Wall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Wall Maintenance Tips

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A home is everyone’s biggest investment, in terms of financial and emotional standpoint. While a homeowner peculiarly chooses an interior design plan for their perfect house, often forgotten is the wellness of wall structures. A house can stand for more than a decade and hence it is imperative to develop measures and solutions on home maintenance, especially for walls. Typical concrete-based or brick-based walls will undergo day-to-day wear and tear as the years pass. Nowadays, the rise of modern architecture calls for newer wall structures like polymer formwork system.

Therefore, homeowners should never downplay the importance of regular maintenance, so all minor problems are addressed before they become significant. Walls play an important role in forming a personality for the house, so here are a few ways you can look after them:

Regularly Removing Dirt

The first rule of maintaining the wall may be easiest but remains critical. Keep your walls fresh from dust and dirt by adopting a regular routine of using a dry duster, cloth, broom, or brush to clean the walls. Dusty air deteriorates the condition of a wall and if not timely addressed it will damage the aesthetics of your painted walls.

Try to maintain the habit of cleaning your walls from dust frequently – at least once a month. Do not forget to clean the ceilings too. Dust may not be apparent on the ceilings compared to other walls, but they still require cleaning. Cleaning the walls and ceilings to remove dust and dirt is also a method to improve the quality of air circulating inside the house.

Do Not Forgo Repainting Old Walls

Over the passage of time, walls can start to look old or worn out. Repainting the walls – either using the same color or replacing it with another – provides an instant fresh look and enhances the appeal of your home. It is important to note that different types or grades of paint are applied on exterior and interior walls.

For example, if outdoor walls are painted with a specific grade not preferred for exterior area, then walls will start deteriorating and the homeowner would be required to use a more appropriate paint for outdoors. One can consult professional painters and interior designers to plan paint shades and themes around the house.

Repair Wall Damages

Not all wall problems can be solved by a coat of paint. Seepage, dampness or scraped surfaces need to be immediately addressed. Water or sewage leakage deteriorate walls and make them weak. If not treated on time, walls can become severely damaged and can collapse. Contact a professional to identify the source of water leakage or any moss growth.

Always address any damages as they are discovered if you want to keep the paint fresh. It is imperative to fully repair all the damages before the wall can be repainted. Try to keep an eye for any symptoms that indicate water seepage along the walls or ceiling, like crystalline and puffiness forming or paint popping off.