Unique Ways to Upgrade your Backyard in 2021

Unique Ways to Upgrade your Backyard in 2021

Whether it is for a specific purpose or you just want a changeover, there are so many ideas when it comes to revamping your backyard. Every year, we come across backyard designing trends, and 2021 is no different. Here are some of the latest trends to upgrade your backyard.

Multipurpose Furniture

Modern furniture allows us to be ready for social gatherings and then convert back to everyday living. Choosing furniture for your backyard should not just focus on the style; instead, it should be functional. Such furniture performs different functions; it has hidden features that make them ideal for any space.

Outdoor furniture that is convertible such as modular tables, can be pulled apart to offer seating or hidden beverage compartments. You can explore patio furniture sales on this page.

Elements That Offer Privacy And Security

With the increase in outdoor activities, people have become more concerned about their privacy. Shelter and shade from external elements. Whether you need to exercise without distance or want to work outside without dealing with harsh glare, there are so many ways to add privacy to the backyard. If you have an overhead structure, then consider adding drapery panels.

Moreover, you can also invest in an outdoor screen if you do not have an overhead. If there is a border, then you can consider creating a plant wall. All these components will bring privacy but also add aesthetic appeal to your backyard as well.

Leverage The Technology

People are using outdoor space for their everyday living. Since technology is an integral part of our lives, the integration of technology in backyard renovations is evident. Fortunately, you can add an array of innovative gadgets and appliances to outdoor spaces without much hassle. Please note that you do not have to make dramatic changes to your backyard to add technological elements.

The work from home phenomenon is growing exponentially, and you can create your home office in your backyard. Moreover, you can also integrate televisions, wifi booster, music, or LED colour changing lights, etc., to make your backyard ready for work and entertainment alike.


Gardening has been one of the hobbies that have witnessed a significant rise during this pandemic. With more people staying inside, they are motivated to explore new hobbies. But another reason to create an edible garden was to have access to pantries with organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. And the good thing is that you can create an edible garden irrespective of the space you have.

If you have a large backyard, you can create a greenhouse with wooden and glass sections dedicated to gardening. This way, you can use the rest of the space for something else, and it makes your backyard appear cleaner.


Cooking outdoors has become quite popular in recent times. In fact, many homeowners are planning to add outdoor kitchens in their homes. And there are different types of kitchens available for the backyard. For instance, a satellite kitchen offers extra cooking elements like pizza ovens and grills to complete the main kitchen. This type of kitchen is specially designed to be placed outside. Moreover, it is generally installed closer to the interior kitchen to facilitate convenience. Independent kitchens are another option, which is more suitable for large backyards. These include a sink, refrigerators, prep space, storage, etc. If you are adding an outdoor kitchen, then there should be an outdoor seating space as well.

A Patio Or Deck

You can redesign the backyard by adding a seating area for you and your family to relax. A patio or a deck is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor weather. Additionally, a deck has a return on investment rate of 67% or 72%. So if you plan to sell your house in the future, you will get a higher value.

A Gateway To the Backyard

Fill your backyards with beautiful flowers and plants, and add an arbour just at the entrance. It will be like entering a different sanctuary. You can decorate the gateway with flower strings and vines to add a personal touch. Moreover, you can include a couple of trellises for privacy. This is one of the cost-effective ways of decorating your backyard. This will separate your backyard from your neighbours and prevent any disturbance.


Lack of shade in your backyard means there is no way you can enjoy the summer. You can switch the patio umbrella to trees that have speedy growth, like poplars, willows, or maples. These plants grow quickly and provide much-needed space. You can research more fast-growing trees on the internet; identify the suitable climate, size, and growth rate.


After heavy rain, if your backyard turns into a lake, then adding swale can solve this issue. These are shallow trenches that assist in soaking the excess water. Moreover, it can also be used to redirect the water for gardening or avoiding floods. And this earthwork can be integrated in a beautiful manner. For instance, you can use them as borders for elevated filling or beds with gravel. This would form an aesthetically pleasing pathway.

Heat Up

If you do not have the space or budget to add a fireplace, then you can use terra cotta pots for the same. Simply put a scented candle in the glass bowl, cover it with an upturned plant pot. The burning candle will allow the pot to diffuse the heat in the surrounding. You will have a warm, scented, and cozy ambiance.


If you have a large backyard, you can consider adding a pool. But remember, owning a pool means you will have to take up a lot of work. From proper safety measures to maintenance tasks, it is a lot of work. However, a good pool area means you can have fun with your family and friends. Since you cannot go out in the pandemic, a pool brings family fun to you.

The Bottom Line

A backyard space can be utilized in so many different ways. If you are someone who is a naturist, then adding vegetable and herb garden, gateway, etc., is a perfect choice. If you want to create a fun backyard space, then you can include a pool and deck or home entertainment system with a lounging area. Eventually, it all depends on the space and your personal preferences.

How to Grow a More Eco-Friendly Garden

How to Grow a More Eco-Friendly Garden

You have always loved gardening and feel great about having fresh fruits and vegetables on your table. You also try to be eco-friendly wherever possible. Did you know you could combine those two passions with sustainable gardening?

If you have questions on how to have an eco-friendly garden, read on for some great advice.

Tips for Sustainable Gardening

The universal eco-friendly goal is for humans to reduce their impact on the earth. There are so many ways to accomplish that, but one way to literally start in your own backyard is to make your garden more environmentally friendly.

The first step is to limit the use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Go for a more organic approach by starting a compost pile using kitchen scraps. This not only reduces the amount of trash at the landfill but it also provides rich nutrients for the soil in your garden.

If you start your garden from seeds, choose organic ones as much as possible. You should also pick native plants for your region. They require less work and flourish because they are designed for that specific soil and climate. Native plants also attract and feed native birds and insects.

Conserve Water

Your garden will definitely need watering, but you can choose ways to be smarter about it.

Having a rain barrel is one way to conserve water and reuse it. Nature’s rain is pure and without harmful chemicals found in some tap water.

You should also water in the coolest part of the day. This allows for more water to actually seep in and not get evaporated. You will use less water and save more in the long run.

Having an irrigation system on a timer is another way to conserve water and pick the right time and amount for your garden. For help getting started visit hooplawn.com.

How to Make Your Yard Eco-Friendly

In addition to your garden, you can adopt eco-friendly practices for your lawn.

You can start by actually have less grass. Try using ground cover plants, planting wildflowers, or shrubs. Less grass means less fertilizer, less watering, and less mowing.

Speaking of mowing, switch to an electric or manual reel mower. Those gas-powered mowers emit pollution into the air every time you crank them up. You should also use electric blowers and trimmers.

Use Recycled Materials in Your Eco-Friendly Garden

Whether you are looking for pots, building a fence, or even a bit of decoration, try to use recycled materials if at all possible.

There are many outlets and resources that make these items from recycled wood or plastic. Be sure when you are ready to replace them, that you also continue by recycling again.

Every Little Bit Helps

You may not think your little garden can do much to save the planet, but every little bit makes a difference. Switching to an eco-friendly garden not only gives you better food to eat but also helps your little corner of the world.

For more advice and tips for your home and garden, check out our other articles.

5 Great Rooftop Garden Designs You Should Consider

5 Great Rooftop Garden Designs You Should Consider

To garden enthusiasts living in an urban area might seem like a nightmare. Without a doubt, grey streets, limited green areas, and no free place for a self-made garden are bound to sadden any nature lover. Luckily, there is one solution for gardening lovers stuck in the city – a rooftop garden. This option offers many possibilities to design a natural and relaxing retreat close to home.

However, before you build your rooftop garden, it’s best to plan it strategically and design it according to the best gardening professionals’ advice. Don’t worry, though. With a bit of common sense, a good pair of gloves, and our short guide, you will design your dream roof garden in no time. Read on to find out more!


One of the most important things you have to consider while planning your rooftop garden is the right flooring. It should fit not only your budget but also the climate you live in and the desired theme of the rooftop garden.

In fact, poorly chosen flooring will quickly deteriorate, leaving you with the need to change it every few years. To avoid additional costs, think about it beforehand while planning the overall design. For example, wooden flooring will be great for a retro-styled rooftop garden in a mild climate. On the other hand, material like classic bond will work amazingly in the rainy area with a lot of exposure to harsh weather conditions. While choosing the right material, always consider the durability, performance, as well as warranty.

Good Irrigation System

A roof terrace is an outdoor space with an extraordinary microclimate. Your plants are bound not to have any access to groundwater, which means they might risk severe droughts every now and then. Thus, you should consider an irrigation system and drainage system an utmost necessity for a good rooftop garden design. Depending on the available budget and the specific rooftop you have, you might have different options, so it’s always better to consult an expert before deciding to install it yourself.

Minimalistic Seating

A crucial part of your rooftop space will be the seating. One of the prevalent mistakes that gardeners make is buying heavy, bulky outdoor furniture, which dominates the whole area and feels overwhelming. Remember that your garden should give away the feeling of lightweight and good style, so better focus on built-in seating systems, which mix seating with planting.

For instance, to ensure privacy and an intimate atmosphere away from the neighbors, you can add tall plants behind the seating. Whichever type of outdoor furniture you decide to go for, always remember to check its weight and stability to ensure the wind won’t blow your furniture away.


Once you start planning the strategic arrangement of your plants and other structures, you should also design the corresponding lighting. For instance, you can string LED lights around walls and through a pergola and install uplights close to architectural plants such as palms or yuccas.

The effect will add depth to the garden, which can look astonishingly at night and create the illusion of mysticism and mystery. Remember that a good lighting scheme always includes plants and lights working together to create a sound whole, so think about it beforehand to ensure a unique and astonishing effect.

Focal Point

Importantly, remember always to set one focal point that will be your garden’s primary focus. That might be the seating area, a small water fountain, a fire pit, or a heater in the middle of the whole space. The heating devices will create a natural gathering place, especially at evening parties. Additionally, they will allow you to use the area during autumn just as effectively as in the summer. And if you also equip your garden with speakers and a projector on a wall, your guests won’t ever want to leave the place!


When designed in the right way, a roof garden will serve you not only as a relaxing area with beautiful views of the city but also an extension of your home. Soon you will find out that the sense of escapism and comfort that the area can provide you with is impeccable. That’s why it’s always best to spend some time designing this unique place in the best possible way, so it directly corresponds to your needs and preferences.

Although great designers often mention irrigation systems, flooring, minimalistic seating, lighting, and focal points as great ideas for fantastic design, you will find many more ideas you can try for yourself on the web. Who knows, maybe you will get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and use this space in a way that you’ve never planned to? When it comes to roof gardens, the possibilities are endless.

Tips On Planting Grass For Your Garden

Tips On Planting Grass For Your Garden

We all know that gardening can be very much a way to unwind and spend time outdoors but, how many of us plant the entire garden? The part we often neglect is the grass itself, usually, the largest part of the garden. Here are some tips and considerations when creating a perfect lawn, to plant grass seed correctly is essential.

Picking The Right Time To Plant Your Seeds

So you have decided to improve your current garden or are starting to plant after building a new home. Having a stunning garden will complement the architecture of your home.

Picking the correct time of year to plant is essential to the success of your lawn. There are many different species of grass all requiring certain conditions to grow successfully, depending on the type you have chosen the weather conditions must be optimal. This is very relevant to your location, seeking advice from an experienced horticulturist or from your local garden supply center in a great place to start.

You can even get seeds for grass and garden plants directly delivered to your door from All Green Nursery.

Preparing The Earth And The Tools You Need

Testing the soil’s pH levels is a good idea, ideally, it should fall within neutral pH levels of between 6.0/7.5, f to acidic then the lawn will not grow. But, there are solutions. Using fertilizers with high levels of potassium and nitrogen are essential. A soil testing kit can be easily purchased from any good garden supply store.

Now we attained the quality of the soil it’s time to look at the tools which you use to help create the perfect lawn. The most essential can be bought locally and some you may already have. A rake is one tool you will need, clearing the garden of any debris and weeds is paramount to a healthy garden. A rake will be needed throughout the process, extremely useful after tilling once to help cover the seeds with topsoil.

Tilling the soil can be a long hard process depending on the size of the area in which you wish to plant the seeds. For smaller gardens using a cultivator or u-fork is fine but for larger gardens, you may wish to consider renting or buying a rototiller, most garden centers or home suppliers will have affordable renting packages and will be happy to demonstrate the safe and effective use of these machines.

Grass Seed Spreading

The spreading of the seeds is an essential part of the process, to close together and the grass will not grow correctly and too far apart and you will have barren and uneven patches on your lawn. You can use your hands for this task but many people prefer to use a broadcast spreader or a drop spreader. These can be manual or electronic but for a domestic project, the manual is adequate for most people and the size of the garden that needs seeding.

They work by evenly distributing the seed and are easily filled and then using the wheels attached to the device all you need to do is walk and let the device do the rest, resulting in an even distribution of the seed. Any good garden center or home depot store will have them in stock and are usually comparatively cheap.

Helping The Grass To Take Root

Water is key, now you have prepared the land, tilled and spread the seed over your new garden you will need water and plenty of it. When you first plant it is key to watering your garden with at least 2 inches of water enabling the seeds to fully take root, by placing a nail into the soil and removing it you can check if the soil is adequately moist.

If it is too dry try with the hose again but, be cautious not to put too much water on your new garden, or you risk damaging the seed. Repeat the nail process until you are satisfied that the water has penetrated enough.

Depending on the type of grass you are using you may need to water the garden at least twice a day. No less than once at the start and as will other plants it’s best to do at duck when out of the sun if possible. After 3 weeks only water every other day and after 4 weeks your grass should be grown and will only require watering when you tend to the rest of your garden.


Maintaining your garden is crucial to having a beautiful lawn, after the initial success of preparing, tilling, and planting the lawn you can now give it it’s first mowing. After the grass has reached approximately 3 inches mowing the lawn is now fine as your grass has taken firm roots. Your new lawn will be the talk of your neighbors and you achieved it all by yourself.

How to Hire a Tree Removal Service: A Homeowner’s Guide

How to Hire a Tree Removal Service: A Homeowner’s Guide

Plants make up 80% of the earth’s biomass. Not only do they help improve air quality, but they also provide shelters for wildlife.

Like all living things, however, they can succumb to disease. Take the roots, for example, they can be affected by various types of bacteria and fungi.

Depending on the severity, you may need to remove the plant altogether.

And that’s where tree removal service companies come in—they’ll deal with the problem so that you won’t have to.

Thinking of hiring someone? Want to learn more about how to choose a tree service company? If so, be sure to read the rest of the post!

7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is a dangerous job. Given that, you want to make sure to hire a reputable company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re doing that.

1. Ask About Certification

Make sure that the tree service company is ISA-certified. That means that they follow the standards and practices outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture.

That way, you know that they’re committed to providing exceptional tree care.

2. Their Reputation

Do your research about the company. If necessary, ask them for references from past customers—that should give you a better idea as to what their work is like.

In addition to that, you can search for reviews online. Watch for recurring negative comments as it may indicate a potential issue.

3. Ask For Multiple Estimates

Don’t hesitate to ask for estimates from multiple tree removal companies—that’ll give you a sense as to what the price point is like in your area.

Avoid places with “too good to be true” prices as they may be a liability waiting to happen.

4. Inquire About Their Experience

The more experienced the company is, the better. The last thing that you want is to hire someone who barely knows what they’re doing! So don’t be shy about inquiring about their experience in the industry.

If you can, try to choose a place that’s been around for a while. Chances are, they’ll be able to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

5. Services Offered

Consider the services that they offer. After all, not all tree removal companies are the same. For example, some might not deal with the stump.

In other words, you’d be left with an ugly stump, which you’d have to deal with yourself.

6. Ask About Insurance

The company should be fully insured—not just for themselves but for the security of their clients. That way, if anything happens, you won’t be held financially liable for the incident.

7. Ask About No-Contact Service

Trav’s Trees hedge trimming Apply A Strict Zero Contact Policy.

Hiring a Tree Removal Company

And there we have it—six things to consider when hiring a tree removal service. If anything, the most important thing is to do your research. Don’t pick the first company that you see!

For more articles like this, check out the rest of our blog!

Chic Ideas for Outdoor Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

Chic Ideas for Outdoor Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

It’s kind of hard to relax in your backyard, garden or front porch with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other, if you’ve got nowhere to sit but the scorching ground and nothing to hide you from the bright sunlight. Not to mention that your outdoor lounge areas are supposed to be spaces where your true creativity comes to light, enriched with furniture you picked out or had made, and loads of accessories unique to your personality and taste.

In the following article you will learn about some of the most interesting and chic ideas on how to bring your outdoor area to life.

Color Combination is Important

Yes, colors are important. Even more important than you might think, actually. Color coordination is not only important to avoid giving the neighbor’s kid an epileptic attack, but also to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Humans are visual creatures, and if you want to be able to relax at your outdoor oasis without the risk of vibrant colors drawing all of your attention, it would be wise to stick to neutral furniture colors and white or beige cushions as one of the ultimate combinations that work for every season.

In order to avoid monotony, be sure to pick out one accent color in a brighter hue that you are going to use on your accessories like flower pots, pillow or furniture outlinings, lanterns, and just about anything else that serves as an ambiance accessory.

Making a Unique Space

It’s all about you when it comes to designing your outdoor area. Think about the kind of accessories you feel most comfortable around and don’t be afraid to add them to the area. Observe your outdoor area like any other room in your house that you are designing.

If you like mirrors in your home, make sure to hang one on the wall, or if you’re more of an artsy person, hang a painting. Decorate the immediate surroundings with flower pots and figurines, and style up the lounging area with trays, stylish vases, and lanterns that cast a warm glow. Remember to keep a waterproof trunk nearby if you have summer rains so that you can pop the pillows in there if a storm is aproaching.

A Retro Motel Chic

This one is a winner when it comes to summer pool or barbecue parties. You can revive the motel poolside look from the 1960s with bright lounge hammocks, lanterns and desert-type plants such as palms and cactuses. A great addition to the ambiance would be a retro grill and a cooler that will spike the feeling of the good old times.

Build Your Own Oasis

There is nothing better than creating that perfect ambiance that suits your personality completely. A place where you feel like you’re the only soul left on the planet, without a care in the world. That is what your private oasis should look like. You can create one of your own on the back porch or patio with some curtains, hammocks or a comfy floor mattress surrounded by cushions, books, and flower pots.

For an accentuated feeling of privacy and ease, put up some stylish outdoor canopies that will complement your personality and space with their unique design. Also, you can add some flowy curtains on the sides, which will protect you from sunlight and heat.

An Outdoor Dining Area

If you enjoy having breakfast outdoors on a beautiful morning or dinner while gazing at the setting sun, creating an outdoor dining area is probably the best thing you can do. Simply adding a wooden table and chairs to the back porch or even the back garden will convey a warm family feeling, which can be even further accentuated with various accessories mentioned earlier. Make sure to choose furniture that is made for the outdoors so that the wood doesn’t deteriorate, and apply an extra coat of paint or finish to the wood to make it more durable.

There are many other options, like keeping a stylish china closet outside, where you’ll keep your outdoor dining utensils, plates, glasses, napkins and just about anything else that adds to the cozy, warm feeling.

A Porch Daybed

Whether it’s on a back or front porch, a daybed is an excellent addition to your house’s ambiance and also serves as the perfect lounging accessory for those warm days you want to spend napping and reading books outside. With a few chairs and a coffee table to complement it, it’ll prove to be perfect for inviting friends over for some pleasant coffee talks and good times.

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond in creating the perfect outdoor solution that you will love from the bottom of your heart, for years to come. Hopefully, you have found some of these ideas interesting or even inspiring, and you’ll start building your dream lounge area today.