Tips To Help You Add More Colour To Your Garden

Add More Color To the Garden

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Gardens are naturally colourful spaces. Even if nature is left to take its course in these areas, some bright hues will emerge eventually.

Of course, the bright allure of these spaces can be carefully planned and arranged too. Gardening competitions are great places to find inspiration on what’s possible with colour, highlighting how enchanting a garden can be with just a little splash of something extra.

Tightly controlled colour schemes are about consistency too. If you’ve gone for a minimalist look with your garden, finding extra areas for some colour can be challenging.

Still, no matter how many colours you have in your garden, there’s always room for more. Here are some tips to help you introduce them.

Plant Colourful Flowers

It’s not rocket science to suggest that planting colourful flowers is a good idea. That said, there’s a right and wrong way to approach things.

Plants vary in the amount of colour they exude, and the changes often align with the seasons. Therefore, it’s worth building a round-the-clock understanding of how and when flowers bloom to optimise the potential of colour in your garden.

For example, snowdrops are typically among the first flowers to bloom in the new year, so they’re most colourful in January. Roses and sweet peas thrive in June and July, while September is the month of echinaceas. Experts recommend that the latter be planted alongside vulcan grass and molinias so they can better exude their delightful colours.

Revisit Structural Qualities

Outbuildings are delightful additions to a garden space. If they’re not built or decorated excitedly, though, there’s always a risk that they can come off rather bland.

The Corrapol-BT corrugated roofing sheets from ClearAmber Shop are lightweight, easy to handle and install and come with a wide range of matching accessories. Not only this, but these offerings are available in four distinct colours, perfect for livening up your garden area. Whether it’s a shed or a log store you’re roofing, or whether you’re using plastic sheets or any other, adding more colour this way is viable.

Colour can also revitalise the exterior of buildings perfectly. Window frames and doors should also receive a makeover. Still, try to go the extra mile here, and use paints and varnishes that are more likely to be weather resistant and keep things looking fresh for a long while.

Add Bright Accessories

Gardens can have many layers. The little nuances can convey character and help a colourful theme have a stronger and more fitting presence in a garden space.

Think about detailed and multi-layered accessories that can help create a bolder environment. These include cushions for outdoor furniture, small ornaments and sculptures, and decorative panels. The colours of pots and even your tools can complement your chosen accents, too, so try not to overlook even the tiniest subtleties.

Of course, lighting can almost be the ultimate colour-filled accessory indoors and outdoors. You could feature a multi-coloured light display if you choose, or install something that can illuminate your patio with ambience and energy efficiency in mind. Lighting arrangements can give you a lot of flexibility and open up more avenues for creative use of colour, so start experimenting.