Repair vs Replace: What Should You Do With a Damaged Refrigerator?

What Should You Do With a Damaged Refrigerator

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Refrigerators are the most popular home appliance in America, with 100% of homes having at least one. If yours breaks, how do you know if should repair or replace it?

Spoiled food, condensation, weird sounds coming from the motor and more are all bad news. Sometimes it only takes a simple fix to get your fridge back on its feed and other times, you’ll need to buy a whole new one.

Knowing the difference will save you a lot of money and time. Our guide will show you what you need to do with a damaged refrigerator.

Motor Noises

When your fridge cools off, the motor kicks in. Usually that produces a low humming noise.

If your refrigerator motor runs all the time or is making a weird noise, call in a pro to see if it’s easy to fix. Sometimes even unplugging the unit and plugging it back in can solve this problem, too.

Spoiled Food

Is your fridge not keeping as cool as it used to? Notice that your food seems to spoil long before the expiration date?

If your refrigerator is working overtime to maintain a low temperature, it’s wasting your energy and money. Start shopping for a new one to replace it.

Frost Build Up

Your freezer should be icy but not covered in layers of frost. Depending on your fridge, there might be a few solutions.

Unplug your fridge and allow it to defrost. Remove frozen foods, dry them off, then replace them.

Keep an eye on your fridge. If the problem repeats, it’s time for a service call.

From there, you can determine if it’s time to repair or replace your unit. Most newer refrigerators have an automatic defrost setting, so you won’t have to worry frost build up for a long time.

Repairing or Replacing Your Damaged Fridge

These are just a few issues you might have with your fridge. See here for a list of other symptoms of a damaged fridge.

Wondering can a power outage damage a refrigerator? The answer is yes, which means you can save money by being proactive and hooking it up to a surge suppressor.

Other ways fridges can be damaged involved regular wear and tear, age-related issues, or dirt and grime build up. Take care to clean and inspect an older fridge to keep it in great condition.

Buying a new fridge can be pricey but necessary. Put aside some cash if you can still get a few more months out of your older unit.

When it comes time to replace your old fridge, dispose of it correctly. Older fridges can be dangerous if left intact.

Upgrading Your Home the Right Way

A damaged refrigerator won’t always cost you a mint to repair or replace. Understanding what can damage a refrigerator, if you need to service it, or if it’s time for a new one can save you time, money, and headaches.

There are plenty of other ways to save money and keep your house in perfect shape. Check out all of our home improvement articles to upgrade your home the right way.