10 Tricks to Kick Your Worst AC Maintenance Schedule Habits

AC Maintenance

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Most of us will agree to the fact that an AC unit is one of the most significant home investments anyone will ever make. When thinking about this, you want to ensure that you get the most from your investment. In that case, you need to check this site out without any further delay and get rid of your bad habits to get ahead of your maintenance schedule.

To achieve this in the best possible way, make sure to take decent care of the AC unit. Any of the worst AC maintenance schedule habits can affect the efficiency and health of your unit. So, here we bring our list of ten tricks to kick your worst AC maintenance schedule habits. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Plan A Routine AC Maintenance By An Expert

The most helpful manner for preserving your AC unit is to plan and schedule routine maintenance sessions by an expert or a professional. The more you delay your AC unit maintenance, the more otherwise insignificant problems can become expensive repairs. For instance, a minute hole can turn into a ruptured refrigerant line.

When you schedule an appointment, an expert or licensed professional will examine the refrigerant lines, repair the damaged parts, calibrate the thermostat, remove dirt from the interior of the AC unit, and perform other similar functions. Ideally, you should schedule your AC maintenance sessions two times a year, and you can increase the lifespan of your unit as well as lessen your utility bills.

2. Moderate Cooling

The less pressure you put on your AC unit, the longer it will sustain. Do not pressurize the AC unit too hard to keep your home cool. All of us know that summers in Glendale can cause sweat and lead to irritation, but if you cool your house with an AC to the temperature of a refreshing spring morning, you may soon wear out your AC unit and have high energy bills.

Instead of setting a lot of pressure on your AC unit, you can cool the house efficiently by maintaining your thermostat range between 22 to 24, or 25 degrees Celsius. You can additionally increase the performance by programming the thermostat to regulate your home temperature at 26 degrees Celsius.

3. Timely Cleaning

However irrelevant it may seem, cleaning your interior will serve you more than improving the house’s air quality and making your living space more compelling. It will also considerably lessen the pressure on your AC unit. The more dirt in your home, the more limited the airflow and the more difficulties your AC will have to undergo.

Hence, make sure to clean your living space regularly. You will witness improvement in airflow as well as energy effectiveness. It will help if you put a little more effort into cleaning your AC unit, particularly around heat vents and in-house air handlers. Furthermore, eliminate filth and other debris – if any – from your surroundings.

4. Install A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can take comparatively more of a load off the AC unit and provides you with more personalized authority over your cooling. With the help of a smart thermostat, just take out your mobile and change the settings – no matter what the distance is – if you are not home. You should know how to make the most of your smart thermostat. It will allow you to decrease pressure on your AC unit.

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Smart Thermostat

5. Cool The House With Simple Steps

You need not always depend on technology or on an expert/professionals to improve the effectiveness of your AC unit. Alternately, you can divert your attention to other ways of cooling your house. During the day, shut the windows or pull over the shades over your windows to prevent the sun rays and heat from making their way inside the house. As long as you feel cool, there is no need to worry whether your AC cooling is reaching every corner of your home or not.

6. Changing Air Filters on Regular Intervals

One of the easiest ways to preserve your AC unit is by changing its air filters at regular intervals. Air filters trap filth and other pollutants as and when they pass through the AC system. But when the air filters become excessively filthy, they begin to block airflow, pressurizing the AC unit to use more energy. Hence, it is advisable to change your filters every three to four months. This will also aid in reducing the load on the AC unit.

7. Unclog the Drains

Once in a while, pass a strong wire through the AC unit’s drain lines. Clogged drain lines prevent the AC from reducing moisture, leading to excess humidity, which may discolor the floor or the walls.

8. Seals Window

It would help if you regularly examined the seal between the AC unit and the window to make sure it touches the AC unit’s metal case. Humidity can destroy this seal, which leads to the escape of cool air from your house.

9. Fix Gaps

Cracks and holes will pave the way for the cool air to escape and the heat outside air to enter the house, creating discomfort inside as well as adding to your energy costs. Ensure that the gaps and cracks are covered as early as possible to avoid straining the AC unit and also saving on your energy bills.

10. Planning For Winters

As the winter season approaches, you can either cover your room AC unit or, if possible, remove it and put it elsewhere. Placing a cover on the outdoor AC unit will protect the unit from winter weather and accumulating debris.


A lot of things can go wrong with your AC unit if proper care is not taken. Luckily, you can get away with your worst AC maintenance habits by adhering to a regular maintenance schedule. Just follow the above tricks, and you can keep your AC unit from developing any of the issues and make it work more efficiently.