Spruce Up Your Garden: DIY Garden Pond Fountain

Create a Relaxation Garden

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Nearly half of all American homeowners have gardened in the last year. In other words, it’s a very popular pastime. But at a certain point, it’s common to feel a little bored of your garden and want to spruce it up a little. That’s when installing a garden pond fountain is the perfect idea.

If you haven’t installed one before, it may feel a little overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’ve created this guide to help you create your own DIY pond fountain. Keep reading to learn more.

Make Some Plans

First of all, begin by developing some plans for your garden pond fountain. Start by thinking about location. Do you want your pond in the front yard or backyard? Do you want to be able to see it from your windows or do you want it to be more secluded?

Another factor to consider is size and depth. How big do you want your pond to be? How much space do you have in your yard?

Next, think about what shape you want. Do you want it to be perfectly circular or somewhat oval? Often, it’s helpful to outline the shape on the ground with rope so you can understand how it will integrate with the rest of your outdoor space.

Think about if you want to have fish in your pond, also. This can be really fun for kids especially. If so, you’ll need to make sure it’s big enough for them.

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Installation Time

Now it’s time to get your garden pond fountain installed.

  1. Start by following your outlining and digging the hole for your pond.
  2. Once you have the hole dug, make sure it’s ready for the pond liner by getting rid of any large rocks or roots that could tear it. One way to make sure it’s super smooth is to add sand so that it’s smooth throughout.
  3. After that, place the liner and extend it a foot out around the entire hole.
  4. Now it’s time for some water. Fill it little by little, getting rid of wrinkles in the liner as you go.
  5. But before it gets too full, you need to add the fountain feature. Get that installed before adding the rest of the water. Often, people place this in the middle of the pond.
  6. Make sure you weigh the liner down on the outside edges, as well. Often this done with rocks or pavers.
  7. Next, place your filter and pump inside the pond on the edge and plug in your pump to make sure everything is working well. For high quality pond supplies, click here.
  8. Then let the pump cycle all the water through, cleaning it as it does so.

And there you have it: a beautiful garden pond fountain.

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Final Garden Pond Fountain Thoughts

Now that you’ve read about installing your garden pond fountain, it’s time to begin. Start with your plan and then get moving.

Soon you’ll have the pond of your dreams. And if you have any questions, check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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