Should You Commit to a Maintenance Plan for AC?

AC Maintenance Plan

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As a homeowner, you have often heard that you should get an HVAC maintenance plan. You may think that your AC is in tip-top shape and why you should be bothered about the maintenance plan. In this AC repair Fort Worth guide, I will explain why you should opt for an HVAC maintenance plan and how it can help you get superior performance from your cooling unit.

AC Repair Fort Worth: Is Having a Regular AC Maintenance Plan Worth It?

Ensures Superior IAQ

There is a misconception among homeowners that the AC only keeps their space cool and comfortable. But apart from keeping your house cool, it also keeps the indoor air quality in check. For this, it has an air filter. The primary function of this is to prevent foreign particles from entering your house. However, as it blocks foreign particles, it gets clogged in no time. It is more accurate if you live close to an industrialized area or in a city.

If you don’t replace the filter, it will block the airflow of the cooling unit. As a result, your A/C will have to function longer to produce the cooling, which will eventually increase energy consumption. Moreover, your AC ducts will get filled with bacteria and other foreign particles. And when the treated air passes through the air ducts, these foreign particles will get mixed with the produced air and cause air pollution in your house. If you breathe such air, it is likely that you’ll soon find yourself in the ER. Besides, it can trigger various respiratory diseases. This is why it is so crucial to keep the AC filter clean.

Usually, it is advised to change the filter every 50-60 days. But sometimes, changing the filter in a timely manner can be challenging and time-consuming for many homeowners. Also, it is crucial to install the filter correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the benefit of cleaning or replacing the AC filter timely. Here, an HVAC maintenance plan will come into play.

Under this AC maintenance, an HVAC expert will do all these for you. Moreover, he will check the AC thoroughly, and if he finds any issues in the cooling system, he will repair them. This way, you’ll have a high-performing A/C throughout the year.

Helps to Keep the A/C Warranty Intact

Most manufacturers include the clause of having an HVAC maintenance plan while selling the AC to the homeowners. Without following this, homeowners will void their warranty, and the AC manufacturer company won’t be responsible for any future damages.

With the HVAC warranty, you can repair the cooling unit at the manufacturer’s expense. Usually, the duration of this warranty is between 2 and 5 years. As air conditioners are prone to repairs, with an HVAC warranty, you can minimize the operation cost and save money during repairs. But as I stated above, without having a maintenance plan, your A/C warranty can become void, and you will have to pay for the repair fees out of pocket. This is why it is crucial to have a maintenance plan for the AC.


While purchasing an air conditioner, ask the salesperson about the clause about having an HVAC maintenance plan. If the salesperson says yes, you’ll have to hire an HVAC contractor who will keep a record of all HVAC maintenance.

Protects Against Water Damage

When there is dust and micro-particles inside the air conditioning unit, coils will get clogged, and this will cause water leakage from the cooling unit. However, water leakage can damage the structure of your building and decorative finishes. But you can easily avoid these issues by having an HVAC maintenance plan.

During an HVAC maintenance plan, a technician will check the unit thoroughly and clean all the parts. If the technician finds any leaks in the AC unit, he will repair it. This way, you can prevent water leakage from the AC and protect your house’s integrity.

No More Refrigerant Leaks

Over time, air conditioning units start to have leaks and refrigerant levels deplete. But refrigerant is very crucial in the cooling cycle. With enough refrigerant in the AC, your cooling unit won’t be able to cool your space properly. Besides, refrigerant is very toxic in nature. If there is refrigerant leakage in your house and if you get in touch with it, it can make you ill. This is why you must keep an eye on the refrigerant level of your AC.

Sounds like a difficult task to handle? With an HVAC maintenance plan, you can do all these through an HVAC expert. An HVAC technician will check the refrigerant level as a part of the maintenance plan. If he finds out the refrigerant is leaking from the AC, he will fix it on the spot. Besides, if it requires refilling, he will do that, too.

If you need refrigerant leakage repairing or refilling, you must hire an HVAC technician with a license. Because as I stated above, refrigerant is toxic and needs to be handled correctly; only a certified technician knows how to handle AC refrigerant.


The current situation of the HVAC controls, maintenance, Fort Worth, TX air quality, and ACs age shouldn’t make any difference in opting for an HVAC maintenance plan. With an HVAC maintenance plan, you can get superior AC performance and enjoy maximum comfort. Besides, you can increase the lifespan of it.