are the answer.

You can find a variety of seashell inspired decorations for a bedroom. Many people use seashell centerpieces on dresses and nightstands. A bedroom with tan colored carpet would be perfect for a seashell room because it resembles the sand. 

Include as many types of seashells in the room as you would like. You can even gather some each time you go to the beach and include memories in the bedroom. 

6. Rustic Beach 

Not all coastal themes for the bedroom much include seashells or ropes.

You can create a rustic beach look with old driftwood, real wood, and white accents. This look is perfect for a cottage and is simple to create. You can utilize things from nature to help decorate the home and give it a rustic feel. 

Browns, whites, and grays are good colors to emphasize when doing a rustic theme. 

7. Let Your Knotty Side Show

Letting your knotty-side show in the bedroom can be fun and a great way to decorate.

Buying old boat ropes and buoys and including them in the bedroom can be a cool idea. You can learn how to do all of the nautical knots used by fishermen and captains. 

The Cleat Hitch is one of the most commonly known knots used in the nautical world. It is used to tie up a boat and keep it from floating off into the water. 

8. Stop by the Pier

For some people, a coastal theme for a bedroom is based on the impressive piers.

If you want to design a fun and uplifting room for guests, a coastal pier theme is perfect. You can utilize bright colors and vintage signs to give a unique look with history and memories. 

Try to think of a specific pier when decorating to help you come up with ideas and pull it all together. 

9. Show Your Boat

Some people love their boats so much that they want them to be inside the home as well. 

Luckily for them, a boat inspired bedroom is a popular idea that people are using everywhere! A boat-themed room is perfect for a guest room. You can decorate with nautical ropes, a steering wheel, and snapshots of boats in the water. 

If you have a boat you can put up pictures of it in this room. Going in the guest room will make you feel like you are out on the water even if it's 30 degrees outside.

Those looking to get creative can put a water bed in the room to give the experience of sleeping on the water! 

The Coastal Bedroom You've Always Dreamed of 

Many people associate the ocean and water with feelings of comfort and calmness. 

Designing a coastal bedroom can be simple with the use of this guide. You can set sail to relaxation with a sunset-inspired bedroom. Otherwise, you can take the boat out to sea in your dreams and bedroom with a boat-inspired theme. 

Guests will love sleeping in a room with open windows and bright colors. It will help make waking up an enjoyable experience for once. 

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